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  1. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s a myth that millennials hate the suburbs It might not be as cool as living downtown, but a new survey suggests millennials might not hate suburbia all that much. Altus Group, citing its 2015 fall FIRM survey, says 35 per cent of those 35 and under disagree with the statement that they prefer to live in a smaller home in a central area than a larger home in the suburbs. The same survey found 40 per cent do agree with the statement, with everybody else neither agreeing or disagreeing. “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — it’s a myth that all so-called millennials are homogeneous in their desires, attitudes and behaviour,” says the report from Toronto-based Altus Group. “While there may be some tendencies that are more pronounced among today’s younger generation, when it comes to the housing sector, segmentation analysis is critical.” The survey, which only considered respondents in centres with populations of more than one million or more, found in almost every age group there was a willingness to trade off the bigger house in the suburbs for a smaller home in a central area. Among those 35-49, like millennials, 40 per cent said they would make the trade-off. <iframe name="fsk_frame_splitbox" id="fsk_frame_splitbox" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; width: 620px; height: 0px; border-style: none; border-width: initial;"></iframe> Broken into sub categories, 19 per cent of millennials agree completely they are willing to live in that smaller home in a central area versus the larger one in the suburbs. Another 21 per cent somewhat agree. Millennials actually ranked behind those 70 years or older when it comes to strong feelings on the matter. Among those seniors, 22 per cent agreed completely with going for the tinier downtown home. “There is a prevailing view that all millennials in larger markets want to live downtown — even if it means having to settle for a smaller residence to make the affordability equation work. Our research busts that myth,” said Altus Group. The same report finds all those downtown dwellers, many of whom will be settling in high-rise condominiums, are going to need parking sports because they are not ready to ditch their cars. The FIRM survey found that in the country’s six largest markets, defined as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal, only about one in 10 owner occupants of condominiums built in the last six years does not have a vehicle. That’s close to the average of all households, but condo dwellers are far less likely to have two vehicles. twitter.com/dustywallet [email protected] http://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/mortgages-real-estate/dont-tell-anyone-but-its-a-myth-that-millennials-hate-the-suburbs Contrepoids à la discussion: http://mtlurb.com/forums/showthread.php/23922-Bye-bye-banlieue%21
  2. pour les intéressés allez faire un tour dans le groupe facebook :Montreal - The Best City in The World description: "Montreal: The greatest city in the world. From St. Anne's to Pointe-Aux-Trembles the city is filled with culture, and European style. The only place in North America with such a vibe. Sure the French and English don't always get along, mais 'sti that's the way we like it. And yeah the poutine might be the most unhealthy meal ever made, ma putain it tastes good! We love the Habs, and we hate the Leafs. Hockey isn't a sport, it is a religion. We like our beer cold and strong, and preferably with a slice of 99cent pizza. We party on St. Laurent and every once in a while on crescent. We study in coffee shops on Park Ave. and Paramount or AMC are our theaters of choice. We know what Red Onions are, and fucking hate them. We consider ourselves bilingual but only when we aren't in Montreal. Guys smoke Du Maurier and the girls smoke Benson and Hedges. We go to the Dep, not the corner store. We've all had a good smoked meat sandwhich, and been to the many strip clubs. We kiss eachother on both cheeks when we meet and when we say goodbye. The bagels are the best in the world. The women are beautiful. The streets are often crowded with drunk 18 year old americans, who deem it necessary to sing the American national anthem quite loudly at two in the morning. Most importantly though: We all live in the only city we would ever want to, Montreal!"
