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  1. Vote for Montreal to be the sole Canadian city on the board! Only 20 cities will be included. We are currently 18th!
  2. Source: http://www.frillseekerdiary.com The Next New York City… MONTREAL Want it all? Want it now? Hop off that subway and charter your jet to Montreal. With heavy sophisticated French influence, plenty of amazing eats, and shopping for days, Canada’s finest if nearing it’s heyday. Day trips to major cities and quiet ski destinations included, you could spend a week or a year learning all there is to know from savvy insiders and locals, who have been waiting for the shining light for decades.
  3. Group launches bid for another expo in Montreal VANCOUVER, May 15 /CNW/ - On the 28th of April - the 40th anniversary ofthe opening of Expo 67 - an independent group submitted a proposal to the cityof Montreal for an exhibition in 2017 to mark Canada's 150th birthday, orSesquicentennial, as it's referred to officially. "We considered a number ofoptions," says executive director Richard Barham, and came to the conclusionthat Montreal is hands down the best city to hold another expo."Considerations included availability of land and attractiveness of location,social, economic and environmental benefit, and presence of both officiallanguages. The proposed exhibition would involve a revival of the Habitatconcept, immensely popular at Expo 67, as well as the cleanup of the SaintLawrence River. More info and the proposal can be viewed at www.expo17.ca. :eek: :eek: :D
  4. Read on Bloomberg Business on March 31, 2015: "Stuck in Seattle--The Aggravating Adventures of a Gigantic Tunnel Drill" Notably, the Montreal Metro Laval Extension is included in a list of cost overruns in mega projects.
  5. I need to buy this book for a course I'm taking this semester. The Concordia bookstore does not have it in stock. It regularly costs $150. I then checked amazon.ca, and found it being sold there for $1.06!!! Only catch is that I have to wait 2-4 weeks for it to ship. But I think I can manage, because this course does not revolve around the text apparently. I placed an order with them for a grand total of $7, shipping included! For a business school, you would think that their prices would be more competitive!
  6. Situé au cœur du centre-ville de Montréal, ce nouveau projet est et à 2 minutes de l'Université McGill, 15 minutes de Concordia et autre cégeps et universités, et proche de plusieurs boutiques et restaurants. Nos suites/chambres incluent: Evo Sherbrooke vous offrent dans chaque suite un grand espace de rangement, une grande salle de bain privée, chaises et espaces confortable de travail. Nos tarifs débutent MAINTENANT à partir de 900$, tout ce dont vous avez besoins sous le même toit! Commodités: • Gym • Salle d'exercise (Yoga, Boxe, Zumba) • Salons d'études • Centre d'impression complet • Piscine intérieure chauffée • Salle de lavage • Aire de détente • Cabines de bronzage • Salles multimédia et jeux • Rangement vélo • Espaces de rangement additionnels • Sécurité 24h/24 • Entreposage vélo • Stockage supplémentaire disponible • Systèmes de sécurité sur place 24/7, caméras vidéos et serrures avec clavier à code integrée Voici les inclusions dans votre bail : Électricité, chauffage, eau, taxes, câble, internet sans fil . Accès privilégié à tous les évènements organisés par l'équipe EVO Réservez votre visite immédiatement en téléphonant au 1-855-535-0213 ________________________________________ NEW STUDENT LIVING IN MONTREAL Once a hotel, now converted into student living, evo Sherbrooke is located squarely in the heart of downtown Montreal; 2 minutes away from the McGill campus, a 15 minute walk to Concordia and a few blocks from Montreal's top attractions. Easy access to metro stations, buses and taxis as well as nearby grocery stores. What's included: evo Sherbrooke offers both single and double occupancy suites. Each unit includes a large closet, dresser, office desk, chair, double or king size bed and private washroom. Starting NOW at $1075, ALL INCLUSIVE. Amenities included: • Gym • Salle d'exercise (Yoga, Boxe, Zumba) • Salons d'études • Centre d'impression complet • Piscine intérieure chauffée • Salle de lavage • Aire de détente • Cabines de bronzage • Salles multimédia et jeux • Rangement vélo • Espaces de rangement additionnels • Sécurité 24h/24 What's included in Your Rent: The rent includes all utilities (electricity, heat, water and taxes), cable, wireless internet, and access to all amenities. Exclusive access to all community activities run by evo Sherbrooke. Book a visit now by calling 1-855-535-0213
  7. LOL. How stupid can these people be? The building grew from 20 to 47 stories tall but they forgot to design the extra space for more elevators up to the 47th floor! http://gizmodo.com/the-builders-of-this-spanish-skyscraper-forgot-the-elev-1065152844 The Builders of This Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Elevator The Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain—standing proud in this image—was designed to be a striking symbol of hope and prosperity, to signal to the rest of the world that the city was escaping the financial crisis. Sadly, the builders forgot to include a working elevator. In fairness, the entire construction process has been plagued with problems, reports Ecnonomia. Initially funded by a bank called Caixa Galicia, the finances were recently taken over by Sareb – Spain’s so-called "bad bank" – when the mortgage was massively written down. In part, that was a function of the greed surrounding the project. Initially designed to be a mere 20 storeys tall, the developers got over-excited and pushed the height way up: now it boasts 47 storeys, and will include 269 homes. But that push for more accommodation came at a cost. The original design obviously included specifications for an elevator big enough for a 20-storey building. In the process of scaling things up, however, nobody thought to redesign the elevator system—and, naturally, a 47-storey building requires more space for its lifts and motor equipment. Sadly, that space doesn't exist. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the architects working on the project have resigned, and it remains unclear exactly how the developers will solve the problem. Can we recommend the stairs? [Kinja—Thanks Igor Neumann!]
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