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  1. Et voici plein de nouveaux Montréalais en puissance... http://www.mri.gouv.qc.ca/portail/_scripts/Actualites/ViewNew.asp?NewID=10177&Menu=default&lang=fr&strIdSite=bru http://www.mri.gouv.qc.ca/PDF/actualites/NouvAffiche%20Bruxelles%20International%20Day.pdf Pas mal fait ce site: http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/placeauquebec/fr/
  2. Andrew Duffy, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Citizen 03.17.2015 Ottawa’s share of new immigrants continues to decline as newcomers increasingly opt for the economic opportunities of Western Canada or the cultural diversity of Montreal. A Statistics Canada study released Wednesday reveals that the percentage of immigrants who cited Ottawa as their intended destination has dropped to 2.4 per cent in 2012 from 3.4 per cent in 2000. It means that the actual number of immigrants settling in Ottawa has gone down even as Canada welcomed more newcomers. Annual immigration to Canada rose to 280,70
  3. http://cmm.qc.ca/donnees-et-territoire/observatoire-grand-montreal/produits-statistiques/ Immigration, transport, emploi, etc... Très intéressant.
  4. Excellent reportage ce matin à la radio à l'émission de Desautels le dimanche : https://ici.radio-canada.ca/premiere/emissions/desautels-le-dimanche/segments/reportage/108311/de-californie-montreal-toronto-residence-permanente-canada-compagnie-technologique-cerveau-recrutement-marie-laure-josselin J'espère que le projet de loi 9 du gouverment Legault ne va pas freiner l'arrivée de ces talents à Montréal au profit de Toronto... https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1156037/silicon-valley-trump-etats-unis-technotalents-indiens-toronto-canada Quitter la Silicon Valley pour le rêve
  5. Montreal urged to attract more skilled migrants 27 September 2007 • Media Center » Video Immigration News Montreal International (MI), an organization devoted to promoted the economic well-being of the Montreal, Canada, presented a paper recommending that measures be implemented aimed at attracting and retaining skilled migrants from abroad. The paper was presented as part of the National Assembly's Committee in Culture on planning immigration levels between 2008 and 2010. "The presence of skilled, talented and creative workers is the primary success factor for urban centres w
  6. From Canadian citizenship and immigration website at http://www.cic.gc.ca http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/statistics/facts2006/permanent/21.asp Since 1997, Quebec's (90% of them settle in Montreal) immigration has increased by over 60%. For the year 2006, we had over 44,000 permanent residents added to Quebec's population, which is a record I believe. Here is the stat by city http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/statistics/facts2006/permanent/18.asp Montreal beats Vancouver in terms of number of immigrants received. According to the website, Toronto is not getting t
  7. Having read of so many horrible experiences with immigration laws and officers, I always thought those things only happened to those who did not do their paperwork right or who did not meet the immigration requirements. Apparently I was wrong. My experience is nothing compared to the one of the Mexican mother who's all over the news lately, but what makes my case interesting is that the law is clearly on my side, and so are the Citizenship and Immigration Canada agents, yet there doesn't seem to be anything I or they can do about it, and I have to leave Canada soon with no right of appeal.
  8. Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/Quebec+immigration+consultant+arrested+fraud+ring/4070879/story.html#ixzz1B9IRBxSU I just wonder how many people out there do this
  9. Source: Montreal Gazette Immigration in Canada by the numbers By Kirsten Smith, Postmedia News The proportion of foreign-born population in G8 countries and Australia (reported statistically) Japan — 1.0 per cent (2000) Italy — 8.0 per cent (2009) Russia — 8.2 per cent (2002) France — 8.6 per cent (2008) United Kingdom — 11.5 per cent (2010) United States — 12.9 per cent (2010) Germany — 13 per cent (2010) Canada — 20.6 per cent (2011) Australia — 26.8 per cent (2010) Recent immigration (2006 to 2011) Canada — 1.2 million
  10. De 1961 a 2005: immigrants intl. entrants: 1301449 immigrants intl. sortants: 488705 immigration intl. solde: 812744 immigrants interprov. entrants: 1278247 immigrants interprov. sortants: 1915531 immigration interprov. solde: -637284 Solde: 180156 Solde resident non permanent: 47787 grand total : 227943 meilleur solde migratoire intl. en 1991 : 45280 pire solde migratoire intl. en 1961: -4696 meilleur solde migratoire prov en 1962: 3159 pire solde migratoire prov en 1977: -46536 meilleur solde migratoire totale en 2004: 34136 source: h
  11. Via Irish America : The Point By John Kernaghan, Contributor December / January 2015 A view of Pointe St. Charles, "The Point" in the local anglophone vernacular. A visit to the McCord Museum helps uncover the history of two of Montreal’s historic Irish neighborhoods. In this tale of two Irish neighborhoods, leafy and modest Point St. Charles is in some ways unchanged from its heyday as a gritty Celtic enclave while just across the Lachine Canal, Griffintown bristles with cranes erecting a phalanx of condos from the ashes of factories and working-class residential block
  12. (Courtesy of Global Post) Read more by clicking the link above. So is Canada now going to be the new promise land of prosperity and freedom for the world, like what the US was decades ago? So it will now be called the Canadian dream? White picket fence, et al. All the best to the ones that get jobs here. Plus didn't Canada change immigration laws back in July?
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