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Tax on the tax


Quebec's finance minister says he's willing to stop taxing the GST.


Right now, when Quebecers buy something for, for example, 100$, they pay 5 percent GST, bringing to the bill to 105$.

But then they pay provincial tax on the GST on top of the price the item, so the QST is imposed on 105$, not just 100$.


Finance minister Raymond Bachand says that's something he's willing to change. "That's something we're looking at, that's something easy to do," he says.


He'd be making the change at Ottawa's request, in order to get a 2.2 billion dollar compensation package. Quebec is arguing that it deserves the pay-out because it harmonized its provincial tax with the GST a decade ago.


But, Bachand says people's overall taxes won't go down if Quebec stops taxing the GST.


"You're not going to pay less," Bachand says. "At the end of the day, if we don't tax the tax, we'd just adjust the rates so we'd get more but not less money.




I think the attitude of this government is really summed up in the last line.

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id much rather they start raising taxes now rather than wait and up with a shit party like the ones theyre having in some european countries these days..


We are pretty much on track for both, don't worry :rotfl:


Tax harmonisation is an excellent idea... but Quebec wants Ottawa to pay them billions for not harmonising their taxes even though they say they did :rotfl:

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