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  1. On démolit une pizzeria pour faire place à un pojet de condo qui ressemble un peu au Gounod I et qui est situé de billet, sur la meme rue: http://www.mtlurb.com/forums/showthread.php/15343-Le-Gounod-3-étages?highlight=gounod D'ailleurs, c'est par le meme promoteur. La pizzeria est déjà fermé. Too bad, j'aimais bien leur poutine !!! Voici le site web (mais je n'arrive pas à extirper le rendu pour la mettre ici) : http://www.montrealdevelopers.com/montreal-condo/LE-GOUNOD-II-montreal.html?ProjetID=101
  2. World poutine-eating contest to be held in Toronto. Yes, that's right. T.O. By Andy Blatchford (CP) – 20 minutes ago MONTREAL — One of Quebec's cultural symbols has been called everything from disgusting, to heart-attack inducing, to delectable. But can the increasingly popular Quebecois dish known as poutine -that messy mix of french fries, sauce and cheese curds -now be considered a gooey source of Canada-wide pride? When a gang of professional "eaters" from the United States and a handful of Canadian amateurs battle for the world poutine-eating championship, it won't go down in
  3. Eat like a local in ... Montreal Poutine may still be a student staple but Kevin Gould finds fresh, inventive dishes in the city's bistros, delis and micro-breweries Kevin Gould The Guardian, Saturday June 7 2008 Slow food ... find friendly service and fresh food as part of Montreal's creative food scene. Photograph: Rudy Sulgan/Corbis I start my search for the fresh local tastes of Montreal at Marché Jean-Talon (7075 Casgrain Ave between De Castelnau and Jean-Talon metro). This is not some bourgeois foodie faux-farmers' market. Held indoors in winter, the market spills outsid
  4. http://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/dining/a5818/montreal-restaurant-scene/ Asked to name the best restaurant city in America—meaning the United States—I offered the only reasonable answer: Montreal, a city with the culture, the cooks, the restaurants, the provisions, and the hospitality. (Also of significance is Canada's nicely diminished dollar, which makes dining a deal.) Such a welcome package was neatly summed up by a Canadian pal, Mike Boone, who worked with me at the Montreal Star in the 1970s. He said, "We're not just nice, we're cheap." Of course, Montreal isn't exactly i
  5. Source: http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20130531-how-the-quebecois-came-to-love-poutine/1 The day began eight hours earlier in Europe, under the light drizzle of Switzerland’s rain. As the plane began its descent into Montreal through layers of blue, pink and peach-streaked skies, the vast Canadian landscape came into view. Soon we were on the ground, making our way through the buzzing airport, past maple syrup souvenir shops and a cacophony of French and English conversations. Almost immediately, a familiar craving crept up and my stomach began to rumble. Poutine was calling. Poutin
  6. http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/feast/2011/jul/11/tivoli-poutine-anybody/
  7. Publié le 05 septembre 2009 à 08h05 | Mis à jour le 05 septembre 2009 à 08h13 Poutine: reconnaissance mondiale pour La Banquise Stéphanie Bérubé La Presse Le magazine spécialisé en voyage Travel&Leisure consacre son plus récent numéro au tourisme gourmand. Bien manger, partout sur la planète et à tous les prix. Et pour se régaler à moins de 5$, les rédacteurs ont dressé la liste des cinq meilleurs plats du monde et des endroits où se les procurer. Cinq délices à tout petit prix. Pas un de plus. La courte liste comporte des frites cuites dans le gras de canard à Chicago
  8. Un autre article faisant l'éloge de la gastronomie montréalaise Hungering for beauty and the bistros The Boston Globe La tire, maple syrup frozen on a stick, for sale at Marche Atwater. (Jonathan Levitt for the Boston Globe) By Jonathan Levitt Globe Correspondent / May 4, 2008 Interstate 89 north of Burlington, Vt., is as big, remote, and windswept as the Western plains. I cross the Canadian border at Highgate and drive through the flatness, past miles of tidy dairy farms - pert suburban-type houses with barns and cows in back - and keep going over the Saint Lawrence River, l
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/smartertravel/10-most-fattening-foods-i_b_5107205.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063<header style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Arial, FreeSans, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17px;"> You might think that the United States, with its super-sized portions, absurdly high obesity rate, and uniquely American innovations like the Doritos Locos Taco, is home to the world's most fattening foods. But you'd be wrong! Our national dishes have nothing on th
  10. La Presse Le samedi 14 avril 2007 Ça y est, c'est fait. Le Toronto Star l'annonçait cette semaine, la nouveauté québécoise qui fait fureur à New York n'est pas mannequin super mince. Au contraire. Deux Canadiens, Jeffrey Jah et Lyman Carter, ont ouvert The Inn LW12 il y a un peu plus d'un mois. Le restaurant d'inspiration «canadienne» propose un menu qui a plutôt des saveurs très internationales. À part un plat bien d'ici : la poutine. Et elle fait fureur : le restaurant a déjà vendu 1600 poutines, à 13 $ la portion. Selon le quotidien torontois, la rumeur est excellente pour la
  11. DURING the 2000 presidential campaign, the candidate from Texas fielded a question from Canada: “Prime Minister Jean Poutine said you look like the man who should lead the free world into the 21st century. What do you think about that?” When George W. Bush pledged to “work closely together” with Mr. Poutine, Montrealers fell off their chairs laughing. It wasn’t so much that the Canadian leader was, in fact, Jean Chrétien, but that the “reporter” — Rick Mercer, a television comedian — had invoked the city’s emblematic, problematic, comedic junk food dish: poutine. A gloppy, caloric laye
  12. Michel Bachand s'affairait à déguster un à un les grains de fromage de sa poutine, à la salle à manger du club de golf Venise. «En Californie, on n'a pas cela... malheureusement». Pour en lire plus...
  13. http://sandiego.eater.com/2015/2/2/7963755/real-deal-montreal-style-bagels-poutine-for-hillcrest Our beloved Eater Street Team spotted a sign posted on a Hillcrest storefront at 142 University Avenue, Suite C and asked us to sleuth out the story behind the Montreal style authentic poutine and bagels being advertised as coming soon. Mess Royale Poutine & Bagels will in fact serve the real thing when it opens in March— hand-rolled St-Viateur Bagels from the legendary bagel bakery whose flagship store is located in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal. The new Hillcrest eatery wi
  14. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/story/2011/07/12/today-show-montreal.html
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