  3. http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20100614/hate-crime-report-100614/ The Canadian Press Date: Monday Jun. 14, 2010 9:29 AM ET OTTAWA — Police services are reporting a big jump in hate crimes, and they say gay men are being targeted more often and in the most violent incidents. Statistics Canada says police logged 1,036 hate crimes in 2008, up 35 per cent from 2007. Just over half (55 per cent) were motivated by race or ethnicity, 26 per cent by religion and 16 per cent by sexual orientation. The agency says all three major categories of hate crime increased in 2008, but the largest increase was among crimes motivated by sexual orientation, which more than doubled from 2007 to 2008. Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation were also the most violent in nature: 75 per cent of them were violent compared with 38 per cent of racially-motivated incidents and 25 per cent of religiously motivated incidents. Among violent incidents motivated by sexual orientation, 85 per cent of the victims were male. StatsCan reports hate crimes motivated by religion increased 53 per cent, while those motivated by race or ethnicity were up 15. Mischief offences such as vandalism to property accounted for 47 per cent of hate crimes, while other non-violent offences comprised 11 per cent. Violence was a factor in 42 per cent of hate crimes. Among the hate crimes motivated by race or ethnicity, almost four in 10 were committed against blacks. Police reported 205 hate crimes against blacks in 2008, up 30 per cent over 2007, but still lower than the 2006 total of 238. South Asians, which includes East Indians and Pakistanis, were the next most commonly targeted group, accounting for 12 per cent of hate-crime incidents motivated by race or ethnicity. Incidents targeting South Asians increased by 21 per cent in 2008. As in previous years, about two-thirds of religiously-motivated hate crimes were committed against the Jewish faith. The agency reports 165 hate crimes targeting the Jewish faith in 2008, up 42 per cent. Police reported 30 hate crimes against the Catholic faith, double the total in 2007. The 26 incidents against the Muslim faith represented a slight drop from 2007. Vancouver and Hamilton reported the highest rates (6.3 hate crimes per 100,000 population) among Canada's 10 largest census cities. Police reported 143 hate crimes in Vancouver in 2008, nearly double the total from the previous year. There were 271 hate crimes reported in Toronto, a rate of 5.4 hate crimes per 100,000 population. Montreal, where police reported 38 hate crimes in 2008, had the lowest rate, at one per 100,000. The agency says the number of hate crimes reported by police in any given area may be influenced by the presence or absence of specialized hate-crime units or initiatives.
  4. Situé au coin des rues Airlie et 80ème à Lasalle, ce petit immeuble m'apparait une curiosité car il est placé dans un endroit qui n'est pas très attirant. D'aiileurs quelques rues plus hauts ca devient assez crade donc il est curieux de voir de genre de condo de luxe se construire là-bas mais bon, si cela peut aider le quartier c'est tant mieux mais j'ai hate de voir le résultat. jardinsmercier.ca
  5. Photos qui montrent le projet de revitalisation du secteur du métro: Les images proviennent du site de Dessau. J'ai hâte de voir si l'esplanade ressemblera à ce qu'on voit dans ces images.
  6. J'ai hâte que Google Streetview arrive à Montréal, mais en attendant, on peux toujours s'amuser avec les autres villes. dans Google Maps, faite une recherche pour Eagle Point Drive, Sherwood, Arkansas. Vous pourrez voir ce qui se passe dans Suburbia USA. Avez-vous des trouvailles sur Google Street ?
  7. Tandis que les entreprises annoncent des dizaines de milliers de mises à pied, le nouveau président, Barak Obama, a bien hâte qu'on son plan de relance soit adopté. Pour en lire plus...
