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    Found 21 results

    1. Une série financée par Rogers Media sur le crime organisé à Montréal. Bad Blood raconte la montée et la chute de Vito Rizzuto comme chef de la mafia sicilienne à Montréal. Alain Desrochers produit la série mais il s'agit essentiellement d'une production Torontoise, filmée à Montréal et Sudbury exclusivement en anglais et dont la promotion se fait principalement dans le Canada anglais. La série de six épisodes débute sur CityTV le 21 septembre à 20hrs. "Bad Blood is a story of family, loyalty, deceit, power, greed and ultimately revenge. Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto is a criminal anomaly – the only man to bring peace among the disparate wings of the Montreal crime world who would serve as a de facto CEO while ensuring a lucrative payday for all. When Rizzuto is suddenly arrested and extradited to Colorado’s Supermax Prison for the 1981 murders of three Bonanno crime family members, the powerful empire he built begins to crumble. Rizzuto watches helplessly as his family and friends are killed one by one. Upon his release from prison in October 2012, a Shakespearean-level revenge tale unfolds, leading to the brutal murders of his closest companions, and ultimately, to the death of Rizzuto himself." https://www.rogersmedia.com/shows/bad-blood/ Globe and Mail, "Montreal mafia series Bad Blood is bloody good" https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/arts/television/john-doyle-montreal-mafia-series-bad-blood-is-bloody-good/article36311360/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com& JdM, "Montréal, cité du vice" http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2017/09/20/montreal-cite-du-vice
    2. Here is the second short film in a series I'm planning to make this year. All the footage came from YouTube. It took me awhile to complete this. I was able to find some truly special footage, so please give it a look and share it if you like it. I'm not making a penny off this project, just trying to spread the word about this special city we all love. Montreal vue par les touristes francophones:* Here is the first one I released last month, featuring English-speaking tourists:
    3. Interesting series on PBS on Wednesdays at 22:00 http://www.pbs.org/program/super-skyscrapers/ About the Program As urban space shrinks, we build higher and faster than ever before, creating a new generation of skyscrapers. Super skyscrapers are pushing the limits of engineering, technology and design to become greener, stronger, smarter and more luxurious than their predecessors. This four-part series follows the creation of four extraordinary buildings, showcasing how they will revolutionize the way we live, work and protect ourselves from potential threats. Read more about each episode below. A Closer Look at Super Skyscrapers One World Trade Center Blink Films UK 1 / 12 About the Episodes One World Trade Center (Premiered February 5, 2014) One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the western hemisphere and a famous modern landmark, is engineered to be the safest and strongest skyscraper ever built. This episode follows the final year of exterior construction, culminating with the milestone of reaching the symbolic height of 1,776 feet. For head of construction Steve Plate, as well as scientists, engineers, ironworkers and curtain wall installers, this is a construction job suffused with the history of the site and a sense of duty to rebuild from the ashes of Ground Zero. Building the Future (Premiered February 12, 2014) Commonly known as “the cheese grater,” the Leadenhall Building is the pinnacle of London’s avant-garde architecture. Designed as a tapered tower with a steel exoskeleton, it’s the tallest skyscraper in the City of London and the most innovative. The teams behind the Leadenhall project had to radically rethink every aspect of the traditional building model. This program follows the monumental challenges that come with erecting this super skyscraper: it will be constructed off-site, delivered to location, and stacked and bolted together like a giant Lego set. The Vertical City (Premiered February 19, 2014) Shanghai Tower isn’t just a skyscraper — it’s a vertical city, a collection of businesses, services and hotels all in one place, fitting a population the size of Monaco into a footprint the size of a football field. Within its walls, residents can literally work, rest, play and relax in public parks, looking up through 12 stories of clear space. Not just one, however, but eight of them, stacked on top of each other, all the way to the 120th floor. When complete, the structure will dominate Shanghai’s skyline, towering over its neighbors as a testament to China’s economic success and the ambitions of the city’s wealthy elite. The Billionaire Building (Premiered February 26, 2014) Upon completion, One57, on Manhattan’s 57th Street, will rise more than 1,000 feet, making it the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere and boasting spectacular views of Central Park. “One57” follows the teams tasked with creating New York’s most luxurious residential skyscraper and their ambition to redefine luxury living the big city. Condominiums at One57 showcase state-of-the-art interiors — double-height ceilings, full-floor apartments, bathrooms clad in the finest Italian marble and the finest material finishes. Super Skyscrapers was produced by Blink Films. sent via Tapatalk
