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  1. franktko

    NYC Boom!

    Très impressionnant, beaucoup de grande architecture et so many supertalls...
  2. Very interesting video of a rapidly expanding transport that few people are aware of. Lac-Mégantic was a wake-up call:
  3. Boom ou bulle? 6 mai 2010 | 06h37 Nathalie Elgrably-Lévy Économiste sénior, Institut économique de Montréal Depuis quelques semaines, c’est la confusion. Face à la hausse fulgurante du prix des maisons, les Québécois sont nombreux à avancer l’hypothèse d’une bulle. En revanche, la classe politique et de nombreux experts au service des grandes banques prétendent qu’en dépit des apparences, la crainte est non fondée, qu’il n’y a pas de bulle… mais qu’il faut néanmoins rester vigilant. Le ministre fédéral des Finances, Jim Flaherty a d’ailleurs annoncé en février dernier des mes
  4. http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/news/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/2015/03/06/why-is-torontos-condo-king-peter-clewes-so-worried-about-the-emerging-shape-of-downtown&pubdate=2015-03-06 Le gars a grandi à Montréal et se dit déçu des condos construits à T.O. depuis le début du boom.
  5. Même le Wall Street Journal en parle : Developers Brace for End of Montreal's Condo Boom Sales Are Well off the Pace of Previous Years By DAVID GEORGE-COSH Nov. 5, 2013 6:12 p.m. ET With signs that Montreal's more than decadelong condominium boom could be fading, some local developers are repositioning or even pulling projects due to waning demand. In the downtown core, quarterly presales of new condos have averaged nine units per project this year, according to Altus Group Ltd. AIF.T -0.07% , a real-estate consultancy. That is well below the pace of such sales in both 20
  6. Job Losses Show Breadth of Recession Article Tools Sponsored By By DAVID LEONHARDT Published: March 3, 2009 It is both deep and broad. Every state in the country, with the exception of a band stretching from the Dakotas down to Texas, is now shedding jobs at a rapid pace. And even that band has recently begun to suffer, because of the sharp fall in both oil and crop prices. Unlike the last two recessions — earlier this decade and in the early 1990s — this one is causing much more job loss among the less educated than among college graduates. Those earlier recessions introduced th
  7. La Laurentienne prévoit une croissance modérée au Québec 20 juin 2008 - 08h11 La Presse Canadienne L'économie québécoise progressera à un rythme inférieur à sa vitesse de croisière habituelle en 2008 et 2009, selon Valeurs mobilières Banque Laurentienne, qui publie ses perspectives, vendredi. L'économiste Sébastien Lavoie précise que la croissance économique de 0,8 et de 1,7% pour ces deux années sera en-deçà de la moyenne de 2% observée depuis 2001. L'économie québécoise subira les contrecoups du ralentissement aux États-Unis compte tenu de son grand degré d'ouverture aux
  8. Le plus grand boom immobilier depuis la Deuxième Guerre mondiale est maintenant terminé. Le marché tourne à la faveur des acheteurs pour la première fois en plusieurs années, dit Scotia. Pour en lire plus...
  9. SNC-Lavalin: deux milliards en contrats dans l'Ouest 5 mai 2007 - 15h04 La Presse Martin Vallières Vancouver Pour la première fois, SNC-Lavalin tenait son assemblée d'actionnaires dans la métropole de la côte ouest canadienne. Et pour cause. La Colombie-Britannique et l'Alberta, en plein boom économique, pèsent au moins deux milliards dans le carnet de commandes de 10,4 milliards de SNC-Lavalin, a confirmé son président, Jacques Lamarre, à La Presse Affaires. Il y a bien sûr, en Alberta, plusieurs contrats reliés aux projets pétroliers et gaziers. Mais la province voisine es
  10. Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/story.html?id=2457341#ixzz0e7omWfCN
  11. Boom économique à Fermont Les projets miniers génèrent un véritable boom économique dans les villes nordiques de Labrador City et de Fermont. Les nouveaux projets d'exploitation de Consolidated Thompson, les travaux de modernisation d'IOC et de ceux d'ArcelorMittal Mines Canada (anciennement Québec-Cartier) entraîneront des investissements totaux de près de 1 milliard de dollars dans la région. Les travaux amènent aussi de nouveaux travailleurs qu'il faut nourrir et loger. Michel Fillion, porte-parole d'IOC, qui se prépare à investir 500 millions pour augmenter sa production, i
  12. Toronto's Condo Kings: Is their boom sustainable? Property developer Peter Freed, head of Freed Decelopments poses for a photo at his penthouse apartment in downtown Toronto.Chris Young for Financial PostProperty developer Peter Freed, head of Freed Decelopments poses for a photo at his penthouse apartment in downtown Toronto. Jacqueline Thorpe, Financial Post Published: Monday, June 02, 2008 From his penthouse in Toronto's hip fashion district, Peter Freed can track the development of his six next condo projects taking shape along King Street West. One of Mr. Freed's buildi
  13. The housing boom may be over, but there's no bust in sight Jay Bryan, Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 With housing demand weaker, price gains have already slowed sharply.Reuters fileWith housing demand weaker, price gains have already slowed sharply. Ever since last year, forecasters have been predicting that Canada's hot housing market was about to slow to a much more sedate pace. Well, it's happened. Except that sedate is hardly the word for the 14% plunge in construction activity that turned up Monday in the housing starts data for July. To many, this
  14. Toronto : Sky-high spinoffs JOHN LORINC Special to The Globe and Mail September 19, 2008 A gleaming new vertical city has sprouted above Toronto's lower-scale buildings. The big question is whether all this condo construction will translate into sustainable economic growth For Robert Whitfield, the eureka moment occurred when he realized his store was filled with customers trapped between drywall and a hard place. It happened about four years ago, shortly after he opened an upscale furniture store in Liberty Village, a district of warehouse lofts on the west end of Toron
  15. Canada's housing boom is over, bank says VIRGINIA GALT Globe and Mail Update June 26, 2008 at 10:44 AM EDT After a long run of rapidly-rising prices, the Canadian housing market has cooled to the point that it is no longer a sellers' market, Toronto-Dominion Bank said Thursday. “The long-awaited end of the Canadian housing boom has occurred, reflecting more moderate demand and increased supply of properties for sale,” TD economists Craig Alexander and Pascal Gauthier said in a report. “The year-over-year price growth for existing homes in Canada's major markets fell to
  16. mtlurb

