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    Not sure if this really counts as a renovation of sorts. Cineplex is planning on fixing up one or more cinemas with their UltraAVX. Plus the larger seats are supposedly in pleather. Whats funny that Montreal and Canada are finally making the cinema experience more upscale. In Mexico and Thailand certain cinemas have been like this for years. Especially the ones in Bangkok at the mall called: Siam Paragon (massive mall). The Paragon Cineplex in the mall has 15 screens. 1 of them only for members called: Enigma.


    One of them in Ontario or something is open to people only 19+ because they serve alcohol in one of the cinemas also they have food delivery to the seats.



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    Some info I found...


    Coming soon to a Cineplex Entertainment (TSX:CGX.UN) theatre near you: as many as eight different ways to see a movie, and the ability to reserve a seat in advance.


    For an extra $3 you can ensure you don't get a kink in your neck from getting stuck in the front row.


    That extra surcharge is part of the UltraAVX experience that recently launched in seven theatres in Brampton, Ont., Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Ont., and Toronto. Cineplex is planning to expand the feature to Chilliwack, B.C., Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.


    The special UltraAVX theatres also include huge wall-to-wall screens, a better sound system and larger seats that recline.


    "(We asked customers if) they were to create the ideal viewing environment what would it be and they said, 'Big screens, great sound system, comfy chairs and the ability to reserve our seat in advance,"' said Pat Marshall, Cineplex's vice president of communication.


    So far, those UltraAVX screenings have been selling out regularly, she said.


    "It seems we cannot add them fast enough."


    Those who have a hard time making decisions might be a little flummoxed by the bevy of options at Cineplex's larger theatres nowadays, which often screen more than a dozen movies at a multitude of price points.


    Will that be regular admission, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, UltraAVX, UltraAVX 3D, or VIP seating with bar service?


    And later this month there will be one more option -- for an extra $8 -- in select theatres. Cineplex has signed a deal with D-BOX Technologies Inc., (TSXV:DBO.A) to install interactive seats that move and rumble along with the action on screen.


    Movie-goers have long complained about the rising price of admission and snacks.


    But James Leask of Edmonton said he didn't mind paying more, especially with the convenience of reserved seating, which he'd previously experienced and loved at a theatre in Los Angeles.


    "It's really great to not have to worry about getting there an hour early for a new movie," said Leask, who recently saw a free screening of "Secretariat" in an UltraAVX theatre and liked the experience so much he went back to see an action movie in the same venue.


    "I just like the security of not having to make a jacket stretch across four seats when people go to get snacks.


    "It's a nice little bit of comfort."


    Cineplex has previously offered reserved seating during special screenings of the Metropolitan Opera. Filmgoers may not have noticed, but seats are typically already numbered, so retrofitting was not required.


    "Again, that was in response to our guests asking for the option, so we created that there," Marshall said, and added that Cineplex will consider expanding the reserved seating option in the future.


    "We certainly will look at everything moving forward, I think it's just a matter of where and when it makes sense."


    Over the next 12 months Cineplex is installing D-BOX seating at 10 theatres across the country. It'll be in place at three theatres in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto in time for the Nov. 19 release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1."


    Cineplex is also planning to expand the number of its VIP adult-only theatres -- which charge an extra $5 per ticket -- from the three it runs in Ontario.


    (Courtesy of CTV News)


    I can't wait for the VIP Service.



    D-Box seat.

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    Donc en gros ils remettent les écrans à la grandeur qu'ils étaient avant l'arrivée des mégaplexs et appellent ça "upscale".


    Et j'avais pensé dernièrement à la réservation de sièges... et je me suis dit que finalement, ça ne pourrait que faire de la merde. Imaginez si tout le monde réserve à un banc de distance. Ça va faire plein de gens ensemble qui devront se séparer parce que ceux qui ne voulaient pas attendre en ligne comme tout le monde ont réservé leurs sièges.


    Le cinéma est un art populaire, pourquoi est-ce que certains doivent toujours tout tourner en exclusif et autres VIP? Est-ce que la personne "commune" est si désagréable?


    Si vous êtes prêts à payer plus pour avoir des sièges qui s'inclinent et pas de jeunes... y'a toujours les cinémas maison. Avec ça, vous pourrez entièrement exclure l'aspect collectif de l'expérience cinématographique.

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    J'ai entendu des opinions partagés sur le D-Box... faudra peut-être que je l'essaie pour voir. Les bancs qui bougent, c'était divertissant pendant 15 minutes dans le Volcanosaure 3D, mais sur un film de 2 heures, je suis pas certain...

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    Si vous êtes prêts à payer plus pour avoir des sièges qui s'inclinent et pas de jeunes... y'a toujours les cinémas maison. Avec ça, vous pourrez entièrement exclure l'aspect collectif de l'expérience cinématographique.


    I am waiting for the day that movie studios do direct to home screenings for people to lazy to go to the cinema.

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