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  1. They wouldn't dare... nobodys eatin at marche temps-mort !!!
  2. You clearly didn't get my point... I invite you to read it again I said 'maillot jaune'... referring to cycling... not 'gilet jaune' Depressing!!! but I'm sure you'd be welcomed to a long career at the sad ocpm
  3. Translation : They will : - Replace the mall with more social housing - Replace the glass wall buildings with prefab smaller 5 storey buildings - Throw in a kindergarten and a fountain to 'separate' themselves from griffintown Therefore : - Our 'maillot jaune' mayor will gain voters - The vue from jacques cartier is screwed forever as they'll surround the cbc tower with small grey yellow brown cubes pierced with small square window holes - The anti high rise/glass wall/toronto like... developments will thrive in this small town human scale atmosphere Bravo city/ocpm champs!
  4. Tasteful, sobre and classy!!! great job but the blue plastic chairs though... someone through 'em in the water please thank you! still #proudofmycity
  5. Well it's 30K and that''s it if they're not happy they car give it back!... how about they try to be a little more business creative during these 2-3 years? how about they put pressure on some of those hideous buildings owners to do some uprading? these works must be done for the greater interest of everyone stop whining you f**ks!
  6. universityst


    Ignorance at its peak!!!
  7. Beautiful glass colour and quality hope they don't mess it up with all that white randomly set vertical thing!
  8. It will all depend on the quality of the glass... I''m optimistic judging by YUL since its the same promoter!
  9. Je l'espère aussi... puis peut-être avec les futures tours national bank et victoria ça va rapidement détourner le regard a droite lol
  10. That's my route every morning and that's exactly how it feels!! I try not to look at it/think about it but that horrendous grey and white block of shame facing you while your car is bumping like crazy on that cheap roller coaster of a 'highway' is just too much... then you enter the just finished 'new' boulevard with already 2 huge potholes...
  11. The view of these 3 pigs (with mary robert) screwed the entrance to the city from the A10 for ever! depressing!
  12. Please stop taking pictures of this! Thank you
  13. I don't disagree with that, so what I'm saying is you got an opportunity here with CDPQ wanting to invest in public transportation in Mtl, take it!!! whether its to put less money or else... you want major transportation projects delivered before 2050... PUT CDPQ IN CHARGE!