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Found 8 results

  1. La crème de la crème à Montréal L’élite du cyclisme mondial sera à Montréal! L’Union internationale des cyclistes vient de confirmer l’octroi d’une licence UCI ProTour, qui permettra la tenue de deux épreuves en sol québécois. Le ProTour se déroulera à Québec et à Montréal les 10 et 12 septembre 2010. Un peloton de 145 coureurs participeront à l’événement.
  2. Bienvenue à Montréal! Ils ont été arreté 3 fois dans la meme journée et ils ont recu 2 contraventions Ontario licence plates targeted by police, couple claims A Quebec couple got pulled over three times in one day while driving in a car with an Ontario licence plate CBC News Posted: Mar 07, 2014 9:15 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 07, 2014 9:15 PM ET Caroline Guy and Joey Menscik say they will contest the two traffic tickets they got in the same day. (CBC) A Quebec couple is crying foul after being ticketed twice, and pulled over a third time — all in the same day. Caroline Guy and Joey Menscik say they feel they were targeted for having an Ontario licence plate. The two were driving east on Hochelaga Street Thursday when they suddenly saw the flashing lights of an unmarked police car. “He gives me this ticket for $162. So I say ‘Why is that?’ and he says in Quebec we're not allowed tinted windows,” said Menscik, adding that he told the officer he was from Ontario. The couple has homes in both Ontario and Quebec. The couple got two fines of $162 each in the same day. (CBC) Guy was pulled over a few years ago for the same reason — with a Quebec plate on her car — and said the officer was more understanding. “I was given a warning to have the tint removed, that I'd have to go back to the station to prove that I'd had it removed, which I did and I had no issues with that,” Guy said. They wonder why they weren’t given a warning this time. Montreal police officials say an officer may use discretionary power, but the highway code is clear. “Seventy per cent of the light must pass through the windows that are both to the left and to the right of the driver. That is applicable to all vehicles that pass through the province,” said Sgt. Laurent Gingras of the Montreal police department. Gingras says when drivers take their vehicle into another jurisdiction, they should be aware of the rules and regulations and are expected to conform to them. Stopped twice in 10 minutes After Menscik’s $162-fine for the tinted windows, the couple was stopped again a few blocks away, near the Olympic Stadium, by another officer in another cruiser. “He says to me, 'You coasted through a stop sign,'” Menscik said. They were slapped with a second $162-ticket. Then, as they were about to enter the stadium's parking garage, the same officer intercepted them again for allegedly going through another stop sign. Menscik and Guy insist they respected the traffic signs and they don't think the tickets are coincidences. “I think it went [further] than that, at that point, because of the Ontario plates,” said Menscik, adding that they will contest the fines.
  3. (Courtesy of CJAD) Thing is, I never see any cops around when people fail to stop for pedestrians. I wonder how many points you will lose for failing to stop at a stop sign or red light or even turning right on red on the island. These new rules are good, but still not strict enough. Honestly, where is the rule about if you get caught over the legal limit of alcohol in your system, you lose your license for good. I guess the people in the government, like drinking and driving
  4. Des opposants au projet des frères Rémillard qui veulent fermer la salle des nouvelles de Télévision Quatre-Saisons se feront entendre à Québec dans le cadre des consultations sur le renouvellement de la licence de TQS devant le CRTC. Pour en lire plus...
