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  1. This is an older rendering but a lot of the architecture seems very similar to the newest proposal. I find it strange that so many things would be the same even with the new design. The taller buildings are changed but some of the lower structures are the same.
  2. Link to Video Presentation:
  3. This is a KMZ featuring the UN proposal and the Stadium/Casino/Expressway project. The link is still the same if you are interested:
  4. I have created a KMZ (Google Earth) file showing some proposed and confirmed development plans for Montreal. Feel free to Download it and give me your comments. If you have any other Plans or Maps I would be very interested in adding them. Thanks
  5. I would find a residence in the tower to be a thing of prestige. I think that the view would be amazing and some of the spaces in the tower could be made into very interesting loft like spaces. How far did the construction proceed inside the tower before they stopped. Other then the windows and the elevators would this project require a large amount of construction?
  6. Do I understand correctly that the premises will be divided into to functions, a club and a concert venue? When the building functioned as the afterhours "Aria" there were two rooms, one upstairs that was smaller and obviously a theatre and a larger room on the lower level. Do we know which of the two spaces is to become the "nouvelle salle commanditée par TELUS"?
  7. I don't think anything should be added to the top of the tower. There is already too many ugly structures on the roof of the tower, there is no need to damage the profile of this structure.
  8. I believe that filling in the scare that the expressway has made on our city is essential. If this Project doesn't happen maybe they could cover the expressway with a park.
  9. When do we expect this new mac store to open? It is about time Montreal got this store. For those of you that really want an iPhone just order it on eBay and unlock it yourself. The phone can be unlocked for free and takes any SIM card.
  10. I agree that this is a great thing. The bigger GEG gets, the more shows and events we are going to host here in Montreal.
  11. With reduced protection for Gare Windsor, would it be possible to build a new entertainment venue between the Arena and the old station? I like the plaza located there and would hate to see it constructed on. What has been proposed for the Parking lot located to the south of Gare Windsor. Has construction already begun on that location?
  12. Thanks for posting these pics, their great. Are you involved with the Stadium? I would love to see the view from outside on top of the tower.
  13. This is a link to some great pictures of the Saint-Saveur. After looking at these pictures, I don't see how we can let another historic building get destroyed when there is a chance to create a link to our cities past in our newest hospital. What can be done to stop the destruction of Saint-Saveur?