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  1. J'espère que la CN va se construire un nouveau Headquarters pour que l'on puisse démolir l'édifice actuel qui est pour moi l'un des édifices les plus horrible à Montréal.
  2. Il me semble que le 1000 est à +/- 215m à partir de la rue St-Antoine.
  3. The tallest of the three looks a lot like the One's midget brother (the 310m supertall being built in Toronto). :^)
  4. YES!!! I pass by these buildings pretty much everyday and I always saw them as a no. 1 demolition candidate so to be replaced by something modern. If only they will soon do the same for 1010 Saint-Antoine (Canadian Govt. Building).
  5. En faite c'est au gérant du Couche-Tard que vous devrai vous addresser. Le Tims loue sont espace au Couche-Tard et le Couche-Tard gère la station essence.
  6. Looks awesome! But wouldn't a building the size of the rumoured new CN Headquarters get in the way of the revolving lights on top of PVM?
  7. This lot could maybe be an opportunity to build Montréal's first slim skyscraper.
  8. I wonder if they can do something similar on top of the Carrefour Industriel Alliance (Cinema Banque Scotia and Simons).
  9. Slightly off topic and forgive my ignorance but does Ile des Soeurs also have height restrictions?
  10. So what's going to be it's final height? A bit less than 200m or a bit more?
  11. Hello. I wasn't sure where to post this question/comment but anyways. I decided to Google Search "1000 de la Gauchetière" and I was surprised to find out that the height of Montréal's tallest building is posted as 215 meters as opposed to being 205 meters.....And this number is also indicated on the Wikipedia article of this building. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1000_de_La_Gauchetière So what's the deal? Is the height of le 1000 de la Gauchetière 205 meters or 215 meters?? Thank you!
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