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  1. All this investment, the hotel now sits empty...hotel and tourism industry is decimated ! social distancing -travel restrictions. hotels are not opening anytime soon. with no festivals this summer in Montreal, not good news for the hospitality industry.
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    I work for the architectural firm of this project. This construction site is closed for the foreseeable futur. No one is buying condos anytime soon.
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    All construction has ceased. not many people will be buying condos anytime soon it seems.
  4. The area is enjoying an influx of welcomed Oriental investment. It is great to see the area pick up momentum. Montreal is a wonderful city, it needs the densification we see happening. As long as all those condos and appartements are occupied it will breath new life in many areas.
  5. Un usage mixte de ce site seras parfait. Commerciale, hôtel, résidentiel, bureaux, le terrain est immense. Place Emilie Gamelin ainsi que les commerçants du quartier ont besoin d'aide. Montréal est très particulier, le VIBE montréalais passe par le dynamisme, l'effervescence de nos rues, une tour a bureau (Revenue Québec) uniquement n'amène pas grands mondes après 17h00.
  6. Ronald is correct and well informed. The costs would be behond our means at this moment, it is estimated it could cost upwards of 30 million. ( I read this years ago) We have a bridge to build, Turcot to re-do, soon it will be Métropolitain, Decarie needs help, a new train de l'ouest(airport shuttle) and métro expansion. Perhaps one day when Montreal's economy is in better financial position we will have a beautiful canal to skate on.
  7. I am all for investment in the MTL métro area. I wonder will such a project rejuvenate our Chinatown or kill it? Couldn't such a project be implemented in our existing Chinatown?
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    Je suis tellement contre se projet. Montréal n'a besoin de centre d'achats comme ceux que l'ont retrouve en banlieue. Ce mega-mall ( architecture kétaine comme 10-30 probablement) ne doit pas être construit ici. Nous avons suffisamment de commerces. Ont arrive a peine a les faire vivres. St-Denis, St-Laurent, Mont-Royal, St-Catherine there are so many commercial streets barely surviving. Such a project has no place in Montreal's unique urban fabric and culture. As previously mentioned by others, local neighbourhood commercial life is Montreal's identity, vibe and lifeblood.