    4. Site internet: http://www.pps.org/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/projectforpublicspaces About Placemaking for Communities Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit planning, design and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. Our pioneering Placemaking approach helps citizens transform their public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs. PPS was founded in 1975 to apply and expand on the work of William (Holly) Whyte, the author of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. Since then, we have completed projects in over 3000 communities in 43 countries and all 50 US states. Partnering with public and private organizations, federal, state and municipal agencies, business improvement districts, neighborhood associations and other civic groups, we improve communities by fostering successful public spaces. Having been brought into to apply Placemaking in a broad range of contexts around the world, an increasing focus of our work is in training and capacity building, often helping to build local Placemaking organizations. PPS trains more than 10,000 people every year and reaches countless more through our websites and publications. PPS is the internationally recognized center for resources, tools and inspiration about Placemaking. Through research, conferences, and strategic partnerships, PPS promotes Placemaking through a series of transformative agendas to address some of the most pressing issues of our time. Our Building Community Through Transportation agenda runs a biannual ProWalk/ProBike conference through our National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) which is a resident program of PPS. Our leadership on Public Markets has included a regular international conference series as well. Internationally, we are looking to influence the governance of developing cities and nations though our partnership with UN Habitat. We are doing this through trainings and projects and a joint conference series, called the Future of Places, that will culminate in a written document to encourage the adoption of Placemaking principles at the Habitat III UN global gathering in 2016. Through the development of a Placemaking Leadership Council (including over 500 members) PPS is working to support a broad network to drive the further evolution of Placemaking and build its potential impact as a movement. In its broadest application, Placemaking is a catalyst for building healthy, sustainable and economically viable cities of the future. Agendas PPS is structured around seven agendas that have the potential to transform cities by breaking down what Placemaking means and how it can happen. These agendas form a lens through which we can view the greater mission of PPS. Place Governance Place Capital Healthy Communities Building Community Through Transportation Architecture of Place Entrepreneurial Places: Markets, Main Streets, and Beyond Creating Multi-Use Public Destinations Team Jobs & Internships Press Room Contact Us Placemaking Leadership Council
    5. Huge news! Days of Future Past that was shot here in 2013 grossed $745 million worldwide and cost over $200 million to shoot. The new film's budget could be $250 million + Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Channing Tatum. Rumours of the original cast of Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry returning are also in the air. http://www.cjad.com/cjad-news/2014/09/04/x-men-returning-to-montreal
    6. GO HABS GO! Swept the lightning series Next is Boston or Detroit! This is going to be a hell of a series IMO
    7. http://www.montrealgazette.com/travel/exploremontreal/index.html montrealgazette.com series called Urban Villages, in which we look at Montreal's up-and-coming neighbourhoods.
    8. Voici un triste jours pour les amateurs du sports. (opinion personnelle) Source: La Presse Rogers Communications (Sportsnet) a payé le gros prix. Plus de 5,2 milliards sur douze ans pour obtenir à compter de la prochaine saison les droits nationaux sur tous les matchs de la LNH, incluant les séries de la Coupe Stanley, la finale, les classiques hivernales, le repêchage, les matchs d’étoiles, etc. TVA en tire de larges bénéfices puisqu’il devient le diffuseur francophone officiel de la LNH. RDS perd donc assurément au moins 22 matchs des Canadiens, sans doute plus, et tous les matchs de séries du CH. CBC garde ses matchs du samedi soir, mais pour quatre ans seulement. Ce qui reste à RDS? Si la chaîne parvient à garder les droits locaux dans ses renégociations avec les Canadiens, on parle d’un match par semaine, peut-être parfois deux, et encore, puisque Rogers a les droits exclusifs des équipes canadiennes les samedi, dimanche et mercredi. Donc la fenêtre de RDS se limite à lundi, mardi, jeudi et vendredi si, et seulement si elle obtient les droits locaux après cette saison. RDS perd aussi les droits d’images pour ses différentes plateformes, sauf les images qu’elles pourra utiliser à des fins de nouvelles. TSN est le véritable perdant puisqu’il ne lui reste rien. Le monde de la télé vient de changer ce matin.
