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  1. Quebecor veut une chaîne d'information en anglais 09-06-2010 | 21h08 MONTRÉAL - Quebecor a récemment déposé une demande auprès du Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes (CRTC) pour la création d'une chaîne d'information continue de langue anglaise. Selon ce qu’ARGENT a appris, si la licence est accordée, la chaîne pourrait voir le jour en 2011. De plus, cette nouvelle chaîne proposera une alternance d'information et d'opinion sur un ton qui pourrait rappeler celui du réseau américain Fox News. Tout indique que le projet sera piloté par Kory Teneycke, un ancien directeur des communications du premier ministre Stephen Harper, qui a fait savoir hier sur le site de réseautage Twitter qu'il devenait vice-président au développement de Quebecor Media. M. Teneycke a quitté le Bureau du premier ministre, en juillet 2009, pour effectuer de courts séjours à CTV, puis à la CBC. Pour l'instant, Quebecor refuse de commenter. La chaîne projetée viendrait partager le marché occupé actuellement par CBC Newsworld et CTV News Channel. http://www.canoe.com/divertissement/tele-medias/nouvelles/2010/06/09/14328221-qmi.html
  2. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/forbidden-montreal-an-ancient-set-of-downtown-tombs-1.1043598 Forbidden Montreal - Other episodes from 2012 Forbidden Montreal: Royal Vic's secret storage Forbidden Montreal: Inside the city's beacon Forbidden Montreal: Inside our sewers This episode Forbidden Montreal: an ancient set of downtown tombs http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/forbidden-montreal-an-ancient-set-of-downtown-tombs-1.1043598 CTV Montreal Published Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 7:01PM EST Last Updated Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 2:14PM EST The ancient stone towers tucked behind the walls of downtown’s Grand Seminaire on Sherbrooke just east of Atwater are among Canada’s most ancient structures. The towers also form part of one of the country's most mysterious places as well. Some of the city’s very earliest European settlers came from France to establish a settlement on the spot in the 1680s. Their aim was to promote what they considered a sacred mission to establish a new creed for the New World. Those missionaries sought to spread their unique vision with First Nations people but they brought most of the details of the plan to their graves. Those tombs, deep underneath the seminary, are off limits to all but the custodians. Among those whose remains lie in the crypt, first established in 1661, is Francois Vachon de Belmont who came from Burgundy, France to fund and operate the mission. The Grand Seminaire has since remained one of the city’s longest-running institutions and is also home to many other architectural treasures, including an alluring chapel, where around 8,000 priests have been trained. If there is any off-limits place you'd like to see, just send us an email at [email protected] Series in 2013. CTV Montreal: Forbidden Montreal Former courthouse Annie DeMelt takes you for a tour of Montreal's former courthouse, a heritage building complete with a dungeon and jail cells below. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.1202711
  3. Mises à pied chez CTV Mise à jour le jeudi 27 novembre 2008, 13 h 45 . CTV Photo: PC/Kevin Frayer CTV annonce qu'elle mettra 105 employés à pied à Toronto, selon une porte-parole de l'entreprise. Bonnie Brownlee précise que pratiquement tous les employés licenciés le sont à Toronto, mais ne pouvait pas préciser quels services sont touchés par les compressions. Le PDG de CTVglobemedia, Ivan Fecan, avait déjà écrit aux employés pour les prévenir que la diminution des revenus publicitaires obligerait l'entreprise à effectuer des mises à pied et à imposer un gel d'embauches. « Après d'intenses réflexions, nous en sommes venus à la conclusion qu'il n'était plus possible de maintenir les opérations courantes de l'entreprise dans leur état actuel », écrivait-il. Outre un gel de l'embauche et des frais de déplacement et de divertissement, Ivan Fecan a prévenu que plusieurs nouveaux projets pourraient être révisés, reportés ou carrément suspendus. CTV possède notamment les réseaux TSN et MuchMusic et le site Internet CTV Newsnet. Plus tôt ce mois-ci, CanWest Global, a annoncé l'élimination de 560 emplois, dont 210 au sein de ses opérations de diffusion.
  4. Le réseau de télé généraliste réduit ses dépenses afin de faire face aux «fortes baisses» des revenus de publicité. Pour en lire plus...
  5. (Courtesy of CTV Montreal) How about they change the damn laws about drunk driving! You kill someone you spend the rest of your life in prison. If you injure someone while you driving drunk you lose your car and license for life. If you are caught again (seeing you loss your license), you go to prison for life, but NO Quebec has to be a forgiving province, bloody BS!
