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Take a look at this transit ridership report: http://www.apta.com/resources/statistics/Documents/Ridership/2010_q1_ridership_APTA.pdf


(Montreal's stats are on the last page) I find comparing the 2010 average weekday ridership of major North American cities interesting.


DR = Demand Response (like a STM owned taxi)

HR = Heavy Rail (like a Metro)

LR = Light Rail

CR = Commuter Rail

MB = Buses

FB = Trolleybus (I think?)


I'm not sure about some of the other abbreviations.


Needless to say, Montreal's public transit network has the third highest average weekday ridership in North America, behind only NYC and Toronto. And our subway system is second only to NYC in terms of ridership. Quite interesting!


The Metro is something we should be more proud of! Funny thing is, that despite the fact that our system receives more daily passengers than cities like Chicago, Washington, Boston and San Francisco, we have a smaller system.


Food for thought anyways.

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The fact our metro is the 2nd busiest in Northern America is astounding when you realize not only is our system smaller than Chicago, Boston, Washington and San Francisco, but that we also have much less people.


1,050,800 metro riders PLUS 1,347,900 bus riders on an average weekday is something to be very proud of in a city of 3.8 million, I think (even though many people who use the bus also use the metro :P)

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