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Found 12 results

  1. Je suis aller voir, dimanche passé, le match au centre Bell des Bulldogs de Hamilton (club école du Canadien) contre des Crunch de Syracuse (club école des Blue Jackets). J'avais bien sûr mon appareil... ...et on a perdu 3-2...
  2. Only reason I am asking, you get dinged 31% if you take out over $15000 and you get dinged again because the Canadian / Quebec government consider it income. So honestly, what is the use to have something like this, if you are just going be penalized for saving money. $15000 turns into $10350 which turns into $9016.75 At least the TFSA you don't get taxed but there is a limit on how much you can put in. If you haven't put in any money since they started in 2009, you deposit $15,000 and whatever you make from it is tax free
  3. Montreal to New York (Fees/Taxes) $12.10 CAD ATSC $7.50 CAD NAV and Surcharges $25.00 CAD Airport Improvement Fee $5.11 CAD US Agriculture Tax $7.15 CAD US Immigration Tax $16.45 CAD US transportation Tax $8.28 CAD GST $1.97 CAD QST $83.56 CAD Total Tax & Fees New York to Montreal (Fees/Taxes) $7.50 CAD NAV and Surcharges $4.60 CAD Passenger Facility Charge $2.55 CAD Sep 11th US Security Tax $16.45 CAD US transportation Tax $6.43 CAD GST $37.53 CAD Total Tax & Fees Its crazy that its an extra $46.03 to fly into the US. All info is from Porter Airline.
  4. (Courtesy of The Montreal Gazette) Got to love how dumb the law is in this country. You can't even defend your self from an intruder. I guess the politicians and police don't give a rats ass what happens to normal law abiding citizens I bet you break into a cops house or politicians house unknowingly and they stab you, the law will be on their side. I hate this hypocritical system As you can see I am biased. I am for the right the bare arms and self defence, but we just live in a to liberal society that lets people push people around and we have to be submissive / passive. OT: I think I should really go into politics and see how many votes I can get with my views and see if people would vote
  5. i have no idea why i thought of this. you know those armoured car dudes, with all the money. it is interesting how they can carry guns to try and protect themselves and the money. yet normal fucking citizens can't really own a gun for self defense in this country, what gives. i guess money in this country is more valued then human life. :mad: Harper get your head out of you ass and change the god damn laws!
  6. http://www.montrealgazette.com/entertainment/Readers+rage+against+Videotron/3531870/story.html
  7. I just got a message from Rogers saying "Starting January 1st, 2011 the GST will be 8.5%" What's even more appalling by 2012 it will be 9.5%
  8. jesseps

    S.O.S help!

    So my back-up (external) hard drive just failed Is there anywhere in the city I can go and see if there is any way of recovering the data? :mad: worse thing is i finally turned the drive off a few days ago, seeing it was on constantly and i haven't used it for a few days. it was turned off properly, i turn it back on today and it started to click *sigh* i hope there is a way to recover all my photos and documents another thing is all my music i bought from itunes was on there also... god only knows how much was sitting on there
  9. Problèmes d'itinérance autochtone à Montréal: Santé Canada pointé du doigt Le 31 octobre 2007 - 19:03 | Olivier Caron Un reportage du réseau TVA ce mercredi met le doigt sur un problème grave d'itinérance concernant les autochtones du Québec présents dans la métropole. C'est qu'un programme fédéral d'aide aux autochtones poserait certains problèmes. En fait, un programme de Santé Canada offre à certains autochtones de venir se faire soigner ou de poursuivre une thérapie à Montréal, en leur payant le transport jusqu'à la métropole. Le problème, c'est que ceux qui échouent dans la poursuite de leurs traitements ne se font pas offrir le voyage de retour. Plusieurs d'entre eux aboutissent donc dans la rue. Selon les chiffres avancés par TVA, il y aurait environ 300 autochtones et Inuits vivant dans l'itinérance au centre-ville de Montréal. Leur nombre aurait doublé en dix ans. Pour les organismes d'aide aux itinérants, le problème est criant et ils enjoignent le gouvernement fédéral à réagir promptement. Ah ben calisse.... ça explique pourquoi on en voit tant!!!!!! :mad: :mad:
  10. I apologize in advance if anybody gets pissed off at me, I dont mean to offend anybody personally with the following. WHY DO WE BLAME OUR MISFORTUNE ON OTHER PEOPLE? Why can't we all collectively stare each other in the eye, and realize that the things that have passed up by, our mediocrity as a city,an economy, and a province has stagnated because we have allowed it. NOT Toronto, Not ROC English Canadians, Not the federal government.... US..NOUS sommes la raison. Why is everything a federal conspiracy? Why do we get mad when MOntreal International get less financing because it hasnt met its objectives? Why do we get mad when consolidation is the name of global enterprise, and we get merged with a larger wealthier stock exchange than our Montreal Commodities exchange? When I read this board, I get a range of emotions from euphoric (Montreal has some neat developments and is at a crossroads in its development) to pessimistic (NIMBYs,political red tape slowing down projects, talks of political uncertainty). Havent we realized, yet, that the mistakes of the past and the things of the past, have held us back, and our development for so long? So I ask you again, why do we blame others for our misfortune? How much if it is created by us? Why cant we stand up, and position Montreal to get back that which it lost ... Canada's economic powerhouse, and cultural capital. Can we stop looking in the rear-view mirror, and move forward? I love Montreal, more than my province or country. I dream of the day when we can stand up and be a top 5 metropolis in North America, and a top destination in the world. I dream of the day when we put Toronto to shame....and I wish everybody felt the same way I did.
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