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Litre by litre ... we use almost twice as much water as parisians do


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According to popular myth, the French don't bathe as frequently as North Americans do. In fact, the numbers show Parisians use about as much water, or in the same ballpark anyway, as we do for cleaning their bodies.


Well, they do a lousy job at it then because last time we were there, we used the metro and the train extensively and let me tell you, the French stink! There was constant BO on the TGV, it was disgusting.

We ran out of deodorant one day in Paris and it took us about 5 stores before we could secure a stick... and the person who sold it to us had BO...


I have nothing against the French but that, they could sure improve on.


As for water usage, we have the same problem here as any country with abundance of a resource that is not being paid for enough; we abuse it.

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