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(Désolé pour l'anglais les gars, mais je suis pressé et en français c'est plus long avec les accents sur le clavier que j'ai)


So how do i go about petitioning the city to reconfigure a street?


Boul. Sir Wilfred Laurier in St-Lambert, eastbound towards rue St-Louis, has this awful configuration that confuses people and causes constant scenarios of honking and near-accidents.


- If you're on Laurier and you want to continue forward to St-Louis, you must stay in the right-most lane, which will turn into the only lane that lets you go forward to St-Louis.

- If you're in the left-most lane, you must turn into the McDonalds parking lot.

- If you're in the middle lane, the lane becomes the turning lane to catch Victoria.


Under the old configuration, both lanes could let you go forward onto St-Louis, but a while back they changed it to only the right lane, keeping left for left-turns only.


Every god damn freaking time i come home by the Victoria bridge, a bunch of knuckleheads realize at the last second they're in the wrong lane and just merge into the other lane. Super dangerous. Not a time goes by that I don't honk at somebody, or that i witness somebody else make this mistake.


Should i just go to city hall? I have a feeling they'll just give me the run around... maybe go directly to the planning department? Anyone have experience with St-Lambert city hall? MTLskyline?


Here's a map of the problem.


You'll be in the blue lane, and then over the intersection, some guy from the yellow lane will drift into the blue lane, either a) thinking that's where his lane continues (wrong) or b) realizing he has to change lane and doing so.

I'll be in the correct blue lane, when some guy starts drifting/merging into my lane (red dots), and i'll be in HIS blind spot so I have to honk at him so he doesn't hit me...




Sigh... bad drivers...

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That is probably the worst intersection in St. Lambert (there aren't too many that are that big). A little hairy, for sure, but when I'm coming off the Victoria, I tend to turn down Prince Arthur Street as it is a little more direct. Do you recall when the McDonald's and the Esso switched places? The Esso used to be located on Victoria Ave., and the McDonald's used to be located behind, more on Sir Wilfred Laurier Blvd. They switched places before I was old enough to drive, so I couldn't really tell you if they changed the road configuration along with it.


I haven't really had the need to deal with city hall too much. I went on a tour in elementary school and met Guy Boissy. I also attended one council meeting when I was in high school in the early 2000s (ironically it was about the expansion of my high school (Chambly), and the development in behind), my brother represented the school's students with a speech to council (Herman Champagne and the NIMBYs were there of course - he suggested closing it and moving the students to Heritage Regional).


Since then, I haven't had any big reason to pay any visits. The extent of my knowledge as to how these things work is that you need to request to put something on the agenda, they put it on, and then you wait until it comes up. I would suggest getting them to add this item to the agenda for the next council meeting (They meet every 3rd Monday - next meeting is Nov. 15 at 7:30PM). I'm not sure if you have to be a resident to put something on the agenda or not. Alternatively, there is also a question period at the end where you might be able to squeeze in a question. St. Lambert's city council meetings are usually jam packed, so I would recommend getting there nice and early.



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