  8. J'ai hâte de voir comment les bourses vont réagir. On pensait l'action basse ? Bien hâte de voir jusqu'où elle va tomber aujourd'hui. Et pensez-vous que c'est une bonne nouvelle pour Montréal ? Ou Bell avait déjà commencé le déménagement de ses cadres vers Toronto ? ------------------ Transaction de 52G$ BCE: la vente avorte 11 décembre 2008 - 05h48 Transaction de 52G$ - BCE: la vente avorte http://argent.canoe.com/lca/infos/quebec/archives/2008/12/20081211-054846.html BCE réclame les frais de résiliation de 1,2G$ ARGENT, d'après THE CANADIAN PRESS Le projet de rachat du géant canadien des télécommunications BCE (BCE) n'aura finalement pas lieu, a annoncé jeudi un groupe d'acheteurs potentiels mené par par le Régime de retraite des enseignantes et des enseignants de l'Ontario (Teachers). Le cabinet comptable KPMG a déterminé que BCE n’a pas rencontré une condition essentielle à la réalisation de la transaction, évaluée à 52G$. Selon le cabinet comptable, BCE a échoué à un test de solvabilité, une condition indispensable à la réalisation du rachat du géant des télécommunications par Teachers et ses partenaires américains. La mort de ce qui aurait été l’une des plus importantes prises de contrôle du pays ne sera pas un choc pour les marchés, qui anticipaient largement ce dénouement depuis quelques semaines. KPMG avait fait savoir le 26 novembre dernier que BCE ne passait pas le test. BCE a par la suite embauché la firme PriceWaterhouseCoopers pour réaliser un autre test, qui s’est avéré positif. La rumeur veut que BCE a voulu faire pression sur KPMG, en vain. Le titre de BCE avait plongé de 13,10$ pour clore à 25,25$ le jour après l’annonce de KPMG. Mercredi, l’action a fermé en hausse de 2,3% ou 0,52$ à 23,02$ à la Bourse de Toronto, très loin de l’entente de rachat fixée à 42,75$.
  9. Story Al Gore would hate us. Honestly, I can not believe we use that much water
  10. I would hate to be an astronaut right now. Seeing the toilet busted on the space station.
  11. Aucun détails, mais présent sur le site de Lemay. Très intéressant et surtout très nécessaire! J'ai hâte d'en voir plus!
  12. Dans un contexte complètement imaginaire, vous avez 100 étages en main pour ajouter sur n’importe quel édifice en ville. C’est facile pour moi… 35 étages right away sur Crystal de la montage. (I hate that building!!!!!!!) L’autre 65? Je les garderai pour les autres gaffes à venir.
  13. i hate prepaid sim cards i have two of them... one for the US with AT&T but they have no roaming in Canada. Plus one from T-Mobile Croatia and no roaming. What gives?! UPDATE: My T-Mobile Croatia # works in Canada woot!
  14. Dans quel secteur de la ville vivez-vous? Je déménage dans Villeray, plus précisément dans la petite italie dans une dizaine de jours pour el boulot. J'ai hâte en c****!
  15. Un ami m'a dit que l'immeuble coin St Laurent/Av des Pins ---->>> serait restauré et reconstruit, quelqu'un à des réponses pour moi ? J'ai vraiment hâte qu'il soit rénové car, il est vraiment laid et il constitue une honte pour tous les citoyens du quartier.
  16. Ceci va beaucoup amélioré la congestion horrible tous les cr*** de soirs...J'ai hâte! novembre 2009: juin 2010:
  17. New technology that can detect when graffiti vandals are tagging train cars is being heralded in Australia as a major breakthrough in crime prevention. The electronic sensor, called a "mousetrap," has been tested across the network and has so far led to the arrest of 30 people. It works by detecting the vapours of spray cans and markers while they are in use and alerting transport authorities and police. Australian Transport Minister Andrew Constance said it was a useful tool. "What this means is that those who commit graffiti can now be caught immediately, with can in hand, marker in hand, doing the damage," he said. "[Mousetrap] provides real-time information, triggering closed-circuit TV back to Sydney Trains staff and also real-time information provided directly to the Police Transport command." Sydney Trains declined to say how many of the devices would be rolled out across the network but indicated they would be randomly moved from different train lines. Removing graffiti cost taxpayers $34 million last financial year, up from $30 million the year before. Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins said it was a big problem. "Our customers hate it – it's one of the top customer complaints and cleaners work hard to remove about 11,000 tags from trains each month," he said. "We know customers feel unsafe when they are using a train which is covered in graffiti and offenders often place themselves and others in danger by trespassing on the railway or being somewhere they shouldn't. "When I came to Sydney 10 years ago most of the trains had graffiti inside and out. We now work on keeping our trains clean." http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/mousetrap-can-detect-when-graffiti-vandals-are-tagging-trains-1.3066838?cmp=rss
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