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  1. Ce qui est sur est que l'immeuble de droite est mûr pour la section 'eyesore'
  2. Enough already... this is not funny ok!
  3. yes... and based on the quality of the roads/sidewalks this is being built in germany not montreal!
  4. 50% social penthouses or they'll block it Oh and 50 floors is too high it'll block the next alignment of the moon and sun in 2034
  5. LOL!!!! those you elected are representing you with integrity, and care about the community?... and we're talking about road congestion!... one more time... we're talking about ROAD CONGESTION!... well my friend if you truly believe what you've just written, I elect you Mayor of the sheeple. Congrats!
  6. ok so this is how this place works : an investor brings a $2 billion investment to the city the sheeple start a crying and bashing campaign blaming him for... congestion! guess who they call for help against the bad guy? government and city! government and city block the investment now government and city are... the GOOD GUYYYYS!... in a CONGESTION ISSUE!!!!!!!!!! carbonleo... take that money where it belongs
  7. Amazing how all these clowns are capable of getting together and go hand in hand block any move anytime they hear the evil words private, commercial, billion(s), big(est), tall(est), first, fancy, luxurious, etc... and what's even more amazing is they blame the evil money seeking developer for congestion and cry for help to... THE GOVERNMENT and THE CITY!!!!! while these 2 entities ran by absolute moronic schmucks should be the ones to blame for the damn congestion in the first place... plus us having the worst, poorest and cheapest looking roads, sidewalks and 'highways' (3-lane really!?) in north america!
  8. Really? you call these horrors quality architecture!? thank you M. Architecture I'll take glass curtain walls!
  9. WOW that"s scary man i'm sure if taggers read your post they"ll leave the country for a safer place!!
  10. the magnificent yard!!!
  11. Media?! this ******* should be put in prison... in a beige brick isolation cell!
  12. My goodness they were for real!
  13. I so hope i'll be proven wrong... but THIS ONE is a yellow monster in the making man! have you seen the renders that appeared on the early pages? ps: by the way bassin peel next to this will look like the chrysler building!