    9. La chaîne française Canal+ bientôt disponible au Québec Le groupe français Canal+ va diffuser ses contenus en mode payant sur Internet au Canada via la plateforme française DailyMotion, selon la page dédiée à ce lancement sur DailyMotion et son directeur général Martin Rogard sur son compte Twitter. Les séries, les films et les documentaires du groupe Canal seront accessibles depuis le Canada à compter de mi-novembre pour un abonnement de 7,99$ (moins de 6 euros), selon DailyMotion, filiale de l'opérateur de télécommunications Orange. Martin Rogard et Jean-Marc Juramie, directeur des projets internationaux du groupe Canal+ ont procédé au lancement de ce nouveau service de vidéo à la demande par abonnement (SVOD) mardi à Montréal dans le cadre du Festival du nouveau cinéma. Pour la chaîne française c'est une grande première et une ouverture sur un segment de diffusion de films et de séries sur l'internet comme le fait l'Américian Netflix. En se lançant au Canada et auprès d'un public principalement francophone au Québec, le groupe Canal+ vient se frotter à la concurrence de Netflix qui a réalisé un percée significative au Canada. Netflix, avec ses 30 millions d'abonnés aux États-Unis, a ainsi pratiquement doublé ses abonnés au Canada l'an dernier avec 17% des 14 millions de ménages, selon les derniers chiffres du Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes (CRTC). Certes l'offre de Canal+ sera moins abondante que celle proposée par Netflix mais le prix est également inférieur pratiquement de moitié à l'abonnement mensuel de Netflix. Selon la page de lancement sur DailyMotion, les abonnés au SVOD de Canal+ pourront voir "les séries qui ont fait le succès de Canal+, une sélection de grands films européens récents" et des documentaires ou magazines. Par ailleurs, en accès gratuit sur DailyMotion au Canada, les internautes pourront visionner toutes les émissions en clair de la chaîne cryptée française (Le Grand Journal, les Guignols de l'info...). Films en streaming A partir de la plateforme DailyMotion, les Canadiens pourront avoir accès aussi à de la vidéo à la demande avec des films en streaming à partir de 3$. En se positionnant sur la diffusion internet en mode payant, le groupe Canal+ a choisi le Canada pour toucher un public déjà converti à la consommation sur Internet et qui a tendance comme son voisin américain à moins regarder la télévision. Au Canada, huit ménages sur dix ont un accès internet (la moitié avec une connexion haut débit) et, selon le CRTC, le temps passé sur internet augmente alors que celui passé devant la télévision stagne. http://www.lesaffaires.com/techno/medias-et-communications/la-chaine-francaise-canal-bientot-disponible-au-quebec/562528#.Ul6YxVBWym4
    10. http://www.moneyville.ca/article/952333--plastic-100-bills-here-this-fall-20s-10s-to-follow?bn=1
    11. Est-ce que vous croyez à l'évolution? Si oui, pourquoi, si non, pourquoi? Est-ce que vous croyez au créationnisme? Si oui, pourquoi, si non, pourquoi? Aux États-Unis c'est une question plutôt difficile qui divise bien des gens. Je suis curieux de savoir ce que vous en pensez. Un énorme pourcentage de la population ne crois pas à l'évolution! Je suis curieux de connaitre les avis des mtlurbeurs. -- I believe in (or should I say, accept as fact) evolution and reject creationism as foolishness. Though i reject creationism as pure fantasy, I do believe it's possible to believe in God and still accept evolution. It's the same with the big bang... all you have to do is believe that God started the big bang, and set evolution in motion. (I'm not saying I personally believe this either, but i'm just demonstrating how these two ideas aren't mutually exclusive, as many people propose.) I dislike young earth creationists... (people that believe the earth is 6000 years old and that it was literally created in 6 days... although if a day is defined as 1 rotation of the earth on its axis, and no earth yet, how could you........ ahh forget i brought it up.) One of my girlfriend's cousins is a young earth creationist and I recently had the misfortune of debating her for 30 minutes. The whole debate was basically like this: Me: facts, rational explanations, more facts Her: LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU --- A must-watch series on evolution vs. creationism. A 15-part youtube series that starts with this video:
    12. November 09, 2010 8:43 AM by Staff & Wire Reports http://www.gamingtoday.com/articles/...SOP_main_event Canadian poker professional Jonathan Duhamel won the World Series of Poker main event title and $8.94 million on Monday night after keeping a stranglehold on his chips and pressuring his opponent. Duhamel took the last of Florida pro John Racener's chips in the no-limit Texas Hold 'em tournament with an ace high after 43 hands where Racener was no better than a 4-1 underdog in chips. Duhamel pushed Racener all-in and the Floridian called with a suited king-eight of diamonds. But Duhamel had an unsuited ace-jack for the lead. A flop of two fours and a nine helped neither player; and Racener didn't improve with a six on the turn and a five on the river. "It's a dream come true right now," Duhamel told the crowd at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino as confetti fell from a theater ceiling. "It's like the most beautiful day of my life." "Come join the party," he said, flanked by some 200 friends and family who rooted him on while wearing Montreal Canadiens jerseys. Duhamel, an online cash game player who said poker has been his primary