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  1. Bay Street still has Canada’s most expensive office space http://renx.ca/bay-street-still-canadas-expensive-office-space/ Bay Street in Toronto has the most expensive office space in Canada, and no other city comes close to matching the $68.52 per square foot average rent that’s being asked for in the heart of the country’s financial district. JLL Canada recently released its “Most Expensive Streets for Office Space” report, which ranks Canadian cities by their highest asking rents. It shows many companies are still willing to pay a premium for the most expensive spaces, and competiti
  2. http://business.financialpost.com/2011/10/14/rbc-trades-bay-street-for-bay-view/ They are going to have a nice new place.
  3. Can Richard Baker reinvent The Bay? MARINA STRAUSS From Monday's Globe and Mail NEW YORK — Richard Baker, the new owner of retailer Hudson's Bay Co.,mingled with the New York fashion elite as the lights dimmed for designer Peter Som's recent show, offering opinions and taking a close look at the latest in skirts and dresses. It's a stark contrast to previous HBC owner Jerry Zucker, who HBC insiders had a hard time picturing with fashionistas in New York. But Mr. Baker, who made his name in real estate, knows it is time for a new approach at the struggling retailer. “As an
  4. La réouverture de l'usine de Thunder Bay Fine Papers est reportée pour une troisième fois. L'entreprise doit trouver 15 millions de dollars pour assurer son avenir. Pour en lire plus...
  5. Are Bay Street's golden days coming to an end? Eoin Callan, Financial Post Published: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Some of Canada’s banks are already exploring ways to change their reward structure for investment bankers to avoid creating incentives for dealmakers to hastily arrange risky deals and walk away after collecting their bonuses.ReutersSome of Canada’s banks are already exploring ways to change their reward structure for investment bankers to avoid creating incentives for dealmakers to hastily arrange risky deals and walk away after ... When Ed Clark receives his mu
  6. Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/story.html?id=2457341#ixzz0e7omWfCN
  7. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=179543 Not sure how the "Tour Centre-Ville" ended up on that list. I guess that the guy who posted this listing thought it was real (i.e. A city the size of Montreal has to have at least one project in the 20 tallest proposals)
  8. Lexus Lanes coming to California's Bay AreaPosted Jul 28th 2008 7:19PM by Noah Joseph Filed under: Etc., Government/Legal Officials are hard at work trying to alleviate the notorious traffic congestion in California. Across the state, drivers sit still in traffic while carpool lanes sit empty, underused by public transit and vehicles carrying multiple passengers. The solution for the Bay Area, as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission sees it, is to allow solo motorists to pay for using the carpool lanes. The commission is working up a proposal that would start with a pil
  9. C'est donc dire que l'action de la société va quitter la Bourse de croissance et intégrer le TSX, l'indice vedette de la Bay Street. Pour en lire plus...
  10. How Quebec Cree avoided the fate of Attawapiskat On the eastern shore of James Bay, a very different story. By Terry Milewski, CBC News Posted: May 14, 2013 9:33 PM ET Last Updated: May 14, 2013 11:07 PM ET Read 119 comments119 Freezing, mouldy homes. Sewage contamination. Sick kids. Unemployment. A blockade on the road to the mine. A hunger strike by the chief. That, it seems, is the news from the Cree of James Bay — at least, as it's defined by the desperate community of Attawapiskat, in northern Ontario. Before that, there was the news from nearby Kashechewan. Flooding.
  11. Je ne sais pas si c'était dejas proposer, mais je pense que un très bonne idée, c'est de ajouter des lumière tout sur la périphérie de le point jacque-cartier, et utilize les turbine de l'eau pour l'electrification. Que penser vous? Genial? Je pense que ils sont fait ca avec le Bay Bridge de SF, si je me trompe pas.
