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    • By denpanosekai
      Under heavy renovation at the moment. They are adding new street-level locations despite 75% availability (only the SAQ remains) and the Stylexchange failure. Will they shake off the cockroach stigma?


      This next picture shows flooring being put on top of the old bagel place.

      New Taiwanese place where Grumman used to be

    • By chaughten
      This has been going up over the past week
      any ideas?
    • By MARTY
      I have it from a very good source. My cousin who works for a major glass curtain wall company in Monteal was at my home last week and he gave me a scoop.The company is presently working on windows for the new additions at P.E.T. and apparently sometime in 2016 a new project to replace the 50 + year old windows on the main building will be launched. I am hoping that he is right.
    • By alex_montreal
      this week 4 years ago:

      champagne de sensibilisation et re-lancement d'une app a l'appui...
      - rue de la Cathédrale 13 mars 2012, aujourd'hui rénovée.