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  1. I promised myself I would not ask for help about this publicly. I am now breaking that promise. I want to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I haven't had any luck yet. I am looking for a simple diamond ring on white gold. I am not looking for anything too expensive or eccentric. A solitaire ring is fine. I prefer if it's a conflict-free diamond (but then again, a lot of what you spend in the US is also used to finance wars, so I don't think there's much difference). My problem is that most jewelries I've been to have a really small selection of simple diamond rings. I'm not looking to design anything myself or to have a ring made specifically for me/my girlfriend. I just want to go to a place with a large enough selection for me to be able to compare and take a good decision in terms of looks and pricing. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks a lot.
  2. Montreal's restaurants fluent in French BY RAPHAEL SUGARMAN Saturday, December 1st 2007, 4:00 AM Europea's chef, Jerome Ferrer, prepares a fine French meal. New Yorkers looking for the perfect destination to tantalize their palates needn't spend hours traveling overseas to Paris. They should instead make the relatively short jaunt to Montreal and enjoy a culinary tradition that is just as passionate and arguably more exciting than that of France. "The food [in France] is very good and very classic, but here we are more open-minded," says Normand Lapris, executive chef of Toque, a highly rated Montreal restaurant. "When I am cooking, I don't think to myself, 'I can't use this recipe or this spice because it is not French,'" adds Lapris. "If I like curry, I put curry in my food." Fostering classic French cuisine - while remaining open to North American eclecticism - makes Montreal an ideal city for food lovers. More than half the city's 20 top-rated restaurants are classified as French or French-Canadian, and the cuisine - and its Quebecois influences - undeniably inspires the greatest passion in Montreal's kitchens. A very good case can be made that the city's top French restaurants - including Chez L'Epicier, L'Express, Au Pied de Cochon and Toque - offer every bit as delectable and memorable a dining experience as any spot in Paris. Because Montreal is, by nature, a French city, dining in a bistro here offers a much more authentic experience than similar establishments in New York or other North American cities. "When you are dining at L'Express, you feel like you could be in Paris, like you are in another world," says Lesley Chesterman, restaurant critic for the Montreal Gazette. Much like France, the quality of restaurants in Montreal is driven by the superb food markets. At the Atwater Market in the Saint-Henri district, and at the Jean-Talon Market adjacent to Little Italy, locals and tourists alike marvel at the bounty of luscious, home-grown products. At Jean-Talon, make sure to visit Le Marche Des Saveurs du Québec (The Market Flavors of Quebec), a pair of shops that feature a staggering 7,000 delicacies produced in the province. "The small producers make all the difference here in Quebec," says Carl Witchel, a local food historian. "The difference between Montreal and New York is that here you can go into a really inexpensive bistro with 20 or 25 seats and have something really remarkable." IF YOU GO ... Where to stay: Le Saint-Sulpice: Cozy boutique hotel in the heart of Old Montreal, a block from Notre Dame. (877)-SULPICE. Hotel Le Germain: A gem in the city's downtown business district. (514) 849-2050. Where to eat: Nuances: Jean-Pierre Curtat's wonderful French fare, irreproachable service and ethereal sunsets. (514) 392-2708. Club Chasse Et Péche: You have to love a place that lists "Six Oysters with Charisma" on the menu. (514) 861-1112. Europea: The Lobster Cream Cappuccino with truffle oil is just one of chef Jerome Ferrer's inventive offerings. (514) 398-9229. Beaver Club: Located in the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, this opulent stalwart has been serving classic French cuisine for decades. (514) 861-3511.
  3. Au niveau des impôts, quelle est la difference entre la vente d'un immeuble qui est considérée comme un gain en capitale ou comme un profit d'entreprise?
  4. Hi everyone, My husband and I are going to pick the finishes for our condo soon and I was wondering whether most people stuck with the standard finished or chose upgrades? We are purchasing to live in the condo for at least 5 years. In terms of backsplash/tiles, have any of you noticed a difference between standard vs upgrade? Also, I wanted to extend the kitchen cabinets to cover more of the space, possibly extend the island and change the faucet/sink. Will this cost me an arm and a leg? Any advice would be very appreciated! Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I'm an airline employee and a big proponent of YUL and it's future development. Lately I have been using Toronto's public transit system to get to the airport. Even though not as developed as ours, their subway, combined with the new 192 Airport Rocket, is really a winning combination, and has made me really step back and take at look at YUL and our airport access (just a bit better than terrible). From Kipling station the Airport Rocket is a 15 minute express bus from a metro directly to Terminal 1, 3 and Airport road near the hotels. Now before you start, yes, I know Montreal has this too in our 747 bus, directly from Lionel Groulx. However, the difference lies in that the Toronto express bus is part of their transit system, and only costs 3.00$, and a transfer from anywhere else in the network is valid. Why on earth would we charge 10$ for such a service?!?! It should almost be free! Anyway, I just wish the STM would make the 747 a regular bus line with a regular fare and transfers from the other parts of the network accepted, then we could call our airport SOMEWHAT accessible. And don't even get me started on the fact they now have direct train access......argh Rant Over.
