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  1. ADM is temporarily closing off a number of gates. They include: intl: 62-68 transborder: 80-89 Domestic: 6-15 Basically, the very end of each jetty will be unavailable for flights.
  2. Competition Bureau report is out. Findings are as expected. A financial expert reviewed Transat's financials and expected cost-reduction and margin-improvement initiatives and determined that TS is solvent and unlikely to exit the relevant markets in the near term if the merger doesn't happen. Let's see what Marc Garneau will do with this info.
  3. LIM is still on the schedules until the month of May. Basically almost until BOG starts. So it will have no effect on passenger numbers.
  4. Only Canadian airports make it a point to differentiate between transborder and the rest of the international flights. US airports dont. The number for YYZ, YVR and YUL in that list includes transborder as well.
  5. Based on YTD October 2019 numbers, YUL has now passed ATL in terms of international passenger numbers. Considering ATL handles over 100 million total passengers, that is pretty impressive, and worth a mention. We are getting awfully close to YVR, and should easily pass it in the next 12 months, with all the new intl airlines/destinations coming online at YUL in 2020. YVR has been stagnating the last year, and that should help with the catchup. EWR and ORD arent much further either, and their growth isn't as high as YUL's. If this trend continues, we should easily move into top 10 territory in the next few years. 2019 YTD October International numbers: 1. JFK 29,184,889 (+3.0%) 2. YYZ 27,377,305 (+2.5%) 3. LAX 21,692,237 (-1.4%) 4. MIA 18,580,259 (+3.4%) 5. MEX 14,621,384 (+~2.5%) 6. PTY 7. CUN 13,682,731 (+~0.5%) 8. SFO 12,845,491 (+7.4%) 9. ORD 12,173,390 (+3.0%) 10. EWR 12,050,253 (+1.4%) 11. YVR 11,652,075 (+1.4%) 12. YUL 11,209,688 (+6.4%) 13. ATL 10,784,008 (+1.4%) 14. IAH 9,210,076 15. DFW 8,093,630 (+10.1%)
  6. YYZ a plus de 180 destinations. Montréal en a plus de 150. Donc on est pas loin derrière. YYC en a seulement 80. YVR environ 115. Donc en terme de nombre de destinations, on est clairement 2eme au pays, et de loin !
  7. So YUL-CDG on AC goes 17 weekly. AC884 YUL 1750 - 0630+1 CDG D B77W AC870 YUL 2050 - 0945+1 CDG D A333 AC810 YUL 2155 - 1050+1 CDG 246 A333 AC871 CDG 1055 - 1220 YUL D B77W AC885 CDG 1445 - 1630 YUL D A333 AC811 CDG 1700 - 1845 YUL 246 A333 YYZ-CDG goes 11x weekly. Coupled with AF's increases to both YUL (21>>>24 weekly) and YYZ (10>>>14 weekly), and TS's incease on YUL-CDG (14>>>17 weekly), there will be a decent capacity increase from YYZ/YUL to CDG next summer. Total of 58 weekly from YUL to CDG. If we count SS and LV to ORY, that's 69 weekly between YUL and Paris ! Almost 10 daily flights on average !
  8. On viens de poster en même temps. Je trouve cela intéressant quand même. Je ne pensais pas que ET était intéressé par le marché Montréalais.
  10. La Colombie a beaucoup changé, pour le mieux. J'ai un college qui descent a Medellin assez souvent. Il adore ca. Les locaux sont chaleureux et il se sent en securité. (Medellin était la ville centrale des opérations de Pablo Escobar dans le temps) N'oublions pas que TS opére déja vers Cartegene l'hiver. Donc les Montréalais on deja l'appetit de voler vers la Colombie depuis plusieurs années maintenant.
  11. Great add. Avianca had applied to start the route, but their recent financial troubles prevented them from doing so. AC adding it is even better. I guess the frame is coming from NCE going mainline. YUL keeps gobbling up new airlines/destinations ! We are definitely passing ATL this year in terms of international passengers handled, and at this rate, we are bound to overtake YVR in a year or two. We're not far off. We already handled more international passengers than YVR in March 2019. 2019 Half Year international passenger numbers - North American airports 1. JFK 16,446,821 (+4.5%) 2. YYZ 16,114,002 (+~ 3.4%) 3. LAX 12,537,810 (-1.0%) 4. MIA 11,408,213 (+4.7%) 5. CUN 8,995,343 6. PTY 7. MEX 8,519,587 8. SFO 7,302,001 9. EWR 6,947,478 (+3.2%) 10. ORD 6,908,165 (+4.6%) 11. YVR 6,688,626 (+3.0%) 12. ATL 6,422,853 (+1.8%) 13. YUL 6,301,228 (+7.6%) 14. IAH 5,504,972 15. DFW 4,591,841 (+7.1%)
  12. Pretty much. Yes. yes indeed. That too. The number of BBD deliveries in a year is probably closer to 100 than 650.
  13. ^ That's a very good question. One for which I don't have a definitive answer. It has to be said though, with total movements of around 240,000 last year, a difference of 650 isn't a lot. That's just under 2 more departures a day compared to arrivals. First, a bit of technical stuff. Every flight that lands/departs has an electronic flight strip on our screens, which we call FDE (flight data entry). We manipulate this FDE when we clear a plane to land or clear it to takeoff. This, in turn registers the takeoff/landing in our systems, as well as transmits the info to ADM for their files. One possible reason for the discrepancy between arrival/departure numbers could be the hundreds of rejected takeoffs (RTO) we get every year, which might be counted as actual takeoffs. When an RTO happens, we take steps to cancel the takeoff clearance and reinitialize the flight plan. So takeoff duplicates shouldn't happen. This being said, counting/manipulation errors could happen. Another reason might be related to Bombardier, which does high speed runs on the runway with their newly built Globals and Challengers before they actually takeoff. Those high speed runs might be counted as takeoffs, although again, we have different FDE's for these high speed runs, to differentiate them from actual takeoffs. So technically, they shouldn't be counted as such. So I can't say for sure these are the reasons for the discrepancy between arrivals/departures, but they might be.
  14. Those are beyond rights granted by the US DoT. EX. HAN-LAX-YYZ or HAN-SFO-YUL.