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  1. Est-ce que j'imagine ou est-ce que ça ressemble ils arrêtent le projet à environ six étages❓
  2. Another project going up in Montréal Chinatown. ONE VIGER great name on a prestigious street.
  3. Le projet a été entièrement vendu aux Hampton Inn et hôtels Hilton
  4. Les voisins du terrain vacant dit que ce sera le projet de condo d’hôtels Hampton ou Hilton. 17 à 20 étages.
  5. Après une enquête plus approfondie, vous pouvez trouver qui fait la promotion de ce projet. J'ai du mal à le croire car il n'y a pas de projet spécifique en tête. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvdHElh99oYaMO7UWAQ0nUA https://www.youtube.com/user/HIVINGVONNING
  6. This is the Wing's Noodles building. Wong Wing's was the competitor and their building demolished and replaced by part of Complexe Guy Favreau on the left.
  7. Hello all. I grew up on Clark St in the 60's and watched the evolution of Chinatown Montréal. Without going out of the 'zone' or chinese arches, this mixed residential commercial project is the first since complexe Guy Favreau. It's a shame the CCU allowed only a maximum height of only 25m and restricted the look of the building so it could 'blend in' with other existing condo projects. The area still lacks residential accomodations like old montreal. In the end, a small project is better than no project.
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