  6. Hi guys. I just got accepted to Concordia university for Masters studies. I am excited but at the same time, terrified because I don't know a word in French (you see, I came to Toronto from Ukraine in 1995 and I was already overwhelmed by learning English, and never caught on any French) As the matter of fact, I had to type in my subject into google translate Anyway, School starts in a few months and I gotta start relocating sometime in August. I'm working in Toronto and saving up now, but I will have to find a job to support myself..Some people suggested Notre-Dame-De-Grace area because it's immigrant friendly, but the real issue is what kind of work I could get... I also want to bring a car with me. How's the registration proccess, etc? If it makes any difference I have a background in architecture and going to study building engineering. Bye for now!
  7. (Courtesy of Gizmodo) Should be released by 2011 Its nice to see a newer version of the 747 going to be on the market soon.
  8. ... non on déménage pas à Toronto Plus sérieusement, vous avez certainement remarqués que le site éprouve beaucoup plus de problèmes de performance avec la quantité incroyable de traffic. C'est le temps de déménager MTLURB vers son propre serveur indépendant. Les pubs google ads devraient couvrir les couts d'hébérgement mensuels (continuez à cliquer!) et on devrait voir une grande différence côté performance! (je l'espère:awesome:) Horizon: 1 mois. Je tiens à remercier énormément Martin pour l'hébérgement toutes ces années! Aussi dans les prochains 3 mois, je vais migrer MTLURB vers la nouvelle plateforme Vbulletin 5...
  9. pedepy

    rues mixtes

    depuis quelques temps j'ai une idee en tete de rue 'mixte', mais je me demande si ca se fait ailleurs alors je vous demande votre avis. les derniers rendu du 2-22 donnent une idee de ce que ca pourrait etre: la rue n'est pas delimitee de l'espace pieton par une difference de 'hauteur' entre trottoir et l'asphalte, mais par une difference au niveau du pave et des obstacles (comme les poteau). je me demandais juste si une configuration semblable ne pourrait pas existe ou ces barrieres seraient amovibles: de chaque cote, l'espace pieton reserve, au centre l'espace automobile et entre les deux un espace tampon, l'ete reserve aux pietons et l'hiver reserve au stationement. comme ca on pourrait transformer des rues comme mont-royal, st-laurent ou ste-catherine en rue pietonnes (ou semi pietonnes) en saison estivale et redonner l'espace au stationement en hiver ou la rue pietonne n'est plus si importante mais le stationement l'est doublement. edit: voici un dessin qui aide a illustrer mon idee: l'espace en vert est celui qui pourrait etre utilise selon les besoin. les fleches blanches montre les 'bornes' qui pourraint etre deplacer. on pourrait utiliser d'autre elements comme des bacs a fleurs, etc .. un peu comme ici: en ete, il pourrait aider a aleger la circulation des pietons et/ou (surtout sur des rues comme mont-royal) permettre aux commercant d'installer des terraces qui ont plus d'allure, avoir de l'animation de rue, ou des commerces ambulants. puis l'hiver, on redonne la portion de rue a la circulation automobile, pour du stationement par example.
  10. Allez-vous participer ? J'ai regardé les activités de cette édition 2008 et il y en a vraiment pour tout les goûts ! D'ailleurs j'ai fait la course Montréal sous-terrain ce matin... Pour les activités voici celle qui me tente le plus haha ! : http://www.montrealenlumiere.ca/volets/nuit_blanche/ficheEve_fr.aspx?eveId=193&q=plateau Défoulement collectif Les Cousines proposent de purger vos frustrations. Vous rêvez d’un solo de guitare à la Hendrix ? Vous donneriez parfois des coups de poing à votre voisin ? À la différence des Romains, soyez à la fois dans l’arène et dans l’estrade : nous mettrons à votre disposition des activités telles que batailles d’oreillers, punching bags, etc., avec musique live. Gratuit 23 h à 2 h La Petite Licorne 4559, avenue Papineau 514 523-2246 métroMont-Royal bus 97
  11. Petit projet en 2 phases. Assez bizarre la justaposition des deux petits immeubles mais surtout la différence d'architecture. http://lesterrassesbellerive.com/project.html
  12. Bonjour tous! je voulais juste vous dire que j'ai découvert El Dorado ce midi.. et j'ai été charmée! Je n'y avait jamais mangé, mais plusieurs de mes amis me l'ont conseillé. J'ai mangé un quesedillas thai (oui oui, quel mélange) et c'était divin! Un super mélange de textures et de goûts. Et vraiment, le point fort... leur café! Ils le torréfient sur place, et laissez-moi vous dire que ça fait tout la différence. Ne me parlez pas d'un resto ou l'on sert de l'eau de vaisselle, je suis pas capable. En grande amateure de café, laissez-moi vous dire que c'est un le meilleur café filtre que j'aie bu dans un restaurant! Bref, c'est à voir et goûter!
  13. Pour gagner en Cour suprême, BCE a embauché les meilleurs avocats au pays. Ont-ils vraiment fait la différence? Pour en lire plus...
  14. La valeur totale des actifs des Québécois atteignait un peu plus de 94 milliards au troisième trimestre de 2008, selon les données de l'Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ). Pour en lire plus...
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