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  1. Can I make a suggestion? Create a 'Laval' subfolder? Similar to the 'Griffintown' folder?
  2. Excavators broke ground today. No time wasted!
  3. 4 pieces of machinery mobilized onsite. Excavation appears to be imminent.
  4. Nice progress! Thanks dee
  5. Although it's positive news that the medians for both cities are at par, the median as a standalone metric is not robust. It picks a single point on the curve. It doesn't explain poverty, as was mentioned above. It also doesn't explain the top 50%, which attributed to Toronto's explosive growth. Always have to be careful when a journalist writes an article about stats.
  6. ^^ la réponse montréalaise aux tours élevées de Toronto. That was a painful read
  7. You see the huge tower in the middle of the picture? Slightly to the left of that, off of Yonge.
  8. Small backhoe doing excavation work near the Saint Antoine sidewalk. Unsure if it's tdc2 related.
  9. Il faut envoyer un message privé à monteczuma
  10. It's absolutely normal for projects to cost more than expected. Naturally, jobs go to those who bid amongst the lowest. So contract prices are low to begin with. And procurement/subcontractors always cost more than expected as unforeseen events come into play. Those who complain about budgeting have probably never had to develop a business budget themselves. And I bet their personal budgets are not any better! Great La Presse article though to shine light on this obvious life reality.
  11. Mtlurb really needs a new project to talk about lol where do you beauties get the energy for this?
  12. Good stuff man! Can you photoshop all proposed towers? Quad, Lucien, montagne, university st-jacques, etc.
  13. ^ right on. You're taking a highway with 11 lanes. And reducing it to a light filled boulevard with 9 lanes. Sure maybe it will look pretty but it will be a traffic nightmare. I have to agree with the no-mans-land comment. I live right off the bonaventure and I can't imagine myself spending time in that park when I can be on the canal or in the old port.
  14. Démolition de l'autoroute Bonaventure: quand la modernité chasse la modernité http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/montreal/201607/07/01-4998706-demolition-de-lautoroute-bonaventure-quand-la-modernite-chasse-la-modernite.php Cinquante ans après sa construction, l'autoroute Bonaventure vit ses dernières heures. Montréal a entrepris cette semaine la démolition du dernier tronçon des voies rapides surélevées. Construite en 1966 pour faire entrer la métropole dans la modernité, l'artère est aujourd'hui détruite pour faire place à un boulevard urbain... plus moderne. Explications. Clin d'o
  15. Me neither. Invest most of your money in real estate and spend less on food and clothing. Sounds pretty fucking brilliant to me.
  16. https://www.canadianarchitect.com/architecture/provencher-roy-montreal/1003733802/ News Provencher_Roy reveals plans for Montreal terminal and pier June 23, 2016 by Canadian Architect The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has officially unveiled its plans for the restoration of Alexandra Pier and the Iberville International Passenger Terminal, designed by the firm Provencher_Roy. The firm worked closely with the MPA to not only deliver a totally renovated maritime terminal that has been upgraded to meet the current operational needs of cruise lines, of which a growing numbe
  17. I agree. No real labour/capital markets to justify these prices in Vancouver. I think Toronto prices are justified. I also don't think a correction in Vancouver will crash the housing market in Montreal. Our growth has been keeping up with inflation. Only a minor correction in Montreal would be warranted as the Canadian market as a whole will feel the shockwaves.
  18. http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/baseball/201606/22/01-4994563-montreal-sera-de-retour-dans-le-baseball-majeur-selon-larry-king.php Larry King y est allé de toute une prédiction lors du dévoilement des contrats de Jackie Robinson à l'hôtel de ville de Montréal: le Baseball majeur sera de retour. Quelques secondes après que Claude Raymond eut conclu son allocution par un vibrant: «Play Ball! Et accueillons de nouveau les Expos», l'ex-animateur de CNN a pris le micro pour affirmer que le souhait de «Frenchie» allait se réaliser. «Les Expos reviendront ('The Expos are coming back')», a déclaré
  19. Sad. They could have easily gone for another 10 floors and be the standalone king of griffintown.
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