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    Found 6 results

    1. http://www.rds.ca/plus/basketball/nba/la-nba-revient-%C3%A0-montr%C3%A9al-1.630723
    2. Hello all! Im back with another poll, this time about potential new sports teams in Montreal. A little backstory, I've often been in many discussions with my friends about which sports team Montreal should push for next and our discussions always come down to 3 main points supporting a team for each of the big three leagues in North America. 1) Montreal should get an NBA team, look at the Raptors and their recent success, Montreal is an international city with many of its citizens immigrating from or coming to study here from African and Asian countries where basketball is popular (Angola, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo) for example. A basketball arena already exists in the Bell Center (1996) and the team could play there. Montreal's NBA basketball team would naturally rival the Raptors and would make for exciting match-ups. Link - https://www.cbc.ca/sports/basketball/nba/nba-montreal-1.4857187 2) Montreal should get an MLB team, we used to have the Expos. Already there is talk about the Tampa Bay Rays splitting games between their home arena in Tampa Bay and playing in Montreal. Stephen Bronfman (son of former Expos owner Charles Bronfman) has already expressed interest in owning the Expos should they ever come back to Montreal. Arena talks are underway near the griffintown / peel basin area and would greatly aid Montreal in getting a team back. Link - https://montrealgazette.com/sports/todd-stephen-bronfman-embraces-plan-to-bring-baseball-back-to-montreal 3) Montreal should get an NFL team, the NFL is looking to expand already to places like London or Mexico City. If the NFL realizes that those two cities are too logistically challenging and they wont pursue them, then the NFL could look at a closer to home option in Montreal as realistically it is the only viable city in Canada that could support an NFL team. The NFL can't expand to Toronto because the Buffalo Bills would veto it. They can't expand to Vancouver because the Seattle Seahawks would veto it. Toronto already holds the title as "Canada's NBA team", and maybe the NFL would like to try and have the Montreal NFL team marketed as "Canada's NFL team". Link - https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/06/07/expansion-cities-san-diego-portland-montreal-oklahoma-city-bismarck-anchorage I am curious to what you guys think is the best argument below. Please feel free to add anything that i may have forgotten. This discussion is purely hypothetical and aims at being a fun place to build on / argue against differentiating points. Thank you for reading!
    3. CTV Montreal Published Monday, Nov. 12, 2012 11:42PM EST MONTREAL--The Matrix, the Royal, the Sasquatch and now the Montreal Jazz. This city just can’t seem to hold onto professional basketball teams, but players hope this new squad will stick around. “One of the big differences is the league. The league is so legit. When you play away games, you can tell the league is serious. So, it's a big difference,” said Jazz forward Louis-Patrick Levros The Jazz have replaced the Kebs as the province's only team in the National Basketball League, the current owners of the franchise until a proper ownership group is put in place. “Every game was played last year, you got the website, everything was very serious which is the first time that I saw a league at that level to be so serious. All the players have to be cleared through Basketball Canada which means our league is well respected,” said Jazz General Manager Pascal Jobin. “They put in hard work to get a team here in Montreal and hopefully we can continue doing it. So this year is very important for the city and the team,” said Jazz centre Sani Ibrahim. With the exception of two players, the team is comprised entirely of Quebecers, something the league surely hopes will finally attract a loyal following. “We are really happy with a group of hard charging Quebecois players,” said head coach Alejandro Hasbani “For me it's definitely just a blessing. After I left Concordia, it's been three or four years since I haven't gotten anything. I've just been working. I miss the game of basketball and to have this opportunity I’m just blessed and I work every day just to be in this position,” said point guard Damian Buckley. As for the product, fans will be pleasantly surprised, the Jazz have a good mix of speed, size and talent—something that will complement the team’s blue collar mentality. “I think we're going to come out and play hard,” said Ibrahim. “That’s the most important thing. We’re probably not the best talent in the league but for sure we're going to play hard and get some wins.” Read more: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/sports/montreal-s-newest-sports-franchise-the-jazz-1.1035875#ixzz2CADHMg7d
    4. J'ai besoin de votre aide. Je suis en train d'écrire un billet pour mon blogue où j'essais de nommer toutes les équipes sportives professionnelles et Semi-Professionnelles que Montréal a eu dans son passé. Voici la liste que j'ai jusqu'à maintenant, pouvez me dire si j'en ai oublié Hockey Maroons de Montréal (Ligue Nationale de Hockey) Wanderers de Montréal (Ligue Nationale de Hockey) Shamrocks de Montréal (National Hockey Association) Victorias de Montréal (Plusieurs Ligues Semi-Professionnelles) Montreal AAA Winged Wheeler (Plusieurs Ligues Semi-Professionnelles) Crystals de Montréal (Amateur Hockey Association of Canada) Voyageurs de Montréal (American Hockey League) Canadiens Junior de Montréal (et verdun) (Ligue de hockey Junior Majeure du Québec Bleu Blanc Rouge de Montréal (LHJMQ) Juniors de Montréal (et verdun et de retour à Montréal) (LHJMQ) Le Rocket de Montréal (LHJMQ) Hockey Féminin Wingstar de Montréal (National Women Hockey League, a été renommé Axion) Axion de Montréal (National Women Hockey League) Le Jofa-Titant de Montréal (National Women Hockey League) Baseball Expos de Montréal (MLB) Royaux de Montréal (International League) Royales de Montréal (Canadian Baseball League, jouaient a Sherbrooke) Football Alouettes de Montréal (CFL) Concorde de Montréal (CFL) Machine de Montréal (World Football League) Il y a aussi eu 8 équipes dans la Quebec Rugby Football Union, ancêtre de la CFL soit; Les AAA Winged Wheeler, Bulldogs, Cubs, Hornets, Indians, Nationals, Royals et les Westmounts Football Intérieur Machettes de Montréal (North American Indoor Football league, en 2005 et la ligue n'a jamais joué un match) Soccer Olympique de Montréal (NASL) Manic de Montréal (NASL et NASL Interior) Supra de Montréal (Devenu l'Impact) Basketball Dragons de Montréal (National Basketball League) Royales de Montréal (American Basketball Association, renommés Matrix) Matrix de Montréal (American Basketball Association) Sasquatch de Montréal (Professionnal Basketball league) Arena Lacrosse Montreal AAA Lacrosse Club Les Québecois de Montreal (National Lacrosse League) L'express de Montreal (National Lacrosse League) Roller Hockey Roadrunner de Montréal (RHI) Je vais surement en éliminer quelques-uns comme les équipes amateurs du temps des AAA ou de la Quebec Rugby Football Union, mais je vais leur donner un petit clin d'oeil quand même. Alors en ai-je manqué ? Je sais que j'étais pas obligé d'écrire "de Montréal" à côté de chaque nom, mais c'était plus fort que moi et je n'ai pas mentionné la future équipe de la Canadian Lingerie Football League. J'ai trouvé la plupart des équipes obscures ici http://www.angelfire.com/ns/agalley/napsl/napsl4.html
    5. Avec les infrastructures sportives dont nous disposons, quel autre sport voudriez-vous voir le plus a Montréal? Baseball Football Basketball Autre quelqu'un peut m'aider a faire un sondage pour ca?
    6. La Securities and Exchange Commission accuse le propriétaire de l'équipe de basketball professionnel des Mavericks de Dallas, Mark Cuban, de délit d'initié. Pour en lire plus...
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