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  1. Hi, does anyone know which project this is? Looks like it's between Rue king and rue queen in Cité Multimedia. I can't seem to attach pictures now.
  2. Love that project! It's really unique and beautiful. If it gets shelved, I hope they borrow alot of those ideas for parc Mary griffin. I shall say no more in case this page gets locked too but it's a shame we can't have diversity of views on here anymore...
  3. Yes. And everyone will be talking about Rue Peel.. Except mtlurb lol. #bicyclesaga2020 #neverforget
  4. Traffic is not great but it really becomes a danger zone when the cadets control the lights.
  5. Honestly I think most of Montréal's congestion comes from poor traffic management due to construction, ill educated cadets controlling lights and unskilled/self absorbed road users(in all forms). I don't think this is a city big enough for congestion pricing in the CBD yet. Anyway, I digress.
  6. I'm no engineer but my rational was that they couldn't destroy that structure without compromising the integrity of the elevated highway. Perhaps they'll build a bridge over the basin so people cna get to the canal or future baseball stadium easily? Who knows. But there are pedestrian lights built into the elevated highway streetlights projecting onto this "future walkway". They've been projecting for ages now. At debris.. Dirt.. Gravel.. Stones.. Grass..
  7. They've started building the path now. But definitely a great waste of green (both grass and money). I understand if they do it on reclaimed land for a few years to let it settle but 6 weeks? Just can't find a reason more than a typical screw up.
  8. Really not a fan of these brutal walls. Not harmonious at all. I know it's more for functionality but wish they all looked like the more natural one - which is also immune from the scourge of vandalism.
  9. What's the purpose of this new structure on Rue Brennan? I thought the structure was being widened over Smith?
  10. Well. That is good governing and good planning then!
  11. This photo almost makes me wish the buildings had a facade design somewhat like the YOO (with less saturated blue glass but keeping the brown brick look of the surrounding buildings for the first 2 floors of course) . Might have even looked really nice from the highway but I'm still curious to see this "iconic mural" that will be visible from Pont Jacques-cartier.. Unless this design was already released somewhere..
  12. Just kidding btw but I do have to disagree with you. While I think Montréal has some really beautiful old buildings and certain buildings from the brutalist era that are timeless (like certain metro ceilings/atrium), I don't think the generic boxes coming up everywhere these days are the best potential such a creative city can put out. Just my opinion anyway. To each his own.
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