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  1. Vote for Montreal to be the sole Canadian city on the board! Only 20 cities will be included. We are currently 18th!
  2. New Website Studies Montreal for Students 9/6/2007 A new web portal highlighting Montreal as an excellent location for international students has been launched by TP1 Communication electronique, a Montreal-based technology and communications company. Study in Montreal (www.studyinmontreal.info) is a reference tool providing this clientele with information about the many resources, activities and attractions that Montreal offers. The portal for international students includes original photography by Montreal photographer Benoit Aquin. "TP1 has distinguished itself through its a
  3. http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Gazette+exclusive+EMSB+pitches+tout+fran%C3%A7ais/2414008/story.html This is much needed. And not all of it should be spent on grammar reciting either (as is often the case). I think a big part is just being able to learn to get use out of it. Practice comprehension and conversational skills first, then worry about written skills. Although I had great French teachers in school, how was I (or anyone else) to become fluent by spending only 4-5 hours a week on it? This compared to living the rest of the week entirely in English (except for the Habs/Expos g
  4. Québec évitera la récession, mais pas Montréal Publié le 01 avril 2009 à 06h47 | Mis à jour à 06h49 La Presse (Montréal) Saskatoon et Regina font souvent sourire en raison de leur climat rude et de leur vie nocturne peu animée. Ces deux villes de la Saskatchewan feront toutefois des jalouses parmi leurs rivales canadiennes cette année. Le climat sera toujours aussi peu accueillant et les soirées finiront toujours aussi tôt, mais les deux villes des Prairies devraient connaître la plus grande croissance économique au pays en 2009. Leur secret afin d'éviter la récession? L'immigration
  5. Québec et Ottawa-Gatineau afficheront une croissance en 2009 Publié le 31 mars 2009 à 13h02 | Mis à jour à 13h06 La Presse Canadienne Ottawa Cinq régions métropolitaines seulement, dont celles de Québec et d'Ottawa-Gatineau, afficheront une croissance positive de leur économie cette année au Canada, selon un rapport publié mardi par le Conference Board du Canada. Pour Québec, la croissance devrait être de 0,6%, alors que la croissance du produit intérieur brut de la région de la capitale fédérale devrait s'établir à 0,2%. Ces deux régions ne seront toutefois pas les plus p
  6. Les entraves à la mobilité des gens d'affaires limitent les possibilités de commerce et de croissance économique au Canada, selon le Conference Board. Pour en lire plus...
  7. L'indice de confiance des consommateurs du Conference Board du Canada a encore baissé ce mois-ci, soit à 71 points. Pour en lire plus...
  8. Sans surprise, ce sont des régions métropolitaines de l'ouest canadien qui occupent les sept premiers rangs de croissance économique. Pour en lire plus...
  9. C'est ce qu'indique un rapport du Conference Board du Canada publié alors que le milieu artistique lutte contre les compressions annoncées par Ottawa. Pour en lire plus...
  10. La confiance des consommateurs américains a nettement progressé en août, avec un indice montant à 56,9 points contre 51,9 points en juillet, dit le Conference Board. Pour en lire plus...
  11. Prosperity gap to widen, Conference Board says Growth in Quebec expected to hit 1.4% DAVID AKIN, Canwest News Service Published: 8 hours ago Booming Saskatchewan will lead all provinces in economic growth this year, while Ontario and Quebec will suffer through a difficult year, said forecasters at the Conference Board of Canada. The widening prosperity gap between the West and those in central and eastern Canada presents federal policy-makers with some unique challenges. The West may need policies that slow growth and curb inflation, while central Canada has few inflationary worries
  12. TSX Group looks to U.S. for next CEO Talks with ex-CBOT chief; risks backlash by overlooking former head of Montreal Exchange BOYD ERMAN From Wednesday's Globe and Mail May 28, 2008 at 4:10 AM EDT TSX Group Inc. [X-T] is close to hiring a U.S. executive to run the company now that the merger with Montreal Exchange Inc. is complete, passing over former MX head Luc Bertrand in a decision that's sure to be controversial in Quebec. Sources said TSX is in talks with Bernard Dan, former president and chief executive officer of the derivatives-focused Chicago Board of Trade, thou
  13. Less Charter, more economy. MONTREAL — There was an initial sense among many observers that the Liberal election victory would be good for the economy, at least in the short run. It’s true that some measure of political stability will return to the province as the PQ’s divisive Charter of Quebec Values is thrown in the wastebasket and as the immediate risk of a referendum on sovereignty is removed. But the sobering truth is that Quebec could face years of mediocre economic growth unless it undertakes some major structural reforms. That warning came this week from Glen Hodgson,
