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  1. it seems the swimming pool is really small😅 i am the resident at phase 1 and we will share the same parking entrance😀
  2. it seems it's a nice project, not sure if they were already all sold out😁
  3. the brick of phase two.. looks so weird..lol
  4. Are they gone fill the gap between Phase 1 and Phase 2 or just leave it like that?....
  5. damn that's a long time of waiting period. haha
  6. Thank you very much ScarletCoral for letting me know, it's not too far from where i live, i will go check today after my work.
  7. hope to see a calisthenics park in griffin town
  8. Thank you ScarletCoral once again . We will check it right away.
  9. Thank you very much for the info XplorateUrbain, i got a friend who wants to buy BASS, we got shocked by the price compared to other project, we have notice the sheathing is using paper faced up gypsum board unlike other project using CGC's. We just worried if the building will have many problems in the future...lol i know MUSTO got multiple project in GriffinTown, but their sales gave me a pretty bad impression at our first visit.
  10. Merci ScraletCoral pour les info
  11. this project now is still 40k below other project in Griffin town any reason for that? the sales said due to the cheap land they got...
  12. they took 53sqft of my unit and added it to the mechanical room next my unit, on the contract it says they can have 5% of discrepancy from the plan.