  6. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/vandal-rampage-targets-shops-on-notre-dame-in-st-henri-1.2388586 Vandal rampage targets shops on Notre Dame in St. Henri CTV Montreal: Bandits smash windows in St. Henri Vincent Powell, Jesse Bowden and Corey Shapiro had their shops on Notre Dame attacked by 10 masked vandals last night. 'It's going to escalate for sure,' - Storeowner Storeowner Jesse Bowden says that the attacks on his and other businesses on Notre Dame in St. Henri are worrisome. St. Henri entrepreneur on the attacks Entrepreneur Corey Shapiro describes the attacks on his property on Notre Dame near Delinelle. CTV Montreal Published Sunday, May 24, 2015 12:16PM EDT Last Updated Sunday, May 24, 2015 7:01PM EDT Police are investigating after at least eight stores in St-Henri were vandalized at 11:30 p.m Saturday night as a group of masked individuals wearing hoods went on a violent destructive rampage on Notre Dame St. W. near Delinelle St. in the Southwest borough. The masked vandals came equipped to smash windows. "There were about 10 guys all dressed in black and they came with pool balls and crow bars and broke the windows and 30 minutes later everything was broken everywhere," said Vincent Powell. Several witnesses called 9-1-1, but when the suspects fled the scene before police arrived. The Saturday night attacks came one night after an opening night party for a juice bar was targeted by what appeared to be the same attackers. Entrepreneur Corey Shapiro said that smoke bombs were tossed into his newly-opened juice bar Friday. When he went out to look at what was going on, he was hit in the face by pepper spray. “I ran outside to see what the story was and I got pepper sprayed by people dressed all in black with masks, who had made a strategic attack on a crowd of a couple of hundred people,” he said. “This was an attack potentially endangering people’s lives.” Jesse Bowden, who is a co-owner of the Campanelli boutique, was on hand Sunday evaluating the damage. He told CTV Montreal that there has been a history of such attacks on the strip. "They came through about eight months ago spray painting the whole front of the storeface and a group then put out a manifesto on a website saying it was a politically motivated attack to stop the gentrification of this neighbourhood. These are people who are unhappy with the neighbourhood has changed, but the people that are changing it are all from this neighbourhood," he said. Bowden said that he lives nearby and has several businesses. "I don't think anybody has ever come through and talked to us to understand what we're trying to bring. sent via Tapatalk
  7. Another day another poor article about our fair city. Montreal: the jobless capital of Canada Posted on 8/13/2015 10:56:00 PM by Andrew Brennan Inside CAE, which announced Wednesday it was cutting nearly 300 jobs from its flight-simulator facility. Montreal is the jobless capital of Canada, according to Statistics Canada figures. PHOTO: CTV MONTREAL Montreal was once Canada's commercial capital and is considered by many to be its cultural capital—but according to new Stats Can figures it is definitely the unemployment capital of Canada. The latest figures from Statistics Canada puts the jobless rate for metropolitan Montreal at 8.9 per cent, starkly higher than the national average of 6.8 per cent. Some attribute this to taxes. "In Montreal business tax rates are four times what you have in the residential sector, it's one of the highest in Quebec," Senior Vice-President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Martine Hébert told CTV News. Others point to demographics, with a metro population growing faster than the jobs can be created. "We want to reverse a little bit the mood right now that is more austerity to prosperity because we need to create an environment where people will feel that it's time to invest," President of Quebec's Council of Employers Yves-Thomas Dorval admitted. The council has other good news. According to the QCE, Quebec has actually created about 40,000 net jobs since the Couillard Liberals were elected. Over 20,000 jobs were created in Quebec last month, but high-paying careers such as in aerospace and engineering are still seeing huge layoffs. On Wednesday, CAE announced it was eliminating nearly 300 jobs from its flight-simulator facility. Other aerospace companies, like Bell Helicopter and Bombardier, have also laid off hundreds of Montreal workers in 2015.
  8. Les difficultés économiques touchent également les médias: CTV effectue 105 mises à pied à Toronto. Pour en lire plus...
  9. (Courtesy of CTV News) Guess its time to buy an APC for this city. I'll have to worry about some person using an RPG or road-side bomb now.
  10. La Banque Scotia prévoit au Canada et aux Etats-Unis une récession qui se prolongera pendant une bonne partie de l'année 2009, affirme la chaîne CTV. Pour en lire plus...
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