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  1. Read more: http://westislandgazette.com/news/32511#comment-17239 All I can say is, these people should just buy some earplugs. It will cost the city of Beaconsfield nothing, instead of building a sound barrier or costing people of Montreal and Quebec, to slow down cars / trains. They are the morons for buying a home, that should have never been built so close to the highway / railway. The city is to blame for zoning those areas as residential. I am so going to town hall meetings from now on. Time to put these senior NIMBYs in their place. Sort of on topic, but not really, the highway speed should be increased to a maximum of 140 and a minimum of 100. Boulevards / Service roads should be 70, instead of 50. The whole transport rules/regulations in this province have to be worked on.
  2. Un autre exemple de l'imprégnation profonde du dogme religieux dans ce gouvernement...... http://www.ledevoir.com/politique/canada/325529/le-ministre-fast-chante-la-bonne-parole
  3. US DOT Report Confirms Speed Not Major Accident Cause US Department of Transportation study finds only five percent of crashes caused by excessive speed. As lawmakers around the country continue to consider speed limit enforcement as the primary traffic safety measure, the most comprehensive examination of accident causation in thirty years suggests this focus on speed may be misplaced. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated 5,471 injury crashes that took place across the country between July 3, 2005 and December 31, 2007. Unlike previous studies automatically generated from computerized data found in police reports, researchers in this effort were dispatched to accident scenes before they were cleared. This allowed a first-hand comparison of physical evidence with direct interviews of witnesses and others involved in the incident. NHTSA evaluated the data to determine the factors most responsible for the collision. "The critical reason is determined by a thorough evaluation of all the potential problems related to errors attributable to the driver, the condition of the vehicle, failure of vehicle systems, adverse environmental conditions, and roadway design," the report explained. "The critical pre-crash event refers to the action or the event that puts a vehicle on the course that makes the collision unavoidable, given reasonable driving skills and vehicle handling of the driver." Overall, vehicles "traveling too fast for conditions" accounted for only five percent of the critical pre-crash events (page 23). More significant factors included 22 percent driving off the edge of a road, or 11 percent who drifted over the center dividing line. When driver error was the primary cause of a crash, researchers went further to identify the "critical reason" behind that error. Distraction and not paying attention to the road accounted for 41 percent of the errors. Ten percent of errors were attributed to drivers lacking proper driving skills and either freezing up or overcompensating behind the wheel. Eight percent were asleep, having a heart attack or otherwise incapacitated. A similar eight percent of errors were attributed to driving too fast for conditions and five percent driving too fast for a curve (page 25). The NHTSA findings are mirrored in accident statistics provided by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The agency's most recent report lists "speed too fast" as the driver error that caused 2.9 percent of crashes in 2007 (view chart, see page 19). More accidents -- 3.8 percent -- were caused in Virginia by drivers falling asleep or becoming ill behind the wheel. Another 14.6 percent were caused by bad weather such as fog, rain and snow. "Speed too fast" was a more significant factor -- 13.7 percent -- in fatal accidents, as compared to 18 percent of fatal accidents involving alcohol and 9.6 percent caused by sleepiness and fatigue (PDF File view full Virginia report in 1.9mb PDF format). In the NHTSA and Virginia reports, "too fast for conditions" does not mean exceeding the posted speed limit. A vehicle driving 10 MPH on an iced-over road with a 45 MPH limit would be traveling too fast for the conditions if it lost control, but it would not have exceeded the speed limit. The UK Department for Transport isolated cases where only the posted limit was exceeded and found that, "Exceeding speed limit was attributed to 3 percent of cars involved in accidents" (view UK report). "Four of the six most frequently reported contributory factors involved driver or rider error or reaction," the Road Casualties Great Britain 2007 report stated. "For fatal accidents the most frequently reported contributory factor was loss of control, which was involved in 35 per cent of fatal accidents." A full copy of the NHTSA report is available in a 400k PDF file at the source link below. Source: PDF File National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey (U.S. Department of Transportation, 7/15/2008) ----------------------------------------- Bon les politiciens devraient lire ça avant de proposer d'autres conneries du genre 40-50kmh en ville, et notre 100kmh national.
