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  1. Salut ! J'adore la transformation des anciens quartiers industriels en quartiers résidentiels. Ici je propose que vous nous partagiez des coins de la ville qui pourraient être utilisés pour des méga projet un peu comme griffintown. Voici le côté trash de Rosemont. C'est un bout assez rough qui mériterait d'être transformé. En plus de ce terrain géant, il y a beaucoup de veilles shop inutilisés aux alentours.
  2. Trouble on The Main The former home of American Apparel on St. Laurent Blvd. now carries a For Rent sign. “I won’t deny that the construction on the street did affect traffic,” says Dan Abenhaim, the chain’s Canadian regional director. Other shop owners say the recession and high rents have hurt business on along the strip. Photograph by: John Mahoney, The Gazette By Irwin Block, The GazetteApril 24, 2009 The former home of American Apparel on St. Laurent Blvd. now carries a For Rent sign. “I won’t deny that the construction on the street did affect traffic,” says Dan Abenhaim,
  3. Future Shop va presque tripler le nombre de ses ouvertures de magasins en 2008 au Québec et veut doubler sa part des ventes d'électroménagers. Pour en lire plus...
  4. Le groupe MTY fait des acquisitions et étend ses activités Mise en ligne 02/08/2007 13h14 ARGENT on error resume nextIf Not(IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.5"))) ThenElseer_fs = 1End If Le groupe MTY a annoncé jeudi l'acquisition d'actifs par sa filiale MTY Tiki Ming Enterprises et l'expansion de ses activités en Ontario et au Moyen-Orient. MTY Tiki Ming Enterprises a signé une entente visant l'acquisition, pour un montant non précisé, de 15 comptoirs Sushi Shop d'un groupe d'investisseurs, en plus de l'unité de production de tempura qui fournit
  5. MONOCLE has Montreal in 19th place as most liveable place in the World to live. You need a subscription to read it online. I read it at a magazine shop. We are in good company! http://www.monocle.com/sections/affairs/Magazine-Articles/19-Montreal/
  6. Outside the box in old Montreal By Patricia Harris, Globe Correspondent | May 27, 2007 MONTREAL -- Once the weather warms there's hardly a better picnic spot than the riverside park of the Old Port. And there's hardly a better place to pick up your meal than Europea Espace Boutique , the Old Montreal gourmet shop opened by one of the city's top chefs, Jérôme Ferrer . No sub shop here, as the elegant minimalist decor and racks of museum-quality coffee sets and boutique condiments attest. Although Europea sits in the heart of the tourist district, you're likely to e
  7. A sampling tour of Vermont and Montreal Miami Herald BY LIZ BALMASEDA This is the trip you take when you can't decide what trip to take. You want country-style serenity, but you also want big-city fabulous. You want glorious lake views and rolling green hills, but you also want cosmopolitan boutiques, downtown bustle and jazz. A tour through the soul-soothing Lake Champlain region of northern Vermont and the stimulating thoroughfares of Montreal is a best-of-both-worlds trip you can enjoy in just five easy days. But here's a word to the overly ambitious traveler who wants to see it
  8. J'ai trouvé çà à Hollywood qui vient d'ouvrir, http://www.littleforkla.com/ et puis un bagel shop à Beverly Hills qui s'inspire de Montréal mais d'après les clients qu'on voit ici...
  9. I saw Total has ads in the metro now. Saw some of them at the Atwater stop. I wonder if they are just for F1 or they are planning on coming to Montreal and setting up stations. If they are setting up shop, I guess Power Corp wants to get back into the petrol business. Seeing they use to own Shell or something and they own a 4.0% stake in Total (through Pargesa Holding S.A) Info (Wiki)
  10. Offensive de Future Shop au Québec 21 juillet 2008 - 06h25 La Presse Laurier Cloutier Agrandir Cette offensive s'explique par la bonne performance des dernières années au Québec et par l'absence de la chaîne dans des villes en croissance. Photo: Archives La Presse Grossir caractère Imprimer Envoyer Partager facebook digg del.icio.us Google Future Shop va presque tripler le nombre de ses ouvertures de magasins en 2008 au Québec et veut doubler d'ici 2010 sa part des ventes d'électroménagers dans ce marché. Cliquez
  11. via The Gazette : German magazine shines spotlight on Montreal’s Bernard St. BY JESSE FEITH, THE GAZETTE JULY 30, 2014 The biannual Flaneur Magazine dissects and features one street per issue. Photograph by: Flaneur Magazine , . Two years ago when Berlin-born Ricarda Messner moved back to her hometown after having lived in New York City, everything seemed a little different as she walked around, wandering from block to block and trying to get a feel for the once-familiar streets. She started thinking about those streets, about how they’re the fabric of any city: each o
  12. Le samedi 17 mars 2007 Photo Martin Chamberland, La Presse La guerre des bagels n'aura pas lieu Michel Marois La Presse Originaire d'Europe de l'Est, le bagel est devenu par une véritable spécialité montréalaise. Deux institutions commerciales, St-Viateur Bagel Shop et la maison de l'Original Fairmount Bagel, sont reconnues partout en Amérique, et les mordus sont nombreux à faire la file devant l'une ou l'autre à toute heure du jour et de la nuit. Mais qui fabrique le meilleur bagel ? Depuis quelques années, une ou deux fois par mois le samedi matin, ma fille et moi répétons u
  13. Quels sont les cadeaux que vous avez acheté pour Noël? Est-ce que vous croyez recevoir quelque chose de spécial? Moi je vais surtout donner des cartes cadeaux Future Shop à un peu tout le monde.
