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Found 2 results

  1. The Economist doc Toronto cracks top 10 cities in world for ‘global appeal’ It appears Toronto’s preeminent position among Canadian cities is secure until at least 2025. In fact, only nine other centres across the world outrank the city in terms of overall “global appeal” by the mid-point of the next decade, according to a new study on projected competitiveness of cities to attract business, skilled workers and tourists. That puts Toronto ahead of such cosmopolitan centres as Los Angeles, Berlin — even Beijing. New York will continue its reign as the world’s most competitive city, according to the report from the Economist Intelligence Unit that was commissioned by Citibank. Vancouver is the second-highest ranked Canadian city at No. 28 while Montreal placed 36th on the list. Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton weren’t included in the report which ranked 120 cities across the globe “based on their projected ability to attract capital, business, talent and tourists.” The report assigned scores to a city’s economic strength as well as other factors, like capacity to govern itself and the quality of its infrastructure. Economic strength was the biggest consideration, however, with a 30 percent weighting, followed by “human capital” (skilled workforce, access to education and healthcare) and “institutional character” or a city’s ability “to tax, plan, legislate and enforce rules as well as the degree to which citizens can hold a city’s politicians accountable.” (The data was collected between November 2012 and March, well before certain events could serve to undermine Toronto’s score in the latter category.) Points for physical infrastructure such as airports, transit and access to broadband networks – both wireless and wireline – took up 10 per cent of the score, with another 10 was assigned to the size of the local banking system. Ten per cent went to overall “global appeal” to businesses and individuals abroad. Adding up all scores across the eight assessment categories, Toronto’s score was 64.7 out of 100 (see additional scores below). Still, while the Citi study may be an impressive endorsement, Torontonians may see a small defeat in the rankings. In March, Toronto’s economic development committee trumpeted new data showing the city had overtaken Chicago as the fourth-largest centre on the continent, a statistical symbol that the city’s dynamism and stature was at least even with the U.S. Midwest hub in the eyes of the world. Sitting one spot ahead of Toronto, Chicago appears to still have the edge.
  2. With a bunch of new aircrafts coming, including A321LR, YUL is on the list of destinations TAP would like to add Neeleman speaks to TP staff. This was a live stream but recordings are available. a poster on the other forum (FT) gave the basic rundown "Main points... 1. Change the company culture to be one more similar to B6 and Azul 2. No layoffs 3. Compete with Ryanair - segment the market better, reduce seat pitch on short-haul (A319/320/321) 4. A350 was changed to A330-900neo, because A350 has higher operating costs and TP doesn't need the range. 5. Cabin: Economy (30-31" pitch), Economy+ (34" pitch) and biz. Skycouch in economy. 6. A321LR - useful for east coast US and northeastern Brazil (it has the range). Very useful in low season. 7. A321LR cabin: 16 layflat biz, 42 E+ (34") 117 Econ (31-32"). Biz seats look like they're staggered. 8. Network: N.America: +BOS, IAD, ORD,YUL,YYZ, BDL [doesn't Neeleman live there???] S.America: +JPA, PHB, AJU, more frequencies to existing hubs, cross-polinate with Azul Europe: "Rationalize markets and increase frequency and strength in key/largest markets" Africa: "Grow in constrained markets and strength in key/largest markets"