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  1. I think you should wait......ignore her. I'm 23 going to be 24 in 2 weeks and I was never in a relationship yet. More and more people want to hold off and enjoy their youth, that's how life is. I think its our subcoscious telling us this, since we have 7 billion people in the world we are trying to be more selective than ever.. And isn't the media promoting single-ness and fooling around? that's my take on things..
  2. Oh that sounds like a lot of work.. Well I just picked up an older car (1989). It passed E-test and certification last year but next year it will be exempt from e-test because it will be 20 years old. Is that how it works in Quebec? Is there a link what I could read up on this process? This is the reason why I want to switch to Quebec - I hear insurance is much cheaper compared to Toronto's non regulated insurance. I imagine the fees would add up once you take into account licensing and registration.. I can't say what my renting budget is, but I rented an apartment in Toronto for $700 a month, it was quite crazy but back then I had a stable job. I moved back with parents cause I got laid off so now my plan would be to pick up a job that I could support myself with, and pay the rent, wherever it may be...
  3. Hi guys. I just got accepted to Concordia university for Masters studies. I am excited but at the same time, terrified because I don't know a word in French (you see, I came to Toronto from Ukraine in 1995 and I was already overwhelmed by learning English, and never caught on any French) As the matter of fact, I had to type in my subject into google translate Anyway, School starts in a few months and I gotta start relocating sometime in August. I'm working in Toronto and saving up now, but I will have to find a job to support myself..Some people suggested Notre-Dame-De-Grace area because it's immigrant friendly, but the real issue is what kind of work I could get... I also want to bring a car with me. How's the registration proccess, etc? If it makes any difference I have a background in architecture and going to study building engineering. Bye for now!