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  1. The New York Times June 28, 2008 By BEN SISARIO MONTREAL — On Wednesday night, in the last of his three concerts presented as preludes to the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Leonard Cohen, the 73-year-old hometown poet-hero on tour for the first time in 15 years, said that on his last time through town he was “60 years old, just a kid with a crazy dream.” Between waves of applause and hollers in French and English, he added, “I am so grateful to be here and to be from here.” Mr. Cohen’s math notwithstanding, hometown pride and musical reverence are at the center of the fe
  2. Montreal team makes HIV discovery Virus gets help from a cell protein. Finding is expected to help development of new class of drugs to combat the disease CHARLIE FIDELMAN, The Gazette Published: Saturday, July 14 Montreal researchers have identified a novel target that's an accomplice to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The virus doesn't work alone, but recruits a collaborator - a cell protein - in its mission to multiply and spread through the body, explained Eric Cohen, a professor of medicine at the UniversitE de MontrEal. Cohen and his team of researchers at the Institut
  3. Afin de souligner l'œuvre remarquable du chanteur montréalais Leonard Cohen, décédé en novembre dernier, ses textes seront projetés sur le silo numéro 5, dans le Vieux-Port de Montréal. L'installation du Musée d'art contemporain, intitulée For Leonard Cohen, s'inscrit dans la programmation de l'exposition hommage Leonard Cohen : une brèche en toute chose / A Crack in Everything, à laquelle participent les musiciens Lou Doillon, Jean Leloup et Ariane Moffatt. La projection conçue par l'artiste américaine Jenny Holzer mettra en valeur des textes en anglais et en français tirés des poèmes
  4. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2010 Expropriate Overdale! Demolition: within minutes pulleys, chains and trucks can transform a visual touchstone, place of fabulous living bricks and mortar and vibrant history and memories into a pile of junk to be trucked off. This is the fate that the city has decreed for the Lower Main and one of its most unique and liveliest of spots - the Cafe Cleopatra. What's more shocking is that the city plans to expropriate the properties and simply hand them over to another owner, a practice that's considered ethically dubious at best. If indeed the city propo
  5. Le quartier Chabanel, haut lieu de la mode à Montréal, a été durement frappé par le déclin de l'industrie manufacturière. Plusieurs acteurs du quartier travaillent toutefois à sa revitalisation. Défilés de créateurs du quartier en journée pendant la Semaine de la mode de Montréal, salon de prêt-à-porter bisannuel; plusieurs projets sont en discussion dans le quartier Chabanel. Les entreprises locales y vont aussi de leurs propres initiatives, comme Rudsak qui agrandira sa boutique et y ouvrira un bistro vers la fin août. «La boutique aura 5000 pieds carrés et le bistro sera intéressant
  6. via the New Yorker : FEBRUARY 28, 2015 Leonard Cohen’s Montreal BY BERNARD AVISHAI PHOTOGRAPH BY ROB VERHORST/REDFERNS VIA GETTY Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”—a hymn to souls too carnal to grow old, too secular to give praise, and too baffled to mock faith—recently turned thirty. Cohen himself, now eighty, came of age in Jewish Montreal during the twenty years after the Second World War, and those of us who followed him, a half-generation later, can’t hear the song without also thinking about that time and place, which qualifies as an era. The devotional—and deftly sacrilegious—
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