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  2. Montreal Group Supports Idea Of Sharing Rays With Tampa Bay The son of former Montreal Expos owner Charles Bronfman believes the predominantly French-speaking city is ready and willing to support — and share — the Tampa Bay Rays. Private equity investor Stephen Bronfman leads a group working on bringing baseball back to Montreal and said Wednesday the city can embrace the sport again. He called the idea of one team in two cities groundbreaking. Commissioner Rob Manfred said last week the Rays have "broad permission to explore what's available." Tampa Bay is averaging 14,546 fans a game, lowest in the American League and well below the MLB average of 27,360. Only the Miami Marlins draw smaller crowds, averaging 9,378. On Tuesday, Rays principal owner Stu Sternberg said it's unrealistic for his team to play full time in the Tampa Bay area, and said a shared season with Montreal is the best option. Montreal has been without a big-league team since the Expos left after the 2004 season for Washington and became the Nationals. "We have always said we have a two-track approach," Bronfman said. "There has always been the possibility of a team being relocated, and then there is expansion. We don't know if expansion is in the cards in the decade to come, if at all. We have this possibility now to begin the work of having Major League Baseball here with an existing team that is really professional. It's not like starting from scratch. This is a team that is playing nearly .600 baseball." An agreement between the Rays and St. Petersburg for Tropicana Field runs through 2027. St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman has said the city will not fund a new stadium for a part-time team. "We're in a different world," Bronfman said. "Hats off to Major League Baseball for being so innovative in their thinking and their progressive nature of even considering a concept like this. It's very groundbreaking when you talk about sport." Sternberg envisions open-air stadiums in both cities but noted there are no plans to pay for them. He said an ideal target date would have everything in place for the 2024 season. Bronfman said he has no say in the timetable but hopes a deal can be reached soon, pointing out that his father, the original Expos owner, is 88 years old. "We have an incredible city," Bronfman said. "We have a strong economy, we can support baseball and now we have a chance to support it in partnership with Tampa Bay. I think it's a very, very good opportunity for us and I think Major League Baseball believes this opportunity exists in Montreal and they are giving their support to our city. So for me that's a strong start and we will see how things develop." The Rays have played at Tropicana Field since their inception in 1998 and drew their smallest-ever home crowd of 5,786 against Toronto last month. Sternberg said this week it's possible the Bronfman group could join the current Rays' ownership if the sister-city plans succeed, but he will keep controlling interest. "I think even in a split scenario, it's a return of baseball permanently to Montreal," Bronfman said. I am very surprised that: 1) both Florida baseball teams (Marlins and Rays) have the fewest fans in attendance in the summer weather; and 2) that both Florida hockey teams (the Lightning and Panthers) have bigger crowds in attendance for a winter sport.
  3. When complete, the first phase of 1 Phillips Square ( will tower 220-meters above sea level - the same height as Place Ville Marie - making it tallest residential tower in Montreal. The first tower will include a range of unit types, from 390-square-foot studios, to one-and-two-bedrooms, penthouses and 5,000-square-foot "super-penthouses." Pricing is expected to range from about $ 295,900 to $ 3 million. Two more phases are planned, including possible hotel in Phase 3, however the specifics are still to be determined. The latter phases will not be as high, he said, because of zoning restrictions. According to Altus Group, here are the all-time biggest condo projects that have gone on the market in Montreal (ranked by number of units). The list includes building in pre-sale and under construction, but does not include planned megaprojects like 1, Square Phillips and Maestria that have not yet officially launched.