  14. http://world.time.com/2013/04/08/quebecs-war-on-english-language-politics-intensify-in-canadian-province/ To live in Quebec is to become accustomed to daily reminders that French in the Canadian province is the most regulated language in the world. Try, as I did recently, to shop at Anthropologie online and you’ll come up empty-handed. The retail chain (which bears a French name) opened its first Montreal boutique in October, but “due to the Charter of the French Language” has had its site shut down: “We hope you’ll visit us in store!” Montreal’s transit authority maintains that under the
  15. Montreal faces uphill battle in new economic order KONRAD YAKABUSKI Report on Business April 9, 2009 MONTREAL -- The Montreal Exchange, now part of TMX Group, is forwarding journalists' calls to Toronto. The new head of BCE Inc. has not taken up residence in the city that, officially anyway, is still home to the telecom giant's headquarters. Alcan's "head office" is shrinking under parent Rio Tinto. AbitibiBowater answers to its bankers in Charlotte, N.C. When Michael Sabia had a getting-to-know-you lunch last week with Quebec Inc.'s grands fromages, the new head of the Caisse de dé
  16. Toronto a suburb? It's begun RENÉ JOHNSTON/TORONTO STAR Apr 08, 2009 04:30 AM Vanessa Lu city hall bureau chief Toronto is at risk of becoming a bedroom community for the booming 905 regions, warns a new report by the Toronto Board of Trade. Cities that were once outer suburbs are now growing employment areas as more businesses have pulled up stakes in the downtown core for cheaper real estate. Meanwhile, the city itself faces increasing disparity between the wealthy, who buy downtown condos where factories once stood, and the poor who inhabit the increasingly deprived inner
  17. (Courtesy of The Guardian UK) I wonder if anyone from the PQ or BQ heard or read about this Probably not seeing they dislike the English language. So I guess Canadian / Quebec history is safe for now, until one of them comes out of their narrow-minded shell and sees this
  18. Les consommateurs américains reprennent confiance * Anne Robert, Lesaffaires.com * 10:54 L’indice de confiance des consommateurs américains que tient le Conference Board a grimpé plus de 12 points en avril. L’indice du Conference Board est passé de 26,9 points en mars à 39,2 points en avril, soit un bond de 12,3 points. Lynn Franco, directrice du centre de recherche sur les consommateurs du Conference Board estime que ce sont surtout les perspectives de court terme qui se sont améliorées. Les consommateurs pensent que l’économie se rapproche du plancher», dit-elle, to
  19. Trois-Rivières se démarquera avec sa croissance économique 25 juin 2008 - 10h18 Presse Canadienne Le Conference Board du Canada prévoit que Trois-Rivières sera une des trois régions de recensement de petite ou moyenne taille à enregistrer une croissance économique de plus de 2% cette année. En raison du ralentissement général de l'économie, la plupart des régions devront s'attendre à une croissance réduite. Dans sa Note de conjoncture métropolitaine de l'été 2008, publiée mercredi, le Conference Board indique que la détérioration du secteur manufacturier, en particulier de
  20. Sharing the streets JULIA KILPATRICK, The Gazette Published: 6 hours ago Skateboard users risk fines as well as injury when they travel on public arteries like sidewalks or bike paths. But while aficionados complain about the regulations, police say their goal is safety Turning his back to the traffic screaming past a small skateboard park east of the Gay Village, Kyle Naylor pulled his board out of his backpack. The skateboard was split in two jagged pieces. A car had run over it earlier, when Naylor was skating to the park for an afternoon session with friends. "My frien
  21. Le projet d'acquisition est évalué à 1,48 G$. L'approbation par le Surface Transportation Board (STB) des Etats-Unis, qui réglemente l'industrie américaine des chemins de fer, a été rendue publique mardi. Pour en lire plus...
  22. Les provinces inégales face à la crise Dominique Lemoine, Lesaffaires.com 09:43 La croissance au Québec sera soutenue par des «perspectives prometteuses» de l’industrie aérospatiale. Toutes les provinces ne souffriront pas autant des turbulences de l’économie mondiale, prévoit le Conference Board du Canada dans sa note de conjoncture provinciale automnale 2008. L’organisme prévoit pour le Québec des croissances du PIB réel de 0,9% en 2008 et de 1,5% en 2009. Cette croissance sera soutenue par des «perspectives prometteuses» de l’industrie aérospatiale, qui devrait contribue
  23. Ottawa devrait devenir la banque de dernier recours pour les entreprises en difficultés qui ne peuvent obtenir du crédit grâce aux voies habituelles, a affirmé mercredi le Conference Board du Canada. Pour en lire plus...
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