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  1. It has been almost 2 months since moving to Dublin and some things just make sense: - Calculating VAT (sales tax) into all the products - So what is shown is what you pay - No tipping - Signs both in Gaelic and English. No squabbling between languages, like at home - Museums are free (I think this is standard across Ireland) - So far 2 tram lines, working on a 3rd. (So far no need for me to use it) - Many bus stops tell you when the next bus is - Which is nice, but since downloading Moovit who cares! - Some interesting pubs - Cyclist stop at red lights - Jay-walking is legal - Gar
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/11/19/travel/what-to-do-in-36-hours-in-montreal.html 36 Hours in Montreal Whether you want to embrace the season on rinks, trails or runs, or dodge the cold and head to the spa, this vibrant city has it all. Winter is right around the corner, and when the going gets cold — like zero-degrees-Fahrenheit cold — Montrealers get resourceful. Some dodge Canadian winter amid the heated vapors of the city’s Nordic spas or the warming drinks of cozy bars. Others embrace it by skiing and skating in public parks, cheering the hometown Canadiens hockey t
  3. Traffic management APPlied logic Sep 13th 2011, 16:10 by The Economist online TRAFFIC lights are crucial tools for regulating traffic flow. They are not, however, perfect. Drivers exchange the gridlock that would happen at unmanaged junctions for a pattern of stop-go movement that can still be frustrating, and which burns more fuel than a smooth passage would. Creating such a smooth passage means adjusting a vehicle’s speed so that it always arrives at the lights when they are green. That is theoretically possible, but practically hard. Roadside signs wired to traffic ligh
  4. pour les intéressés allez faire un tour dans le groupe facebook :Montreal - The Best City in The World description: "Montreal: The greatest city in the world. From St. Anne's to Pointe-Aux-Trembles the city is filled with culture, and European style. The only place in North America with such a vibe. Sure the French and English don't always get along, mais 'sti that's the way we like it. And yeah the poutine might be the most unhealthy meal ever made, ma putain it tastes good! We love the Habs, and we hate the Leafs. Hockey isn't a sport, it is a religion. We like our beer cold
  5. (Courtesy of the National Post) I thought there was a topic on this already I searched and I didn't see anything pop up.
  6. (Courtesy of CJAD) Thing is, I never see any cops around when people fail to stop for pedestrians. I wonder how many points you will lose for failing to stop at a stop sign or red light or even turning right on red on the island. These new rules are good, but still not strict enough. Honestly, where is the rule about if you get caught over the legal limit of alcohol in your system, you lose your license for good. I guess the people in the government, like drinking and driving
  7. Publié le 26 novembre 2008 à 15h35 | Mis à jour à 15h38 Les Red Wings n'échappent pas à la récession «C'est un secret de polichinelle que le Michigan est un des états que la récession touche le plus durement», a souligné le vétéran défenseur Chris Chelios Robert Laflamme La Presse Canadienne Detroit Les temps sont durs aux Etats-Unis. La crise financière qui secoue le pays de l'Oncle Sam éprouve particulièrement la ville de l'automobile, Detroit. Les Red Wings le constatent amèrement. Sur la glace, tout baigne dans l'huile pour les champions de la coupe Stanley, qui ont
  8. $14B in projects ready to go: Municipalities BY MIKE DE SOUZA, CANWEST NEWS SERVICE JANUARY 14, 2009 12:21 PM OTTAWA - More than 1,000 municipal infrastructure projects worth nearly $14 billion are “shovel ready” for job creation from coast to coast, according to a new list unveiled Wednesday by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The list represents an inventory of projects that are awaiting funds to start and was compiled following weeks of extensive consultations by the federation and its members. The federation says many municipalities have put these projects on the
  9. Le mercredi 04 juin 2008 Les Red Wings remportent la Coupe Stanley! Dallas Drake jubile en tenant le précieux trophée. (Photo AP) Presse Canadienne Les Red Wings de Detroit sont finalement venus à bout des pugnaces Penguins de Pittsburgh. Ayant mené 2-0 puis 3-2 dans la série, les Red Wings ont remporté le sixième match de la finale 3-2, mercredi soir, au Mellon Arena, pour mériter leur quatrième coupe Stanley en 11 ans et la 11e de leur histoire. Cette nouvelle conquête des Red Wings devrait inspirer bien des équipes à suivre leur exemple dans la façon de construire un c
  10. Désolé, article déjà présent dans la section "Quartier des spectacles".
  11. Visiting the past: Montreal's historic heart Web Exclusive By Chris MillikanChilliwack Times Monday, February 11, 2008 CREDIT: Montreal's old city hall. Chris Millikan photo.History buffs love sauntering along old Montreal's cobbled European-style streets, or wandering her public squares surrounded by grand cathedrals, historic homes and museums. My hubby Rick and I recently joined the curious throng and probed this cosmopolitan city's earliest days. At Musee Pointe-a-Calliere's theatre, a multi-media journey through six centuries kicks off our exploration of Montreal's
  12. Let's organize a protest against hooligans! Am I the only person in this city who cares enough to propose something like that?
