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  1. Believe the fountain is being built, but sounds like not the terrase
  2. So does that mean in terms of common space, phase 2 will only have Swimming pool. Phase 1 will have both Terrace and the gym??
  3. Is the common area like the swimming pool ready?
  4. Did someone get contacted by a notary? With the proposed delivery date Mar 15th coming.... I am assuming the notary should start contacting us now?
  5. I received one letter in early Dec mentioning the delivery will start at mid-March this year... no any news after and now it's late Jan... I will be seriously surprised if they can deliver the project on time...
  6. To be honest I doubt the unit will be delivered by March/April..
  7. Does anyone have an idea when the move in will start?
  8. Last time I asked them they told me it will be the 1st semester of 2019
  9. Took a quick shot when I passed by yesterday