income for about two years, had his third cash at this year's series. But the money he won Monday night dwarfs the $43,000 he won after entering 17 earlier tournaments at the 57-event series this year. "I love playing poker so much, so I mean I'm going to be playing all those big tournaments and try to make other big scores," he said. "I'll be there next year in the World Series and try to do my best again." Duhamel, a French and English speaker who left the Universite du Quebec a Montreal during his second year studying finance, worked a series of odd jobs before playing poker full-time. He said he played for $5 and $10 minimums before the series. Now he plans to play in the world's biggest tournaments -- and buy Canadiens season tickets. "I didn't expect that at all," he said. Racener won $5.55 million for second place, never finding real traction in the biggest heads-up card match of his life. Racener said his only good hand was pocket queens and he didn't pick up anything besides that better than an ace-deuce. "I could never get anything going," said Racener, 24, of Port Richey, Fla. "It was unfortunate and he played it well." Duhamel came into the heads-up match with a significant chip lead and kept Racener from gaining much ground in a session that lasted just over an hour. Duhamel had nearly 90 percent of all the chips in play when players took a 10-minute break after 36 hands. The Boucherville, Quebec native intensified the pressure after that, pushing all in on three straight hands and dropping Racener's stack to just above 16 million chips. When Duhamel pushed again, Racener unsuccessfully tried to make a stand. Racener doubled his chips 10 hands into the session, after Duhamel had whittled his stack early on. An 11-1 underdog in chips, Racener called Duhamel's all-in wager with pocket queens and they held against Duhamel's king-four. The hand came just after minimum bets rose and gave Racener 36.9 million chips -- but he was back to his original stack less than 20 hands later. Racener began the session a 6-1 underdog in chips, with just 26 big blinds in his stack at 30.75 million. He spent most of the final table that started Saturday on the sidelines, watching as his opponents aggressively ate at each other's chip stacks. He didn't risk all his chips until he called a bluff by Filippo Candio with three queens, and doubled up twice more before watching as Duhamel withstood a high-pressure challenge from third-place finisher Joseph Cheong. The hand brought Duhamel back where he started the final table -- with a big chip lead. Chips have no monetary value in the tournament, and Racener had to lose all his chips to be eliminated. The tournament started in July with 7,319 players paying $10,000 each to enter.
    13. Have any of you seen the previews for this new show on ABC. Its a remake of the popular V tv show from the early 80's. It looks pretty fvcking awesome!! Go to the ABC website, and you can watch a 10 minute preview trailer. Looks good! http://abc.go.com/shows/v
    14. Did you guys see this? It's a new illuminated electronic superboard (14' * 48') on the east bound 40 near Viau. It doesn't display video (yet) just a series of advertisments. Very bright and the resolution is impressive! I wonder if they will install others.
    15. Mise à jour: 17/01/2009 07:22 Cagoules interdites (Journal de Montréal) Charles Poulin La Ville de Montréal veut faire adopter un règlement interdisant aux manifestants de porter une cagoule, un masque ou un foulard pour éviter des débordements identiques à ceux survenus lors des émeutes des séries de la coupe Stanley et de Montréal-Nord, l'an dernier. La modification au Règlement P-6 sur la prévention des troubles de la paix, de la sécurité et de l'ordre public a été adoptée par le comité exécutif de la Ville. Elle ne pourra toutefois pas être mise en application avant qu'elle ne soit approuvée par le conseil municipal. «Nous avons l'intention de la présenter sous peu», indique la porte-parole de la Ville, Isabelle Poulin. Pour éviter le grabuge Les élus expliquent vouloir éviter que certaines manifestations dégénèrent en violence et disent vouloir encourager la tenue de rassemblements pacifiques. Rappelons qu'à l'occasion des manifestations entourant le Canadien de Montréal, pendant les séries l'an dernier, et la mort de Fredy Villanueva, abattu par un policier, plusieurs manifestants masqués en ont profité pour faire du grabuge. Réglementation «L'analyse de plusieurs incidents survenus au cours des dernières années nous a démontré qu'il était important de réglementer le port des cagoules, foulards et masques», affirme le responsable de la sécurité publique de la Ville, Claude Dauphin. Seule une raison valable permettrait de porter quelque chose pour se cacher le visage pendant une manifestation. Mais il a été impossible de savoir, hier, ce qui constituait une «raison valable». Copyright © 1995-2008 Canoë inc. Tous droits réservés
    16. (Courtesy of Wings Magazine) --- (Courtesy of Auto123) Both articles are pretty old, but they are still interesting too say the least. For the ICAR, thats pretty awesome to see they actually were able to get part of the mirabel airport Now people from Montreal do not have too really go to Tremblant for a track meet day