  4. Land developer, Montreal baseball investors reach deal on potential stadium site Stephen Bronfman-owned Claridge Investments and real estate development firm Devimco have reached an agreement to develop a plot of land for sale known as the Peel Basin, where a group committed to bringing Major League Baseball back to Montreal would like to build a new stadium. Bronfman announced the deal at a gathering Tuesday night to honour his father, former Montreal Expos owner Charles Bronfman, as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Montreal Expos' first season. Stephen Bronfman, who heads a group of investors interested in bringing baseball back to Montreal, said Devimco would be responsible for the purchase of the land and would partner with his firm to develop the 950,000-square-foot site. PHOTOS Stephen Bronfman, Mitch Garber and Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante talk with media after meeting to discuss the return of Major League Baseball on Fri., April 6, 2018. It wasn't clear how long completing the purchase would take. Bronfman said he hopes to make an announcement in the summer, but he isn't too hung up on dates. "We've moved steadily along with our development project for the site," Bronfman said. "We're going day-by-day." He said planning is underway but certain details could not be divulged. "When the time is right, we'll be announcing it step by step," Bronfman said. Not much has changed on the MLB front, but Bronfman said he isn't worried about that either. "I'm always positive," he said. "It's going slowly, but it's going and that's what is important." The younger Bronfman admitted he purposely doesn't do a lot of press to avoid building up too much hype around baseball's possible return. "At the end of the day, I'm not controlling the agenda," he said. "I'm trying my best to temper things, but with a positive temperament." Many former Expos greats including Steve Rogers, Bill Lee, Andre Dawson, Denis Boucher and Claude Raymond were on hand in Montreal's Old Port Tuesday night to honour the elder Bronfman. Charles Bronfman, 87, said he is convinced that his son's project is sound and that a proper stadium is necessary for it to succeed. His advice to his son was to remain patient. "Hang in there," he said. "He's done a hell of a good job. He's got a lot of patience, played every card the right way." The elder Bronfman was asked about the level of interest in the 50th anniversary of MLB's arrival in the city and recalled the days when Montreal was in love with baseball. "There's something about being major league, there's a panache," Charles Bronfman said. "I think everybody loved it -- the team was exciting, and it was a lot of fun." He said while the Jarry Park experience really sold baseball, the Olympic Stadium experience a bit "iffy."
  7. Wow indeed. This project would have the most floors of any tower in Montreal. Victoria on the park would have 56 floors and the tallest Maestria tower would have 58 floors. I hope for the maximum height.
  8. As far as having a height of 120 metres, these are the only buildings that I can think of that might have that description: Hotel Art de Vivre, 1111 Atwater, EvoloX, Humaniti, YUL 2, YUL 1, and Quinzecent. Are you referring to any of those buildings?
  9. The photo itself is over six years old (from 2012). But...I hope to see a new render soon like everyone else.
  10. Sun Life Unit Nears Deal to Buy 47-Story Montreal Tower
  11. Brivia Group and Tianqing Group start construction of the Quinzecent MONTREAL, March 21, 2019 Located at the intersection of Rene-Levesque West Boulevard and Guy Street, the QuinzeCent will have 36 floors and welcome its first residents in 2022. "With more than 50% of the units of The QuinzeCent already sold, Brivia Group is executing its fourth largest project in downtown Montreal," said Kheng Ly. "Located between the river and mountain, the iconic glass tower will offer an exceptional lifestyle." The QuinzeCent will feature 428 condo units including microcondos, 1 to 3 bedrooms and penthouses. Residents and visitors will be greeted in a magnificient all-glass lobby that will also double as a socializing and working space, fostering a community spirit close to the developer's heart. Owners will also have access to an indoor pool, a steam room, a sauna, a common garden with an outdoor fireplace, a cinema room for movie screenings, a lounge area with a kitchen for private events, and a high-end fitness room. center. There will also be commercial spaces on the lower floors and private access to the parking lot.
  12. The original poster notes: ""Bientôt / Potentiel / Rumeurs means Soon / Potential / Rumors. These are solid rumors - not something like "Johnny user said so". It's usually from the city concil where they mentionned the project or lobbyist that officially registered for a project. There are no renders published for these projects. I create models that reflect the zonage (height restriction) for these projects. The[se] are in Grey" The "twin" towers are (according to the notes): 1) the Phillips Square (Brivia) project; (2 towers); and 2) the other tall building is 455 RL West/SNC (zone 200m) That is according to the notes,
  13. Courtesy of a former member of this forum. Very nice work (especially Maestria). Take notice of the height (200m) of the proposed/rumoured (grey) buildings.