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  1. don't expect the caesars palace... must be 25-30m... you don't wanna hide the vue of the atlantic ocean!!
  2. an absolute beauty!! Provencher Roy what can I say downtown mtl should have a rule giving every new project exceeding 10m height to the broccolini/provencher roy team… all other developers/architects can go to Laval or go back to school!
  3. Now we're talking Mtl come on baby you can do it
  4. Please use glass please... we're becoming the prefab capital of NA!!
  5. LOL whys this thing called quartier des lumieres again!?
  6. if these morons go on for another term this city will look like a forest with biking paths
  7. Great idea!! honoring a great artist and the name is cool
  8. see all this effort you put on to convince us that this is not just happening here... this is exactly why our dysfunctional leaders/decision makers get away with everything!
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