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University rankings


The top universities in our Medical Doctoral, Comprehensive, and Undergraduate categories


Which schools are doing better than ever? Which have slipped? What are the hot topics in and around Canadian universities in 2010? How can students find the perfect fit for them?


For 20 years, Maclean’s has been bringing together parents, presidents, professors and prospective students in a conversation about education. This, its 20th anniversary rankings issue, is its biggest and most ambitious edition ever, covering 120 pages-with 21 stories and complete rankings for 49 schools. It’s not only a valuable resource about Canadian universities, but also a personalized guide that answers the many important questions students have on the road to deciding where they belong, where they will thrive, and ultimately, which school they can confidently choose to spend the next four years of their lives.


Maclean’s places universities into one of three categories to recognize the differences in levels of research funding, the diversity of offerings, and the range of graduate and professional programs:


Medical Doctoral universities offer a broad range of Ph.D. programs and research; all institutions in this category have medical schools.



Comprehensive universities have a significant degree of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees.



Primarily Undergraduate universities are largely focused on undergraduate education, with relatively few graduate programs.



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