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Top 100 of 2010

1. Thompson family -- $23.36 billion

2. Galen Weston -- $8.5 billion

3. Irving family -- $ 7.46 billion

4. Rogers family -- $6.02 billion

5. James Pattison -- $5.53 billion

6. Paul Desmarais Sr -- $4.28 billion


100. Andre Chagnon -- $540 million


Top 100 (2010)


Its quite amazing how the Thompson family dwarfs the other billionaires. Just combining #2, #3 and #4 together, they are still a few billions shy of the wealth of the Thompson family.


The largest growth since 2009, was Chip Wilson with a 66.7% increase.


Canada's wealthiest neighbourhoods


Westmount is picturesque. If you were to purchase a home there (average price, about $2 million), you would want a view from Mount Royal in the north end, surrounded by green space, that looks down on the glittering city. That said, homes tend to stay in the family and don’t come on the market often. Many families have young children and there are plenty of private schools in the area as well as McGill University. And unlike Toronto’s Bridle Path neighbourhood, Westmount has outlawed gates in front of residents' homes.

(Courtesy of Canadian Business)

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Where's the guy who owns Couche-Tard? I was almost sure he was worth over 1 billion$?!?!?!


Nice to see my bosses doin' well. A 27.4% increase vs. last year. Not bad at all!


Alain use to be worth like $600+ million a few years back. Guess he lost out. The Molson family didn't make the list this year and a few others.


Just look at the people who run Research In Motion, both guys are down 30% from last year OUCH. I just checked, there is 3 people that made the list this year. That weren't there last year.

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