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  1. Le lineup de cette année est digne de Glastonsburry (U2 en moins) ou de n'importe quel gros festival de musique international. Osheaga et MTL ont maintenant leur place dans la lignée des grands. En bon français... Checker se lineup là. juste malade. http://groupes.osheaga.com/ Cliquez pour agrandir l'affiche Ce sont les gens de St-Lambert qui vont capoter avec une semaine après Osheaga, HeavyMTL qui ont offert leur lineup la semaine passée avec les Slipknow, Marilyn Mason, System of a down, Lamb of God..... En passant, je suis un hyper gros fan de musique, je suis shazam pour la plupart du monde qui me connait, un peu hipster sur les bords, beaucoup d'indie, Jazz, classique, rétro, College radio, UK, avec même un peu de Top40 si c'est de qualité et avec bon goût, donc ce genre de chose m'excite beaucoup.
  2. http://www.citylab.com/navigator/2015/02/play-god-with-this-customizable-miniature-city/385054/?utm_source=SFFB NAVIGATOR Play God With This Customizable Miniature City The 3D-printed buildings are based on architecture in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere, and can glow at night. JOHN METCALFE @citycalfe 7:00 AM ET Comments Image Ittyblox Ittyblox Perfect for the urban-planning wonk who wants to build a personal city—or the destructive child who'd like to stomp one to bits—are these tiny, customizable dioramas, which include skyscrapers that can be hacked to glow in the dark. The adult toys, called Ittyblox, are 3D-printed by the New York/Netherlands company Shapeways, and include a variety of constituent pieces. There's this glassy, jet-black Chicago office tower, for instance, and also a cute clump of New York townhouses. Each one has a different footprint, so arranging them to fit the baseplate might require a bit of "Tetris" skill. But don't worry about troublesome zoning issues—you're the god of this Twilight Zone civilization. At least some pieces, like the 1:1000-scale Guggenheim Museum and Tudor City building, are based on real-life structures. And all are cut with fantastic detail. Here's the product description for that Chicago tower: "Because some offices have their sun shades down, there is a variation in window color. The rooftop is detailed with a few air conditioning units." The blocks range from $6 to $93, with multibuilding sets accounting for the more expensive prices; add in $20 for the baseplate plus shipping. Making the buildings glow requires work, though it's probably worth it to the hardcore model fan; some of the windows are cut out and will become illuminated if underlit with an LED. Check out this guide for detailed instructions. sent via Tapatalk
  3. Cyrus


    So guys, are you ready for Judgement Day, tomorrow? Will it be at midnight or later in the day? Should I start driving west?
  4. Est-ce que vous croyez à l'évolution? Si oui, pourquoi, si non, pourquoi? Est-ce que vous croyez au créationnisme? Si oui, pourquoi, si non, pourquoi? Aux États-Unis c'est une question plutôt difficile qui divise bien des gens. Je suis curieux de savoir ce que vous en pensez. Un énorme pourcentage de la population ne crois pas à l'évolution! Je suis curieux de connaitre les avis des mtlurbeurs. -- I believe in (or should I say, accept as fact) evolution and reject creationism as foolishness. Though i reject creationism as pure fantasy, I do believe it's possible to believe in God and still accept evolution. It's the same with the big bang... all you have to do is believe that God started the big bang, and set evolution in motion. (I'm not saying I personally believe this either, but i'm just demonstrating how these two ideas aren't mutually exclusive, as many people propose.) I dislike young earth creationists... (people that believe the earth is 6000 years old and that it was literally created in 6 days... although if a day is defined as 1 rotation of the earth on its axis, and no earth yet, how could you........ ahh forget i brought it up.) One of my girlfriend's cousins is a young earth creationist and I recently had the misfortune of debating her for 30 minutes. The whole debate was basically like this: Me: facts, rational explanations, more facts Her: LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU --- A must-watch series on evolution vs. creationism. A 15-part youtube series that starts with this video:
  5. Story God bless Quebec for making life so hard for foreign trained doctors to practice here, even after passing exams here in Canada / Quebec. Honestly if they got rid of the damn language law, Montreal and the rest of the province would grow in more ways than one. Down with Bill 101.
  6. Cellcom Israel $71 USD/month (270 shekels) Unlimited incoming calls from Anywhere Unlimited incoming SMS (not sure if that includes Canada) Unlimited Data (GPRS only) could be 3G True I had no idea if this includes call display or whatever Thing is I just have to pay local rates for calls within Israel. Honestly why can't any service provider do that in Canada. We have more people for the love of god! I have a feeling I'll be using a lot of MSN Messenger on my phone. Seeing I know no one will SMS me or even call lol
  7. i have no idea why i thought of this. you know those armoured car dudes, with all the money. it is interesting how they can carry guns to try and protect themselves and the money. yet normal fucking citizens can't really own a gun for self defense in this country, what gives. i guess money in this country is more valued then human life. :mad: Harper get your head out of you ass and change the god damn laws!
  8. jesseps


    SMS is killing me. Rogers is making a killing off me thats for sure It was like 0.66$/txt when I was in the US. Thank god I only sms like 80+ times, honestly that still I just checked its 0.25$/txt to the US or something I have a feeling my next bill the texting will be like $250. I just we had an unlimited international sms plan or something. There is one carrier in the US has an unlimited plan for international sms, not sure for what cities though
  9. jesseps

    S.O.S help!

    So my back-up (external) hard drive just failed Is there anywhere in the city I can go and see if there is any way of recovering the data? :mad: worse thing is i finally turned the drive off a few days ago, seeing it was on constantly and i haven't used it for a few days. it was turned off properly, i turn it back on today and it started to click *sigh* i hope there is a way to recover all my photos and documents another thing is all my music i bought from itunes was on there also... god only knows how much was sitting on there
  10. http://xs432.xs.to/xs432/08421/canada_vs_world_currency_market498.jpg I know there is a few currencies I am missing I will try and post them later. edited: for the love of god, please resize that pic!!
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