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Je ne suivais pas ce sujet particulièrement, mais depuis la semaine derniere, lorsque des vétérans de l'armée américaine sont venus témoigner de leur expérience avec les OVNIs, le sujet a piqué ma curiosité.




Quelques vidéos sont disponibles sur ces liens:


Air Force Vets Talk of UFOs http://soc.li/s20jwyL



New Sighting of UFO Over China http://soc.li/Uukzc3g


On peut en rire, mais les témoignages, que ce soit l'obstétricien au Jewish hospital ou les militaires, sont pour le moins, intrigants. Pourquoi ces gens mettraient-ils à risque leur crédibilité si ouvertement?

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A while ago I was out with a friend and he looked up at the sky and said "That bright star is moving. It's MOVING. How is it doing that? That's impossible! Holy shit, it's a f-ing ufo man."


Astronomy is one of my hobbies, so I was able to point out to him that it was, in fact, only the International Space Station, which goes from one horizon to another in less than 45 minutes (pretty darn fast)


A few months later he did the same thing, pointing to the sky and saying: "UFO!!!! Holy shit look at that. And it's coming our way!" I said: "Fine, let's wait for it to come here then." So we stood there watching and after 5 minutes, once the plane's lights were clearly visible and the sound of it flying overhead was clearly audible, he didn't say a word ;)




Does intelligent life exist out there? I think yes, most definitely. Given the size of the universe, I have to believe that there are "aliens" out there.


Are they here? No.


Have they infiltrated our governments and are plotting evil things? No.


Do they intend to invade us? No (they'd already have attacked if they were malicious)


Do you think they're just observing us? No -- they're not even here. Do you honestly think that a freaking space ship with technology centuries ahead of our own would be clumsy enough to accidentally "let itself be seen"?! let alone crash in Roswell, NM?


Bush didn't stage 9/11.

Obama isn't a secret muslim.

And there are no ufo/aliens circling our planet.


The alien/ufo craze was born from science fiction at the dawn of the 20th century and picked up steam in the 50's and 60's. But that's all it is... science fiction. Just like the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.

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Il y a peu près un mois vers 11h/minuit j'étais dans le centre sud et j'ai vu des larges rayons de lumières blanches et vertes de tout côté (prenez moi pas pour un cinglé les feux loto QUébec étaient fini et c'était définitivement trop disparate pour être le phare de la PVM, quoi que ça resemblait un peu à lumière de la PVM, mais en plus lumineux). Comme si il y avait une bataille inter galactique dans le ciel, c'était malade.

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