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  1. I hope it’s the 4 story brick building on the corner of St-Alexandre. It’s looking more and more out of place in the area.
  2. Photo taken a few days ago. The crane has now been removed from the building.
  3. October 28. All those beautiful old trees are gone. Such a shame
  4. They started cladding the bridge, but it’s the same panels as the rest of the tower. I was really looking forward to the white windows. I wonder what happened.
  5. I think this one can be moved to under construction
  6. Some development today: several of the trees along de la Gauchetière were cut down. Their website also lists the start of construction as summer 2019, so I’m thinking after the construction holiday this one will start up.
  7. On the scaffolding at the base, they're advertising that it'll be finished in May. With a schedule that aggressive I have to anticipate the worst case scenario.
  8. It's a little hard to tell, but from the webcam it looks like the windows on the south side are different than those on Bleury
  9. Even got the white square in for what I thought was for a QR code that never got added. Well done!
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