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  1. prav0008

    Place Bonaventure

    With a good wash for the concrete and a good designer to overhaul the blue place bonnaventure sign, this may work!
  2. prav0008

    Place Bonaventure

    As the saying goes ... you can't polish a turd...
  3. prav0008

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    I see your point and I don't deny that it's good to be ambitious but unlike the rest of the world now, Montreal is delivering homes millennials like me can afford. Griffintown will be a functioning neighbourhood when the construction is done that is affordable too. I believe sacrificing the looks has helped keep costs down. If I'm wrong, correct me.
  4. prav0008

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    How ridiculous some of these comments are. Sure they're not the most interesting buildings but can you truly say that when we are really greeted with place bonnaventure, the ugly taller apartment buildings in the plateau that frame mont royal and so on. And this whole thing about being greeted to the city by Griffintown is really silly. You're really greeted by the taller buildings downtown which are unblocked by the shorter and ordinary buildings in Griffintown. It works. Nobody is saying Griffintown is an architectural wonder of the world and it doesn't have to be.
  5. prav0008

    Activité commerciale dans Griffintown

    New nail salon below the Lowney.
  6. prav0008

    Bâtiment-pont ferroviaire de la Gare Centrale Just sharing an interesting read about the stores under rail tracks in England
  7. prav0008

    Place Bonaventure

    My mistake ?
  8. prav0008

    Place Bonaventure

    It's unfortunately not practical for Montréal's winters. In Kansas, one of the brutalist structures was reclad rather tastefully I find.
  9. prav0008

    Place Bonaventure

    At this point, they should really just wash the concrete and use some panels to make it work with the glass like the front facade of the police post on William in Griffintown.. And for the love of god, do something about the place bonnaventure sign that welcomes people to the city...
  10. prav0008

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    The trust is lost when even those dates are not respected by the city (eg, works between shannon and ann) But still, I agree, it's a good initiative.
  11. prav0008

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    I've been asking this ever since I moved into the borough. Seems like it'll be on going with some happening now and others up to 2023 and beyond. Why they can't repair the dangerous ones if it's only going to be redone in 5 years is beyond me. There's actually a map with the timeline of which streets are going to be done but I don't believe it. They've dug up the road on ottawa and left it open like that for weeks for god knows why..
  12. prav0008

    Lowney sur Ville - 20 étages (2018)

    Hopefully when our rooftop terrase opens for LSV4, the rules won't be as archaic and draconian as what is in place for the urban chalet and the rest of LSV (the urban chalet is managed by LSV123 and LSV4). It is a mix of irresponsible usage by some co-owners as well as older co-owners who are unwilling to share and acclimatize to younger vibes that has turned LSV into a nanny state.
  13. prav0008

    Parc de l'îlot Saint-Thomas

    Sadly, especially for residents of the Lowneys, Park Mary-Griffin will be a dusty construction site for the next 4 years.. So much can happen in 4 years
  14. prav0008

    Échangeur Turcot

    Ah ok, ça a du sens. Merci! I never thought of this and actually now, I understand why the poor trees along Robert bourrasa blvd are so sad looking. Thanks for the insight. I did read more and see that there's species of trees that can tolerate saline spray and soil better. Maybe we can use these trees?
  15. prav0008

    Échangeur Turcot

    Take a page from Singapore to green the city and prevent vandals (caning :P) Just kidding. Let's not cane people, but let's green the city.