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  1. Because this is easy!!! These incompetent inefficient sclerotic clowns need 10 YEARS to renovate a tunnel, cannot make roads of decent quality, cannot come out with decent infrastructure work planning, cannot respect deadlines, etc... Why? because this takes smarts and hard work and they're everything but smart and they're lazy as f***... so they change street names! The sad news is the average 'intellectual' will keep finding them a million excuses because its hard to accept that we're led by a third world management
  2. They won't need any excuses... This is the standard here!
  3. Annnnnnd the drama queen is back in town!
  4. all the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you still didn't get the sarcasm!
  5. Not in a thousand years!! flatiron is a master piece. This one, wait until you see those horrendous sides with the grey prefab balconies from the west and the randomly set white 'glass' windows from the east... Oh and honorable mention to the 3 million AC vents on each side... what vibe man?
  6. the first thing that jumps outta this picture is why are we, in quebec, absolutely incapable of achieving paving of this quality?... seriously why? and dont give me the weather bullshit im talking about streets with bumps and aberrant flaws the moment they're finished!!!
  7. yeah i'm kinda new here but old enough to have noticed you're really obsessed with him... are you his ex wife or something?!!!
  8. errrrrmmmm should you accept credit for a screenshot from the webcam?!
  9. that moment when you just got back from toronto and you see... this
  10. Another midget plus the sides are hideous... so unless you are exactly facing it from riopelle square you'll either never notice its presence or look at an chubby ugly thing!
  11. They wouldn't dare... nobodys eatin at marche temps-mort !!!
  12. You clearly didn't get my point... I invite you to read it again I said 'maillot jaune'... referring to cycling... not 'gilet jaune' Depressing!!! but I'm sure you'd be welcomed to a long career at the sad ocpm