  4. If you give me 1000$ today, I will pay you back 100 trillion dollars (real money) in about 2 weeks, depending on shipping delays. As proof that I am standing by what I'm proposing, I'm putting in my own money as well to keep one of the 5 bank notes. There are 4 left. I’m looking for 4 people for this deal of a lifetime, but you must act fast. 5x100 TRILLION DOLLARS BANK NOTES :-)
  5. Selon le Daily telegraph Montreal: 9ième position Montreal, Canada. Clean, welcoming and refreshingly multicultural, Montreal is happy enough year-round. Come July, though, it's downright hilarious. Just For Laughs takes over the city in summer, packing venues with the best in both Anglo, and Francophone comedy. It's one of the biggest comedy gatherings in the world and shows sell out fast, but if you can't get a ticket, head to the city's Latin Quarter, which is abuzz every night with street performers, parading puppets and fireworks. merci au blog "Montréalités urbaines" d'où j'ai vu cette nouvelle
  6. Montreal 1 out of 10 places choosen to be the Happiest Place in The World. (Courtesy of Huffington Post)
  7. Montréal (Québec), le 24 janvier 2012 –Alors que C2-MTL s’apprête à réinventer la conférence d’affaires, les organisateurs sont heureux d’annoncer l’ajout de trois nouveaux conférenciers de calibre international à la liste des intervenants qui prêteront leur immense talent à l’événement prévu du 22 au 25 mai prochain. Il s’agit du chef de la direction financière de Google, Patrick Pichette, du directeur de la création de DreamWorks, Bill Damaschke et du cofondateur et architecte principal de MVRDV, Winy Maas. L’équipe est également heureuse d’annoncer la participation de Teressa Iezzi (rédactrice en chef de Co.Create et membre de l’équipe de rédaction chez Fast Company Online), Mitch Joel (auteur et président de Twist Image) et Laurent Simon (professeur agrégé en gestion, HEC Montréal MosaiC), qui font maintenant partie de la liste préliminaire des panélistes. Ces penseurs et acteurs de renommée internationale se joindront à une impressionnante liste de conférenciers, parmi lesquels le réalisateur Francis Ford Coppola, l’ancien président directeur général de Disney, Michael Eisner, la rédactrice en chef de AOL Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington et le rédacteur en chef de Fast Company, Robert Safian. La liste complète des conférenciers est disponible à c2mtl.com/fr/les-conferenciers. Imaginez une conférence d’affaires… autrement Le sujet de la créativité se devant d’être abordé de manière créative, les organisateurs de C2-MTL s’apprêtent à réinventer l’expérience de la conférence d’affaires. Leur approche sans précédent se traduira entre autres par une contribution inédite du Cirque du Soleil, partenaire créatif de l’événement, un Boot Camp de création, des discussions personnalisées, du contenu évolutif, des conférences multimédias, une exposition immersive, des espaces conceptuels et des ateliers expérientiels destinés à invoquer la collaboration et enflammer la créativité. Le tout se déroulera dans un « village d’innovation » pour lequel le complexe patrimonial industriel New City Gas et ses alentours seront entièrement restaurés pour être transformés en un véritable carrefour créatif conçu spécialement pour l’événement. « Préparez-vous à être surpris », de prévenir le président et chef de la direction du Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Lamarre. Les participants auront aussi à leur disposition une série d’outils et ressources interactifs, dont une application mobile conçue exclusivement pour C2-MTL. Cette application permettra à une équipe éditoriale présente sur les lieux d’organiser et de personnaliser le contenu des conférences en temps réel et d’offrir aux participants des résumés journaliers personnalisés, enrichis de contenu et de suggestions supplémentaires destinés à alimenter la réflexion. Et bien sûr, l’ADN créatif de Montréal ne manquera pas d’être mis à contribution à travers un programme de divertissement sans précédent, comprenant notamment festivités nocturnes percutantes, expériences gastronomiques surprises et autres performances spectaculaires –après tout, nous sommes à Montréal ! http://c2mtl.com/fr/nouveaux-conferenciers-2012-01/ http://c2mtl.com/fr/les-conferenciers/
  8. Has anyone seen this? There is a flock of about 300 birds (I'm not exaggerating) that sit on top of decarie nord near the 40 est/ouest split. I can't believe my eyes as it looks like a swarm of bees or like a black cloud from far. It usually occurs around 4:30-5:00 pm. I would love to take a picture but traffic is flowing too fast to do that. Just wondering if anyone saw it too. I have never seen anything like it before. They are not pigeons by the way.
  9. ...de Only The Lonely (SSP) J'ai toujours été curieux de voir de vraies statistiques sur l'obésité, autres que fameux 36% d'Américains... Montréal est plutôt dans le milieu de ces métropoles, mais parmi les 6 plus peuplées, seule Calgary est plus obèse. Tout ça malgré le fait qu'on ait le moins de fast-foods par habitant? 21,2 % est bien pire que j'imaginais, il me semble qu'on parlait de ~16% pour le Canada (il y a 2-3 ans). Aussi, Only The Lonely fait remarquer quelque chose d'intéressant :
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