  5. Smart licences now available for border-hopping Quebecers Last Updated: Monday, March 16, 2009 | 6:04 PM ET CBC News New driver's licence will be accepted instead of passport at land crossings. Quebec Premier Jean Charest showed off his "smart" driver's licence near the Canada-U.S. border on Monday as his province became the first in the country to issue the new border-friendly licences. Quebec Premier Jean Charest holds up his new, high-tech driver's licence near the Lacolle border crossing on Monday.Quebec Premier Jean Charest holds up his new, high-tech driver's licence near the Lacolle border crossing on Monday. (CBC) Quebecers who sign up for the enhanced licences will be able to use them instead of their passports at land and water crossings when the U.S. government brings in more strict security measures in June. "It doesn't solve all of the problems, but it goes a long way in making the lives of a number of our citizens simpler," said Charest at a news conference near the Lacolle border crossing south of Montreal. Charest said he wanted to set the example by becoming the first Quebecer to get the new licence, known as PC Plus. He said the licence will be especially handy for people who cross the border often. "Not everybody carries a passport with them everyday of their lives," said the premier. He also hopes the new licences, which are also being developed by states such as New York, will make it easier for Americans to travel to Quebec. "If there are five people, five kids and two parents, if they had to all pay for a passport it would be an expensive requirement for them to come here," said Charest. Charest aware of privacy concerns The new licence contains an electronic chip that when scanned gives border guards a special code. The guard can then punch the code into a computer to search a database for information about the cardholder. The information will include the same details contained on a passport such as address, birth date and name. Charest said the fact the card contains a code, instead of personal details, will help protect the privacy of individuals who sign up for the licence. The database will also be located on the Canadian side of the border. "[Privacy] is a serious issue. We believe we need to do what has to be done to protect the privacy of individuals," said Charest. The card will cost $40 on top of the standard government licence fees. It will be good for four years. A passport will still be required for air travel. Five Canadian provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario are already testing the technology or have licences in development. Saskatchewan has temporarily put its project on hold pending a review of potential privacy issues.
  6. Le CRTC permet la diffusion d'Al Jazeera English La Presse Canadienne . les . 26-11-2009 Le Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes (CRTC) a annoncé jeudi qu'il approuve la demande de licence pour une chaîne en anglais d'Al Jazeera. Par le passé, l'organisme de régulation a souvent hésité à accorder une licence à des chaînes étrangères susceptibles de concurrencer des réseaux canadiens. Cette fois-ci, le CRTC explique que sa décision s'inscrit dans une politique visant à promouvoir la diversité des points de vue éditoriaux. De plus, le CRTC n'a pas imposé à Al Jazeera English le genre de surveillance du contenu qui avait fait échouer la demande de licence de sa chaîne en langue arabe en 2004. La chaîne d'information internationale est déjà diffusée dans 100 pays, à la télévision ou sur Internet. Elle emploie quelque 1200 journalistes, dont certains sont canadiens. Son directeur, Tony Burman, a déjà été à la tête de CBC News et a contribué à récolter des appuis au Canada pour la demande de licence. Le CRTC a noté que la chaîne a reçu un grand nombre d'interventions en faveur de son ajout aux listes numériques, notamment de la part de l'Association des libertés civiles de la Colombie-Britannique, du leader du Nouveau Parti démocratique, Jack Layton, et du sénateur conservateur Hugh Segal. Quelques groupes, comme le Congrès juif canadien et B'nai Brith Canada, ne se sont pas opposés à la demande de licence, mais ont indiqué qu'ils demeureraient vigilants quant au contenu diffusé. Dans une décision dissidente, le conseiller Marc Patrone a cependant soutenu que le CRTC aurait dû tenir compte des antécédents des services arabes d'Al Jazeera, qui ont déjà été mis sur la sellette pour avoir présenté du contenu jugé offensant. Il a également exprimé des doutes quant à l'indépendance totale des deux chaînes _ en arabe et en anglais _ l'une par rapport à l'autre. "C'est aussi une occasion ratée d'envoyer un message international concernant les normes et les codes journalistiques que nous considérons assez importants pour les exiger de tous les nouveaux radiodiffuseurs qui souhaitent s'implanter dans ce pays", a écrit M. Patrone. "Ajouter de la diversité est nécessaire, mais pas à n'importe quel prix."
  7. Not quite sure what to think. I guess its a good thing that the people going more than 50 km/h above the speed limit get stiffer penalties. The danger is not necessarily speed though, but the difference between speeds of each vehicle. If grandma is cruising at 65 km/h, and a Schumacher wannabe is going 130 km/h, then we are going to have ourselves a little problem.
  8. Le Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes entame des consultations sur le renouvellement de la licence de la chaîne privée, qui compte se départir de ses salles de nouvelles d'ici l'automne prochain. Pour en lire plus...