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D'autres rumeurs ce matin que la compagnie qui aurait louée 10,000p² d'espace au 1253 McGill College, il y a deux ou trois semaines serait Google.


Le plus intéressant c'est que Google aurait pris des options sur les espaces du 3ième, 4ième, 5ième et 6ième étages (pour une possibilité totale de 100,000p²) ce qui est quand même assez gros!


UNe autre grosse compagnie hi-tech qui s'installe à Mourial!!

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et maintenant Yahoo! ???



Tuesday, February 12th, 2008


Yahoo! Research jobs in Montreal


Filed under: Science and Technology — Daniel Lemire @ 10:47

Fernando Diaz — an Information Retrieval Researcher from Yahoo! labs in Montreal — sent me this job offer. I had no idea Yahoo! had researchers in Montreal! I feel better about my home town!

Note: Do not get in touch with me regarding this position. I am just reposting it.

Machine Learning / NLP / Information Retrieval Researcher

Yahoo! Applied Research Lab

Montreal, QC

Job Responsibilities

The NLP group in Yahoo’s Applied Research Lab is looking for an researcher with the following qualifications:

-Strong knowledge of the Information Retrieval (IR) field

-Deep familiarity and hands-on experience in machine learning techniques

-Ability to conduct experiments involving massive data sources (mainly text and data mining)

-Background in natural language processing or computational linguistics

-Proven experience in software development in the fields mentioned above

Minimum Job Qualifications

The work that this researcher is expected to be conducting will be in the general area of Information Retrieval, typically will be related to one of Yahoo!’s initiatives in the area of search, including but not limited to relevance ranking, question answering, information extraction, text classification or subjectivity analysis. The candidate will be expected to have impact on product initiatives and at the same time will be encouraged to contribute to the general research community by active participation in scientific forums, publications, etc.

Masters Degree required

Preferable Job Qualifications


Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information, please contact Fernando Diaz ([email protected]), Jean-François Crespo ([email protected]), or visit


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