    Votre perception

    Est-on en situation de boom immobilier ou non?
  17. In the 1920s, Toronto, eager to overtake Montreal as Canada’s financial centre, had several building busts By Joe Martin Financial Post I n Wednesday’s Financial Post, Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins wrote of the relationship between large buildings and investment crashes — the theory being “that businesses overestimate the value of long term investments and an investment-led boom ensues ... The boom ends in busts.” He cited 40 Wall Street and the Empire State Building in the early 1930s and more recently the Burj Dubai in Dubai. Canada, and more specifically Toronto, experie
  18. Cities Grow at Suburbs' Expense During Recession By CONOR DOUGHERTY U.S. cities that for years lost residents to the suburbs are holding onto their populations with a mix of people trapped in homes they can't sell and those who prefer urban digs over more distant McMansions, according to Census data released Wednesday. Growing cities are growing faster and shrinking cities are losing fewer people, reflecting a blend of choice and circumstance. In Chicago, Matthew Sessa and his wife sold their townhouse and decided against buying a four-bedroom house in the suburbs. They bought
  19. Surfant aujourd'hui sur le boom du prix du pétrole, les exploitants sont déterminés à ne pas laisser l'argent leur monter à la tête. Pour en lire plus...
  20. New York Times, October 1, 2008 Failed Deals Replace Boom in New York Real Estate By CHARLES V. BAGLI After seven years of nonstop construction, skyrocketing rents and sales prices, and a seemingly endless appetite for luxury housing that transformed gritty and glamorous neighborhoods alike, the credit crisis and the turmoil on Wall Street are bringing New York’s real estate boom to an end. Developers are complaining that lenders are now refusing to finance projects that were all but certain months or even weeks ago. Landlords bewail their inability to refinance skyscrapers wit
  21. http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/montreal/What+that+mysterious+boom/9216575/story.html MONTREAL - What was that boom? What was that flash of light? And where were they coming from? Hudson, St-Lazare and towns farther afield were rocked briefly by the sound of an explosion and a flash of blue-green light in the night sky at around 8 p.m. Tuesday. But the source of the big boom remains a mystery. Officials in the off-island towns, as well as at the Sûreté du Québec, were flummoxed, leaving residents who heard the noise to wonder what happened. "No one seems to know what it is exact
  22. La firme d'ingénierie Hatch passe de 100000pi2 à 200000pi2 au 5 de la Place Ville-Marie, est-ce que ça augure aussi bien pour les autres firmes liées au secteur minier? http://lapresseaffaires.cyberpresse.ca/economie/quebec/201108/19/01-4427335-hatch-double-a-place-ville-marie-grace-au-boom-des-mines-et-metaux.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=lapresseaffaires_LA5_nouvelles_98718_accueil_POS11
  23. 07/08/2012 Mise à jour: 7 août 2012 | 15:11 Ajuster la taille du texte Le boom touristique montréalais décortiqué Le renouveau du tourisme montréalais analysé par deux de ses acteurs. Au début des années 1990, la ville faisait pâle figure sur la scène touristique. Le Biodôme et le Casino n’existaient pas et le Vieux-Port n’avait pas encore été réaménagé. Vingt-cinq ans plus tard, Montréal est méconnaissable. Le tourisme a bondi de 56% et la ville a connu le plus gros boom hôtelier de la décennie en Amérique du Nord avec 3000 chambres de plus (+16%). La ville figure désormais dans
  24. http://blog.buzzbuzzhome.com/2013/02/montreal-condo-market-optimism.html While the age-old rivalry between Toronto and Montreal has pitted the cities’ hockey teams and arts scenes against each other, there’s another set of bragging rights up for grabs. Which metropolis has the better condo market? Toronto may have mind-boggling number of new units coming on the market, but Montreal is no slouch when it comes to construction crane sightings. We previously reported on the flurry on new builds in Quebec’s largest city and now there are new numbers to make the case for the Montreal boom.
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