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  1. Le 14 millionième visiteur franchira les portes du Biodôme le 29 août, vers 11 h MONTREAL, le 29 août /CNW Telbec/ - Le Biodôme de Montréal invitecordialement les médias à rencontrer son 14 000 000e visiteur, attendu engrandes pompes le mercredi 29 août vers 11 h. Un accueil mémorable attend le 14 000 000e visiteur. En plus d'une visitehors des sentiers battus, il aura le privilège de nourrir, avec un aquariste,les poissons du grand bassin du Saint-Laurent marin.
  2. Not sure if all or any have heard of this by the office Québécois de la langue française concerning the pronunciation of pk subban's name? Not sure about other people's reaction or position on such things but as a Montrealer and Quebecer all my life I'm pissed that these people make such stupid and useless remarks. I for one see that there is a certain pressure to protect the language however this is not how one succeeds in such things. In language especially making it interesting and relevant, with bilingualism, events and places to go and things to learn in French here in Québec which make people want to learn the language and use it. I go to ÉTS and I as is evident I am pas mal anglaphone but I go there because of what they offer, it doesn't phase me to attend my courses in French it is simply a bit more work. Just take schools in the Uk or the states for example, people from all over the world who do not speak English go to places like MIT or Oxford because they have reputations to be some of the best. People then learn english and that's that. From what I see and who I talk to the opinions of the language police are not those of the people of Montréal. In some case sure like everything sold should have french but this bs of pronunciation of an english guy from Toronto is insane! Sent from my C6806 using Tapatalk
  3. Quelque chose qu'on pouvait prévoir alors que tous les promoteurs se ruaient pour construire en masse. Un chiffre intéressant dans l'article; 60% d'investisseurs achètent les condos mis sur le marché. Mon épouse a une collègue de travail basée à Toronto qui attend depuis deux ans la livraison de son condo en payant son loyer et son hypothèque simultanément. Ils sont en retard de plusieurs mois. South Beach Condos à Etobicoke. http://www.montrealgazette.com/business/fp/Toronto+condo+boom+about+bust/5567058/story.html
  4. Le financier américain saura aujourd'hui s'il doit être incarcéré ou être autorisé à rester dans son luxueux appartement de Manhattan. Pour en lire plus...
  5. Le géant énergétique attend pour se scinder en deux entités à cause de l'incertitude régnant sur les marchés financiers. Pour en lire plus...
  6. La direction de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec déposera mercredi ses résultats financiers très attendus et les Québécois connaîtront, du même coup, l'ampleur de pertes subies en 2008. Pour en lire plus...
  7. A quick word for English Language dispute. Quebec parents challenge French Language Charter ELIZABETH THOMPSON, The Gazette Published: 6 hours ago Quebec parents challenging the constitutionality of a Quebec law that blocks some children who attend English private schools from transferring into English public schools will get their day before Canada's top court in December. The Supreme Court of Canada has set aside Dec. 15 to hear two cases that pit the Canadian Charter of Rights against Bill 104, leading some to hope that a final decision in the dispute could now be rendered in time for the start of the 2009 school year. "It appears the court is doing everything it can to hear the case as quickly as possible," said Brent Tyler, lawyer for the parents. The cases centre on Bill 104, adopted by the Parti Québécois government in 2002. Prior to Bill 104, children who were otherwise ineligible to attend English school under the terms of the French Language Charter, Bill 101, could become eligible to attend English public schools after spending at least a year in an unsubsidized English-language private school. Attending English school under a special authorization, such as for a temporary work permit or for humanitarian reasons, could also make a child and their siblings eligible for English education. At the heart of the case is the issue of which takes precedence - the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which provides that children who have attended English schools, and their siblings, have the right to attend English schools in Quebec, or Quebec's language charter. Although the parents in both cases lost at the lower court level, they won at the Quebec Court of Appeal which struck down Bill 104, saying the law was inconsistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights. Tyler said the parents got more good news recently when they learned that the federal court challenges program, which was cut then partially restored by the Conservative government, has agreed to provide $70,000 in funding to fight the two cases before the Supreme Court. Tyler says the outcome of the cases could have a significant impact on English schools in Quebec - particularly in the Montreal area. Tyler said there has been a steady stream of English school closures in the Montreal area since Bill 104 was introduced and the phenomenon is more pronounced in areas of town that had been receiving students who became eligible for education in English school by attending a private school. The English Montreal School Board has estimated it has lost about 450 students a year since Bill 104 was adopted. The stakes are high for many private schools as well, said Tyler. Many English private schools in Montreal accept government money at the high school level, but not at the primary level, meaning they can accept students ineligible under Bill 101 in elementary school but not in high school. "On average, 30 per cent of the children enrolled in the primary programs of these schools now will not be able to continue in the same schools if Bill 104 is upheld by the Supreme Court," said Tyler. The challenge to Bill 104 is just one of several cases the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear this fall - many of them from Quebec. The first case to be heard, on Oct. 7, will be a challenge by a group of Hutterites to an Alberta law obliging everyone to have their photo on their driver's licences. The Hutterites argue the law violates their religious freedom because their religion believes that the second commandment prohibits them from having their photograph taken willingly. [email protected]
  8. L'organisation s'apprête à baisser son offre de deux millions de barils par jour et elle attend une diminution comprise entre 500 000 et 600 000 barils par jour de l'offre des pays non membres. Pour en lire plus...
  9. Venez découvrir le Saint-Laurent, un projet immobilier à Brossard sur le bord de l'eau. Situé à quelques minutes du Pont Champlain et de l'autoroute 10, c'est l'endroit idéal pour mener une vie en ville et en banlieue ! Le projet compte 3 bâtiments de 60 logements et 2 bâtiments de 77 logements donnant sur la rue Saint-Laurent au bord du fleuve. Idéales pour les couples et les célibataires actifs, les unités varient entre 700pi2 et 1300pi2. Votre vie vous attend ! http://www.condoslestlaurent.com/accueil
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