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  1. Not sure if this was brought up, but it seems like a big portion of the REM extension covers areas that are already served by the green line. It's too bad that denser neighbourhoods like the Plateau and Rosemont are ignored in this plan.
  2. Ce serait géniale s'ils en profitaient pour couvrir une autre section de la Ville-Marie
  3. Are you sure it is in Est-West, and not in the Alexander apartments?
  4. I agree, just sharing a rumor through a credible source. Keep in mind, they aren't able to sell at least 10/18 condos, and the hotel has been bleeding money since opening due to covid.
  5. I heard a rumor from inside Carbonleo that the hotel is being converted to a Westin.
  6. Construction started in Sept 2017 for Phase 1.. Hardly a long time to build two towers!
  7. I imagine that the office market is going to take a serious hit in the next few years. That's likely a reason
  8. Ils ont des bureaux dans les deux tours, mais la majorité sont au 600
  9. I think there is an error in the article - should be June 7-9, not July.
  10. Selon le rep au bureau de vente, tous les unités qui mesures plus que 2,000 pc sont réservés ou vendus
  11. Agreed, but I think that if I lived upstairs, I'd be happy to have a huge selection of alcohol right below me. The nearest SAQ is the small one on St-Catherine and their selection is terrible. The Selection might not be the most upscale choice, but it's better than a useless retail store IMO.
  12. Thanks - I was referring to the one listed as 7 on the Devimco map in the header
  13. 2 years from construction to delivery? That seems unrealistic.
  14. A bit of scoop from someone who knows the owner - they are working on plans to demolish AVIS and build a hotel. No timeline or guarantee that it will go through, but it is slated for redevelopment.
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