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meme s'ils ne sont pas non plus immunises contre les depassements de couts ou les delais dans les projets, on doit avouer que ca dors pas au gaz, dans la region new yorkaise. moins de deux semaines apres la liberation de milliards de $ en fonds publiques du a l'abandon d'un projet de tunnel sous la hudson river, voila ce qui est sorti ce matin:






Let 7 train go to NJ: Mike


By TOM NAMAKO Transit Reporter



Last Updated: 5:27 AM, November 17, 2010

Posted: 1:20 AM, November 17, 2010



Mayor Bloomberg wants to extend the No. 7 train into New Jersey -- the first time any New York subway train would leave city limits.


The mayor's plan would continue the subway line from its stop at 34th Street and 11th Avenue, which is still under construction, to Secaucus, NJ, where it would connect to every New Jersey Transit suburban line. "Like others, we're looking at -- and open to discussing -- creative, fiscally responsible alternatives," Andrew Brent, a spokesman for Deputy Mayor Robert Steel, said last night.


The idea, which is still in a very preliminary stage, would be to use the partially built tunnel that would have brought Amtrak and NJ Transit trains to Penn Station before New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie killed it, citing potential cost overruns.


The feds and Port Authority had each committed $3 billion to the original project, and that money could go toward funding the No. 7 extension. "Extending the 7 line to New Jersey could address many of the region's transportation-capacity issues at a fraction of the original tunnel's cost," Brent said.


The estimated cost would be $5.3 billion -- about half that of the original plan, sources said.


The West 34th Street station is slated to open in December 2013.








si j'ai bien compris, ce projet relirais la nouvelle extention au tunnel du service 7 prevu jusqu'a la 11e avenue et le nouveau tunnel sous la hudson river construit presqu'en totalite, mais maintenant abandonne.

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:eek: ... :rolleyes: ...


Hahahah, no. This will never happen.


Reason one: the finances of the MTA, specifically those concerning the 7 line extension project, are so tenuous that they can't afford to budget for a shell station to be built at 10th avenue, much less build a proper station. It is not a given that ARC tunnel funds can be directed to MTA projects. Different kettle of fish, different politics involved.


Secondly, the MTA, which runs the subways, has no connection whatsoever with the NJ state government. Even its relationship with Connecticut DOT is strained. With Chris Christie (the troglodyte who canceled the ARC tunnel in the first place) as governor of New Jersey, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that the NJ state government would approve funding part of ANOTHER STATE'S transit operation in the near future, even for a quid-pro-quo like Connecticut vis-a-vis Metro-North. It would be anathema to the current gubernatorial administration in NJ.


Lastly, the appeal of the ARC tunnel was twofold: in that it would increase rail capacitiy into New York AND in that it would allow for more direct trains into NY Penn Station. I suppose extending the 7 train out to Secaucus (ie: the berri-uqam of NJTransit rail operations) would theoretically increase inbound rail capacity, but it would still require a transfer to a subway that A: isn't going to stop at Penn Station and B: would take a meandering route through midtown stopping at four or five stations before reaching Grand Central.


It's a non-starter and will never happen.

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jessep: path trains run 24h. but, really, why would you wanna have a hotel in nj ? isn't part of visiting the big apple tumbling out of your crap-tiny hotel room in the morning, half hungover'd, into the bustling city to reach the neared coffee joint ? as the old saying goes, you don't go to the new york to stay in your hotel. i'd much rather pay a little more than to have to "commute" in and out of the city every day.




gars_du_new_jersey: aren't there billions of dollars of federal funds now up for grabs ? i think that's what they were planning to use. if i understood this right, the "tunnel" part of the project is pretty much built already, and the 7 line west bound extention is already being dug. the idea would simply be to connect the two, and use existing new jersey tracks to extend the 7 service all the way to secaucus junction. the whole project would, in theory, come out alot cheaper than the original one. when i saw this on the news, the main attraction seemed to be that you would only need to swipe your metrocard once, presumably at a regular mta fare. obviously, jersey commuters would be all over this, since it would each save them an appreciable bundle of money every month.


i'm not familiar with the politics of transit authorities that operate in the "greater new york", but i do know that new jersey has tracks running right under manhattan, so i suppose arrangements are possible. in any case, it might turn out to be the perfect opportunity to spur debate about the agencies that govern transit in the area.


but, mind you, this is just one of many ideas thrown out there now that of this money was suddenly made available. and alot of new yorkers don't seem to be very warm to the idea of funding a subway extention into new jersey, instead of providing service to the western edge of manhattan first.




i was actually posting this to highlight how much more dynamic new york city municipal politics are compared to ours. nevermind the size difference between the cities and the money that's involved; it's just so fucking refreshing to see a mayor make proposal like this, especially ones that seem so "daring". it's as though mayor tremblay were to suddenly come out one morning, and aggressively push for the extention of several new kilometers of metro lines on the island (or, in this case, off the island, but you get my point..). somehow i can't even barely picture it! ...

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