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  1. Am I the only one that would pay more for electronics to improve these poor people's working conditions? BTW, This is proof that it is NOT an apple issue. (Like some of you believe) http://kotaku.com/5874706/report-mass-suicide-threats-at-xbox-360-plant Report: Mass Suicide Threats at Xbox 360 Plant On Jan. 2, over 300 employees at a Foxconn plan in Wuhan, China threatened to throw themselves off a building in a mass suicide. Foxconn makes Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony products. These workers manufacture Xbox 360s. According to Chinese anti-government website China Jasmine Revolu
  2. Local architect pledges to stop the ‘joke’ of high-rise Rotterdam World War II saw the destruction of many cities around Europe and not least hit was the city of Rotterdam. While devastating on a human and financial scale this allowed the city to evolve into what is now considered as the ‘high rise city of the Netherlands’. But local architect Jan Willem van Kuilenburg, principal of Monolab Architects has derided this label as ‘a joke’ calling for an extension to the local authorities’ planned high rise zone to the south and proposes Rotterdam's first super-tower, the 450 m high Cit
  3. http://www.ecologieurbaine.net/2012-10-18-udem-jan-gehl Conférence-midi - UdeM | Jan Gehl : Pour des villes à échelle humaine Ajouter à mon horaire 18 octobre 2012, 12h00 - 13h30 CONFÉRENCE-MIDI de 45 minutes en anglais. La présentation sera suivie d'une brève période d'échange avec le public et d'une séance de signatures. INSCRIPTION fortement conseillée Places limitées - Entrée libre Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant ici, ou à partir du bouton au bas de cette page UNE CO-ORGANISATION du Centre d'écologie urbaine de Montréal avec Université
  4. http://www.smart-magazine.com/en/jan-gehl-architect-interview/ Jan_Gehl_Portrait The city whisperer Portrait 3 minutes read - Oliver Herwig on November 3rd, 2015 Jan Gehl champions something that few architects have mastered: cities for people. The Dane favors compact neighborhoods over grand master plans. The 79-year-old city planner values the wishes of residents over architecture. And his resounding success proves him right. Ssssshhhhhrrrrr. In the background, a cordless screwdriver buzzes away. Jan Gehl apologizes for the distraction; “Excuse me, they’re doing some work in t
  5. Le deal du siècle que j'ai trouvé sur Redflagdeal. Google Earth Pro gratuit donc économie de 400$ annuel avec le key pass GEPFREE. Je ne sais pas combien de temps c'est encore valide. J'an entendu que Google le rendait gratuit, toutefois c'est une nette amélioration à la version de base.
  6. Montreal Croupiers Take Electronic Poker Table Battle to Court by PokerPages.com Mon, Jan 28th, 2008 @ 12:00am Three unions representing 1,450 croupiers at Quebec area casinos lodged a request with Quebec Superior Court to force the board that regulates gambling in the province, the Regie des alcools des courses et des jeux, to address complaints that the 25 automated electronic Texas Hold'em poker tables installed Jan. 18 at the Montreal Casino are illegal. The croupiers, who have been without a contract since Dec. 21, 2006, are in ongoing discussions with the Societe des casi
  7. March 15, 2009 KEY | SPRING 2009 By JIM LEWIS New York is the capital of glass, the city of windows. Other cities get their gravitas from marble or stone, but New York is made of silica, soda ash and lime, melted to make this vitreous stuff: transparent, translucent and opaque; reflective, tinted, frosted, coated, clear. The slightest shift in the angle of sun fall can hide or reveal entire worlds, and as evening comes the city gradually turns itself inside out — the streets go dark and the buildings open up, offering their rooms like stagelets upon which our little lives are played.
  8. Boisbriand. Les Bourgs Papineau, 5min de la Place Rosemère. Photos prises 13 jan 2013 Yvon L'Ainé
  9. Vidéo portant sur la scène architecturale contemporaine de Winnipeg Winnipeg - City on the edge Maclean's Magazine Published on 8 Jan 2015"When you come here you really experience this great texture of architecture that's been preserved all the way through. " Winnipeg was one of our 10 Places You've Got to See: http://www.placestosee.macleans.ca/ sent via Tapatalk
  10. Photos prises cette après midi,le 26 jan 2013.tous les matériaux qui vont sur le toit de la Banque. Yvon L'Ainé
  11. Condos sur gare Ste-Thérèse rue Turgeon. 2 min de la gare, pour le train de banlieu à pied.40 condos sur 4 étages. Photos prises 13 jan 2013. Yvon L'Ainé
  12. CO-PRÉSENTÉ PAR LE CENTRE D’ÉCOLOGIE URBAINE DE MONTRÉAL Vendredi 20 septembre + Lundi 23 septembre au Jeudi 26 septembre: 19h00 Samedi 21 septembre et Dimanche 22 septembre: 17h00, 19h00 Le Centre d’écologie urbaine de Montréal s’associe avec le cinéma du Parc pour une grande primeur montréalaise. Le long métrage The Human Scale présentant la philosophie d'intervention de l’architecte danois Jan Gehl sera présenté dans le cadre des activités d’En ville sans ma voiture, le 20 septembre 2013. D’autres représentations sont prévues jusqu’au 26 septembre. À l’approche des élect
  13. I'm seeing this on airliners.net under the latest list of OAG changes **UA IAH-YUL JUL 1.0>0 AUG 1.0>0 SEP 1.0>0 OCT 1.0>0 NOV 0.9>0 DEC 1.0>0 JAN 1.0>0 Has United dropped our route to Houston? I noticed also they dropped a couple of routes from YEG as well. What's going on?
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