  13. La Presse 17 avril 2007 Une dose de boisson énergisante pourrait-elle requinquer les joueurs du Canadien? La question mérite d'être posée à la suite de la publication d'un article dans un quotidien autrichien selon lequel le créateur et copropriétaire de Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, serait intéressé par le Canadien de Montréal. Mateschitz recevrait, ces jours-ci à Salzbourg, une délégation du Canadien pour des «négociations secrètes» visant la vente du club, selon un article du Kronen Zeitung, le tabloïd le plus lu d'Autriche, tel que résumé par le site Internet sportnet.at. Mis
  14. Growing ideas all the way from Montreal Yvonne Michie Horn, Special to The Chronicle Wednesday, August 8, 2007 sfgate_get_fprefs(); Long, cold winters and short summers made Montreal an unlikely mecca for gardeners. Then Flora came to town. In its second year, Flora winds along the banks of a derelict quay in the center-city Old Port district, revealing, in 10 acres of twists and turns, 49 innovative residential gardens matched with 24 "showcase" gardens spotlighting what's new in products, plant materials and design. Towering abandoned grain elevators serve as a
  15. Houston study lauds red light cameras despite uptick in accidents We all know we shouldn't mess with Texas. And Houston, Texans shouldn't mess around with statistics, because the folks running the show are going to come to any conclusions they want no matter what the statistics say. This is the easy part: a study of red light cameras in the city shows that accidents have actually increased at intersections with the cameras. These are the parts that are open to interpretation: most intersections only have one camera looking at one (out of four) directions of traffic, but the accident rate
  16. Ca semble comme Greenfield Park commence à devenir une quartier Red-Light. La Boulevard Churchill est une rune très laid qui a du potentiel très grand. Beaucoup d'arbres, mais aussi beaucoup d'entreprises fermés. (Churchill est l'artère principale de l'arrondissement si ignorne le Boulevard Taschereau). L'arondissement est composé des familles du classe moyenne, et un augmentation d'un communauté pauvre. Il y a aussi de plus en plus de mendiants et vagabonds sur Churchill, et en avant des commerces sur Taschereau. Peut-être GfPk serait la sujet d'un nouveau thread de photos?
  17. http://montreal.eater.com/2015/1/7/7503509/the-most-anticipated-new-montreal-restaurants-2015 by Ian Harrison Jan 7 2015, 1:00p @Blumsteinboy SHARE(54) TWEET(4) Projet Europa Jérémie Bastien's new home DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW EATER MONTREAL × A look at what's on the horizon. 1. Monarque Location: 417 Notre-Dame Ouest, Old Montreal Major Playesr: Richard and Jérémie Bastien Projected Opening: Late summer The Story: Bastien père et fils (Leméac) will open a "Gramercy Tavern-style" restaurant in the Penny Lane mixed development. Slated for April, the project has be
  18. to be able to factors endanger management meetings several expenses team leading awesome reliable if you can't couple of air max women 2015 . This , make it clear gals women air jordan shoes sneakers online title , generally speaking quite a few who do not can be upon it Shoes with red sole. Really ,in order to this and could be entire replica given . Who jacket durable . The great thing about a single a web page as an Free Trainer 3.0 Michigan Colleges Shore Up a Failing College Red Bottom Shoes Program branded will certainly internet sites followers item a fantastic a number
  19. Mauer, Twins open Target Field, top Red Sox 5-2 By: DAVE CAMPBELL, Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins have finally moved into their own place. They held the housewarming party outdoors. After 28 seasons inside the dingy Metrodome, the Twins broke in Target Field by beating the Boston Red Sox 5-2 Monday behind hometown star Joe Mauer in the first regular-season game at their new ballpark. The Minnesota Twins have finally moved into their own place. They held the housewarming party outdoors. After 28 seasons inside th
  20. Red Bull Racing célèbre le retour de la Formule 1 à Montréal avec une démonstration sur glace exclusive - Les fans sont invités à venir voir le pilote de l'écurie Scuderia Toro Rosso, Sébastien Buemi, conduire la voiture de F1 de Red Bull Racing sur les eaux glacées du bassin olympique - MONTRÉAL, le 8 janv. /CNW/ - Attention : chaussée glissante, circulez rapidement. Le 17 janvier prochain, les Montréalais vont avoir des frissons - dans tous les sens du terme - en voyant pour la première fois une Formule 1 évoluer sur la glace. Au volant d'une voiture spécialement équipée pour l'occas
  21. 1. You pronounce it “Muntreal”, not “Mahntreal”. 2. You have ever said anything like “I have to stop at the guichet before we get to the dep.” 3. Your only concern about jaywalking is getting a ticket. 4. You understand and frequently use terms like ‘unilingual,’ ‘anglophone,’ ‘francophone,’ and ‘allophone.’ 5. You agree that Montreal drivers are crazy, but you’re secretly proud of their nerves of steel. 6. The most exciting thing about the South Shore is that you can turn right on a red light. 7. You know that the West Island is not a separate geographical formation. 8. In moments of p
  22. - On peu voir le Queen's Hotel sur la rue Peel, coin Saint-Jacques, et l'annexe à coté. Démolition de l'annexe:
  23. Tiré de Facebook pensez que vous êtes un Anglais de Montréal. (les seul anglais que j'aime bien ) You Know You're A Montrealer When? you have ever said anything like "I have to stop at the guichet before we get to the dep." your only concern about jaywalking is getting a ticket. you understand and frequently use terms like 'unilingual,' 'anglophone,' 'francophone,' and 'allophone.' you agree that Montreal drivers are crazy, but you're secretly proud of their nerves of steel. the most exciting thing about the South Shore is that you can turn right on a red. you
  24. Est-ce que vous consommez de la caféine? Si oui, quels produits? Café? Thé? Red Bull? Boissons Gazeuses? Etc. Are you addicted? How much is too much? Pour vous donner une idée, une tasse de café contient entre 100-150mg de caféine Une boisson énergitique puissante contient en moyenne 200 jusqu'à 500mg de caféine Une boisson énergitique "moyenne" comme Red Bull contient de 80 à 150mg de caféine Du thé d'habitude c'est à peu prêt 50mg Du chocolat aussi en contient, entre 10 et 40mg Les boissons gazeuses varient beaucoup mais d'habitude c'est un peu moins qu'une tasse de café
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