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Found 14 results

  1. Tout est là dans... lol
  2. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2011/10/19/yvon-gingras-quebec-drunk-driving_n_1020885.html When will the idiots in Quebec change the law? Are they waiting for one of them or one of their family members to be run over
  3. How'd you like it? We're all gonna dieeee!!!
  4. j'peux pas croire que je n'y pas pas penser avant: on creuse des km et des km de nouveaux tunnels de metro en dompant toute la terre par dessus la montagne, jusqu'a ce que le mont-royal atteigne 300m en son plus haut point. win-win.
  5. Merci Mon Oncle Harper mais tu n'es pas supposer d'être le diable? http://www.montrealgazette.com/business/Ottawa+investing+300M+Pratt+Whitney+help+engine+development/10450236/story.html
  6. So by now we all must have heard about Rizzuto Sr being killed at his home this evening. I wonder if this is going to turn out to be like the 90s again with the Hells Angels vs Rock Machine but with Rizzuto clan vs whoever.
  7. $1 (1914) = $19.21 (2010) $1 (2010) = $0.05 (1914)
  8. Honestly the reflective paint they use/do not use for the road, to divide the lanes suck especially at night and when its raining. I ended up driving on lakeshore all the way downtown, crap it looked like one huge lane LOL. I have no clue how LKA (lane keep assist) going to work in these shitty conditions. :stirthepot: Reason I took the scenic route, seeing I haven't driven on the highway in a good 5-6 years. Plus I only drive every 6 months. I dislike driving, seeing there is so many damn maniacs on the road. Thats my rant for this beautiful saturday morning.
  9. Why is it that TD is the only Canadian bank that has an actual branch in NYC. While BMO and RBC have branches but in different cities. BMO and RBC both have their wealth management in NYC though :stirthepot: OT: A while back Gothamist had a small article on TD seeing it wasn't like other banks, it was more friendly and there wasn't like bulletproof glass protecting the teller from people and stuff.
  10. http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/975871/resources-power-economic-growth-in-the-provinces-west-of-the-ottawa-river-mining-promises-stronger-outlook-for-the-east-in-2013 So even if we create all these jobs, a 1.7% GDP increases won't pay for whining protestors and communists
  11. Apparamment, il y a de l'action par les temps qui courrent. http://www.ovni-alerte.com/ http://www.985fm.ca/audioplayer.php?mp3=81158 Quelqu'un a vu quelque chose?
  12. et vous ? Dites nous .... moi en novembre (je voulais mettre un poll mais j'ai que 10 options.... )
  13. Malek

    Malek vs Yara

    Encore plus évident: la famille idéale habite encore à Montréal??? :silly: :stirthepot:
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