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  1. The point is total capacity, of course if you hit max capacity all day you can move more people, but as 9-5 commuting is likely slowly dying after pandemic this matter much more.
  2. Crossposting . . . Montreal is officially Canada's Transit Leader:
  3. Montreal just unveiled the first Alstom Metropolis train that will be used on the REM, and I got the chance to check them out in person! Enjoy this first hand look. https://youtu.be/tmPXUmV822U
  4. The miracle with the Evergreen Line is station cost, this station cost only around $30 Million despite being a full high platform metro station.
  5. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/montreal-s-irish-community-disappointed-new-rem-station-in-griffintown-will-be-named-after-former-premier-bernard-landry-1.4994864
  6. Haha, shes my partner! We make all the videos together!
  7. Et ici aussi Happy to see not everyone is so negative about the REM
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