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  1. http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/montreal/What+that+mysterious+boom/9216575/story.html MONTREAL - What was that boom? What was that flash of light? And where were they coming from? Hudson, St-Lazare and towns farther afield were rocked briefly by the sound of an explosion and a flash of blue-green light in the night sky at around 8 p.m. Tuesday. But the source of the big boom remains a mystery. Officials in the off-island towns, as well as at the Sûreté du Québec, were flummoxed, leaving residents who heard the noise to wonder what happened. "No one seems to know what it is exactly, but a friend described it as bright blue flash in the sky followed by the sound," tweeted Kalina Laframboise. "It's been heard all over the region but no details," wrote Greg Patterson. "My opinion is that it was a meteor hitting the atmosphere with sonic boom." "Felt like an explosion, or a 'short' earthquake," Faith MacLeod said on Off Island Gazette's Facebook page. "Stepped outside and neighbours were out wondering what it was." "Yes, was sitting watching TV and I thought one of my kids fell out of bed. It was super loud," added Jenn Ryan Baluyot on the same Facebook page. Residents from Pincourt to Pointe-Claire and Pierrefonds reported hearing the sound. On social media, it was even reported as far away as Ormstown and Cornwall, Ont. St-Lazare mayor Robert Grimaudo said he had no idea what the source of the explosion was. Nor did the SQ, nor Environment Canada. Nothing in the weather patterns in the area could be to blame, least of all the snow that began to fall around the same time, an Environment Canada spokesperson said. Tracy Moore was at home in St-Lazare with her boyfriend and heard and felt something strange around 8 p.m. "It was really freaky — we heard this boom outside," she told The Gazette an hour later. "It sounded like that explosion we had last summer at the fireworks factory here. "It was just this boom. It lasted a few seconds." Moore went online to a local Facebook "community connections" group she's a member of, and wrote: "Did anybody hear the boom? Or was it just us?" "And, like, 211 posts later, people are still talking about it," she said. "People felt their house shaking and thought a tree had landed on it. The dogs were freaking out. My girlfriend in Cornwall, her husband works for Ontario Hydro and he saw this flash of light in the sky. "He says he never saw anything like it before — and he works for Hydro!" Did you hear anything? Let us know on Twitter @mtlgazette or by leaving a comment on this story. For more on this story visit the Montreal Gazette's Off Island site. © Copyright © The Montreal Gazette
  2. Hydro-électricité Les éoliennes de la mer Mise à jour le samedi 26 juillet 2008, 17 h 24 . Une entreprise américaine souhaite installer des turbines au fond du fleuve Saint-Laurent, à la hauteur de Cornwall, pour produire de l'électricité. L'Ontario investit près de 2 millions de dollars dans ce projet de centrale sous-marine. L'efficacité de ces turbines, qui ont des allures d'éoliennes, a déjà été testée dans les environs de New York par l'entreprise américaine Verdant Power. Les marées les avaient cependant endommagés. L'absence de mouvements des eaux dans le fleuve devrait permettre d'éviter ce problème. Par ailleurs, les turbines ne seront pas fixées au fond du cours d'eau, comme ce fut le cas dans le projet américain. Le promoteur estime que la manoeuvre aurait été trop coûteuse. Les mécanismes seront plutôt insérés dans un long tube. Le directeur de l'Institut des sciences environnementales du fleuve Saint-Laurent, Jeff Ridal, estime que le promoteur a tiré des leçons de ses erreurs passées. L'entreprise Verdant Power précise d'ailleurs qu'elle s'assurera que ses installations ne nuiront ni à la navigation, ni à la flore et à la faune. De son côté, le maire de Cornwall, Bob Kilger, croit qu'il s'agit d'une source d'énergie très attrayante. « Le fleuve Saint-Laurent a toujours été au coeur de notre économie », indique-t-il. À terme, le projet devrait produire 15 mégawatts ce qui permettrait d'alimenter plus de 11 000 maisons. Si les autorisations sont accordées, la première turbine pourrait être installée dans le fleuve, près de Cornwall, dès l'an prochain. http://www.radio-canada.ca/regions/ottawa/2008/07/26/003-eoliennes-mer.shtml?ref=rss
  3. L'Ontario injecte près de 2millions de dollars dans un projet de centrale dans le fond du fleuve Saint-Laurent, à la hauteur de Cornwall. Pour en lire plus...
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