    17. Ok pas vraiment, Ensuite je vais me défendre que la dernière fois que j'ai écouté timberlake, j'étais saoul et elle était cute mais bon, ça mis de côté... Le nouveau film de Mike Myers, qui va aider la LNH à se faire aimer au états unis. Contient quelques petites choses que je ne pige pas. Premièrement les maples Leafs sont dnas les séries et sont une des bonnes équipe de la ligue. Ensuite leur plus grande vedette est noir (Pas raciste mais réaliste ici) et maintenant. Justin Timberlake joue le rôle de Jacques Grande, un Québécois avec un accent pourri, la vedette des Kings de LA qui couche avec tous le monde. Je me demande comment les puristes du hockey que sont les Montréalais vont prendre ça. le "trailer"
    18. Montreal gladly reclaims its 'Hollywood North' tag BRENDAN KELLY, The Gazette Published: Thursday, May 10, 2007 It's amazing what a little labour peace can do for the film business. Only two months after a long, bitter dispute between two rival film technicians unions was finally resolved, local movie folks are positively euphoric as they gear up for their busiest period of Hollywood shooting in years. Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Evangeline Lilly and John Malkovich are all on their way to shoot in Montreal in the coming weeks, and Hans Fraikin - film commissioner at the Quebec Film and Television Council - said Hollywood filming in the city is definitely going to top last year's tally of $150 million. He thinks the total might actually inch toward the $200-million mark and he said the boom is directly tied to the resolution in late February of the feud between the Alliance quebecoise des techniciens de l'image et du son (AQTIS), the local film union, and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), an American union. They were fighting over who should represent the province's film workers. Cate Blanchett: with Brad Pitt. "We were close to total industrial implosion at the beginning of the year," Fraikin said. "It was Armageddon. Now it's looking healthier than expected. But we worked hard on resolving the conflict and convincing people that Quebec was open for business again. And it's paying off." Local industry players got news this week that Death Race 3000 will be produced here. This is a remake of the 1975 cult classic Death Race 2000 that starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone in a story set in the future about a violent road race that takes place between New York and Los Angeles. The remake will star British actor Jason Statham and is being produced by Tom Cruise and his producing partner Paula Wagner. The other recent addition to the local film-shoot lineup is Get Smart, the big-screen adaptation of the classic 1960s spy-spoof TV series. Carell will star as goofball secret agent Maxwell Smart, Hathaway will play sultry Agent 99, and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson will play Agent 23, a newly created character. The producers will shoot only a part of the film here, spending around 20 days in town next month. Pitt and Blanchett will be here for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a Paramount production directed by David Fincher and adapted from the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story about a man who begins to age backwards. That film has already wrapped several months of shooting in New Orleans, and the filmmakers will be here for just eight days at the end of month. They will be filming Old Montreal as Paris and Moscow in winter, which will entail importing huge amounts of artificial snow. Far and away the biggest shoot on the way is The Mummy 3. The crew is already in pre-production for the third instalment in the Mummy series, which begins filming here July 27 and is expected to occupy several sound stages at Mel's Cite du Cinema studio right through to the end of the year. It is estimated that the producers will hire between 800 and 900 local technicians to work on the Universal Pictures project. Brendan Fraser - who was here last summer shooting a new version of Journey to the Center of the Earth - reprises his role as adventurer Rick O'Connell, but Rachel Weisz, who played his wife, will not be on board this time. Action star Jet Li will play the mummy, Michelle Yeoh plays a wizard, and 26-year-old Australian thespian Luke Ford will join the series as O'Connell's son. Filming will continue in China after the Montreal shoot. Kate Beckinsale has been here for a few weeks shooting Whiteout, a thriller about a U.S. marshal hunting a killer in Antarctica, and production has been under way here since late March on the U.S.A. Network series The Dead Zone, which stars Anthony Michael Hall. Alberta-born Lost star Lilly and Malkovich are due here in early June for Afterwards, a Canada-France co-production that co-stars Moliere lead Romain Duris. Brian Baker, business agent at the Quebec branch of the Directors Guild of Canada, said that one reason filming is booming is because the Hollywood producers are ramping up production to stockpile films in case of labour unrest in Hollywood next year. There is widespread speculation that both the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America could go on strike in 2008. "But that's not the whole story (behind the Montreal boom) because they're dying in Toronto," Baker said. Fraikin said the shoots are back in our city because the labour issues have been settled. "No producer is going to go anywhere near an unstable industrial environment," Fraikin said. "They can't take the risk." It also helped that two of the bigger hits of the first half of the year, 300 and Blades of Glory, were both shot at least in part here, reminding Hollywood producers that Montreal is a good location. bkelly@thegazette.canwest.com
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