  14. Allez jetez un coup d'oeil sur ce site: http://ceskberg.com/p000022.html Ceskberg and Associates is currently developping a new project in Canada, in partnership with the city of Montreal administration. The Club de Golf Le Ste-Helene will be a normal 72 golf course located on the Ste-Helene Island inside the Parc Jean-Drapeau. This beautifull site is located minutes away from downtown Montreal and is a 15 minutes walk from the Montreal Casino, La Ronde amusement park, and the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, host of the F1 Grand Prix of Canada. If approved before October 2008, it should be rea
  15. SHOP CHUYÊN BÁN ĐIỆN THOáº*I Cá»” & ĐỘC UY TÍN HANOIGIARE.COMChúng tôi chuyên kinh doanh những mẫu Ä‘iện thoại Ä‘á»™c - Ä‘iện thoại nắp gáº*p - Ä‘iện thoại trượt đã từng má»™t thời đình đám VỚI CHẾ ĐỘ BÁN HÀNG UY TÍN GIAO HÀNG TẬN NHÀ NHẬN HÀNG THU TIỀN TRá»°C TIẾP ĐẢM BẢO AN TOÀN CHO KHÁCH HÀNG KHI MUA HÀNG Mọi Thông Tin Xin Liên Hệ Theo Số Điện Thoại Hotline : 0466.759.662 - 090.2277.552 - 0979.013.387 Hoặc Zalo , Vỉber : 090.2277552 Địa Chỉ Xem HÃ*ng : 77 Đường Trung Văn
  16. Source: Houzz (Le copier-Coller est tellement long, ça ne me tente pas de l'éditer, allez voir l'article pour une lecture plus facile) Residents of Montreal didn't UNESCO's crowning it the City of Design in 2006 to reaffirm their love affair with their city. Referred to as Canada's cultural capital, Montreal can claim bragging rights to a summer full of international festivals along with world-renowned architecture and stylish bars and restaurants. As you read through this guide, put together by myself and fellow Montreal native Laura Garner, visualize yourself admiring the unique ar
  17. http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/18/north-stars/ The Montreal neighborhood of Mile End, long a working-class Jewish enclave (and the namesake of two culty New York delis), has changed considerably in recent years, getting quietly but unmistakably hip, with dozens of restaurants, bars and boutiques now dotting its streets. Librairie Drawn & Quarterly The offshoot of a local publishing house, this shop attracts fans of graphic novels and art books with regular readings and workshops. 211, rue Bernard Ouest; (514) 279-2224; drawnandquarterly.com. Éditions de Robe
  18. As a passionate Montrealer, it's getting exhausting. Some will come and defend the status quo but I Sense the strong majority think things are getting a little ridiculous chez nous http://www.economist.com/blogs/americasview/2013/07/language-canada-0 Language in Canada Polly wants un craquelin Jul 30th 2013, 20:35 by K.C. EARLIER this month Canadians were shocked to learn that Bouton, an English-speaking parrot at the Montreal Biodome in the French-speaking province of Quebec, was being deported to Toronto following a surprise visit to the zoo by a representative of the Office
  19. J'ai failli tomber de ma chaise...venant du Globe I’m in love. Montreal has always reminded me of an unapproachable crush – it’s arty and sophisticated, and, to me, seems to possess an impenetrable coolness. In recent years, the rise of its indie music scene, trendsetting street fashion and unapologetically rustic comfort cuisine has only added to its mystique. On previous visits, I had felt every bit the awkward outsider. I’d wander the streets of Old Montreal or take in the view from atop Mount Royal, keenly aware that those who lived here were going to the better bars, eatin
  20. (Courtesy of The Gazette) I left out the other part of the article, speaking about restaurants in Sherbrooke and Magog. Plus there is a map showing the locations of each one, that was in the article.
  21. Le groupe détient déjà plusieurs bannières de restauration rapide, dont Sushi Shop, Tiki-Ming, Veggirama, La Crémière, cultures et Caférama. Pour en lire plus...
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