  12. Leeser Architecture wins competition to design 5 star hotel in Abu Dhabi The Middle East is ushering in some of the most provocative architecture being produced today. And Helix, a bold new hotel won in competition by Lesser Architecture, is no exception. The project which gets its name from its staggered floor plates resulting in an iconic spiraling form, will rest in the Zayed Bay next to Zaha Hadid’s Sheid Zayed Bridge, which is currently under construction. With Helix, Lesser Architecture has devised a new way to consider hotel culture in the Emirates, highlighting elemen
  13. Taux d'inflation en février pour les grandes villes Le chiffre figurant entre parenthèses est celui du mois précédent. Saint-Jean-de-Terre-Neuve, 2,0 (1,4) Charlottetown-Summerside, 2,6 (1,2) Halifax, 2,2 (2,1) Saint-Jean, N.-B., 1,4 (0,8) Québec, 1,6 (1,1) Montréal 1,9 (1,5) Ottawa 2,0 (1,7) Toronto 1,7 (1,5) Thunder Bay, Ont., 1,1 (0,9) Winnipeg, 2,6 (2,3) Regina 2,6 (1,8) Saskatoon 2,5 (2,0) Edmonton 4,6 (3,7) Calgary 6,5 (6,1) Vancouver 2,5 (2,8) Victoria 1,9 (1,8)
  14. (Courtesy of the Financial Post) Its nice to see a Hungarian-Canadian thinking of something big Its a nice location, I have seen it first hand when I was in Montenegro a few years back. The person that spoke to me about this project. They want it to be like the next Monte Carlo. One thing... Montenegro is a really nice country
  15. Quebec could make $9.5B a year selling water to U.S.: report By NINA LEX, ReutersJuly 16, 2009 3:50 PM Quebec could raise as much as $9.5 billion a year by reversing the flow of three northern rivers to generate power and export water to the United States, according to a report made public yesterday. The Montreal Economic Institute said Quebec could divert floodwaters from the three rivers in the spring, pumping the excess water higher, and then letting it flow south through the Ottawa River to the St. Lawrence. The rivers - the Broadback, Waswanipi and Bell - currently flow i
  16. La déroute des marchés mondiaux commence à faire très mal aux géants canadiens de la finance, comme en témoignent les mauvaises nouvelles qui ont secoué Bay Street hier. Pour en lire plus...
  17. NRDC Equity buys Hudson's Bay MARINA STRAUSS Globe and Mail Update July 16, 2008 at 1:32 PM EDT Upscale U.S. department store chain Lord & Taylor is about set up shop in Canada. The company that owns Lord & Taylor bought Hudson's Bay Co. on Wednesday and will convert up to 15 of its key Bay department stores to the U.S. retailer's name. The move marries the two oldest department store retailers in North America, and will create an $8-billion (U.S.) merchandising powerhouse for the new buyer, NRDC Equity Partners of Purchase, N.Y. It will combine HBC's Bay, Zelle
  18. Au moins un des personnages-clés de Bay Street n'est pas un farouche défenseur d'un organisme pancanadien de réglementation des valeurs mobilières. Pour en lire plus...
  19. Août 2007 Septembre 2007 St. John's (T.-N.-L.) 51,7 41,5 Halifax (N.-É.) 82,6 56,5 Saint John (N.-B.) 8,5 15,6 Saguenay (Qc) 22,3 17,3 Québec (Qc) 171,9 143,5 Sherbrooke (Qc) 21,8 18,8 Trois-Rivières (Qc) 23,7 40,0 Montréal (Qc) 556,5 482,7 Ottawa-Gatineau (partie Qc) 51,6 44,6 Ottawa-Gatineau (partie Ont.) 179,7 192,8 Oshawa (Ont.) 58,7 52,0 Toronto (Ont.) 1 022,3 1 547,8 Hamilton (Ont.) 59,0 63,8 Kingston (Ont.) 25,7 15,5 St. Catharines-Niagara (Ont.) 35,9 29,2 Kitchener (Ont.) 74,5 84,4 London (Ont.) 77,4 78,5 Windsor (Ont.) 33,3 17,9 Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury (Ont.) 37,3 28,7 Thund
  20. Infinity pool 55 storeys up. EAT your heart out Article Someone please pitch this to the City of Montreal to allow developers to build to the sky is the limit or at least turn the tower at the olympic stadium into a huge water slide lol
  21. Ce sujet à été démarrer seulement pour les crisses d'épais qui pollue trop souvent ce forum et qui pense qu'il y a juste à Montréal que des choses comme ça arrive. Il n'y a pas juste ici qu'ils trouvent des défauts dans des constructions. Source: CNN Construction crews working on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in California discovered a crack that could keep the heavily traveled bridge closed beyond the planned Labor Day weekend shutdown. During inspection of the east span of the bridge, workers found a crack in one of the eyebars on the side of the structure, said Bart Ne
  22. Announced new routes: Toronto-LA, Toronto-Nashville and Calgary-Thunder Bay. No new routes in Montreal, no new growth in frequencies despite considerable cuts in Western Canada
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