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  1. So.. too much diversity and the dirty english language to appease the masses. Guess we should have made it rain fleur de lis, hypnotize you with blue and white flashes and made it strictly relatable to european culture ending with legault riding in on a horse and tearing down the symbols ~
  2. Sorry I didn't mean to single out you in particular. I was actually reading google reviews before this but anyway. I thought it was great. I want to support local talent and as an artist myself, I just want to say I'm thoroughly impressed. Maybe I could have said it without the cynasim.
  3. It was an amazing experience and an amazing work of art. Too bad the concept is lost on most people who are too shallow and unadventurous. It's a little too advanced for its time. This will flourish in cities like London and Berlin. Not so much Miami and Vegas.. (as far as the show is concerned) 10/10 will see it again!
  4. Is there any information to what kind of work they are doing on the viaduct between central station and p.s.c. ? Do they also plan on repainting it and what is happening to the spaces under it since the storage unit is supposedly moving out.
  5. So what does Mr Craig Sauvé have to say now that almost a month has passed. lol.
  6. Griffintown urgently needs some diversity in its restaurant offerings and this will be successful if it is indeed good ramen. (didn't think this location had a proper commercial sized kitchen though 🤔) Though I'm puzzled as to why the former brunet is still empty! 😐
  7. I agree especially if they're delaying a park from being built to use it to store construction materials. I was thinking more along the lines of is it actually feasible to build a station now that their options are over ground and how does that affect current train traffic during construction since so many operators use those tracks. Anyway, all this is speculation 🤷‍♂️
  8. At this point I wonder if there will even be a station in Griffintown.
  9. Is this suspended cable permenant? Seems like all work is ended and that looks awful in an otherwise pretty project...
  10. It still amazes me how the pharmaprix building on wellington is a heritage building.
  11. I know this is the forum page for parc Mary griffin but since you mentioned it and have this picture up, it would seem unlikely that a station could be built here. It would seem like a viaduct would have to be built on this viaduct to allow for an elevated station structure unless the REM takes over both tracks on each side. Either way, I hope they develop the bridge building into shops or maybe even a market like Atwater market which would join up nicely to the park and really reinvigorate the area. (instead of releasing it back to storage). So much potential
  12. 😱😱😱 What are they even going for? Not feeling the "rusted look"
  13. Buildings are built all over the world where the surroundings are respected. Seems like builders get away with alot here..